Build a Team to Achieve Your Dreams


  • “If you are striving in silence, you are doing it wrong.”
  • If you’re looking to manifest your biggest goals and dreams in life, it’s inevitable that you’ll need a helping hand from others along the way. In this episode, get perspective on how to deploy teams to help you achieve your personal dreams and professional goals.
  • Your network is your net worth.”
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1. Look For People Who Will Support Your Dream

You got to have a team to make the dream work. You’ve heard of your dream. Work takes teamwork. I know you’ve heard it before. And your team is that family. It is your friends. It is your peers. It is your contractors or your employees, that if you are on the dream path by yourself, it will be so much further out there. All right. Do you want to pull the dream five years forward? Ten years forward?  Team camaraderie, support people. We are social animals. We are driven and motivated to show up for other people. And when you have a group of people who you want to show up for and they show up for you, it’s a whole different experience of the dream. When failure happens, there’s a camaraderie there. Let’s go. Let’s rally. Let’s figure it out. Come on, we can do this. Even if you feel like “ahhhhhh!” somebody around you is still there cheering you on.  It’s not required. You don’t need it, but it sure helps. Who knows what I’m talking about?  It sure helps. You need a partner, a coach, a friend, an employee, or a contractor. You need somebody around you who understands and has heard your dream, and what you want your life to be like. And most of us, because we don’t have the resilience to deal with people’s criticism, never even share it. I say it all the time.

If you are striving in silence, you are doing it wrong. 

2. Be Open with Others About Your Dream

Strivers are open and authentic about their real life, what they’re struggling with, but also what they really think and feel and dream up and aspire to. I told everybody around me, everybody, that I was a writer, even when my daily habit wasn’t there. I just started owning it and claiming it. I’m a writer. Do you know any writers? Do you know any agents? Do you know how book publishing works? I asked thousands of people that, thousands of people. And I found my team. I found people who knew how to do that. I found a person who said, “Oh, hey, I’m neighbors with this author. You want to talk to him?” I’m  like, “Yes, let me talk to him.” I found a network of people who are all going in the same direction. That’s a team, right?

Your network is your net worth.

Your network is your team as well, because your network opens up doors, and opens up relationships, and opportunities. So you have to think of a team as your network too. So I just started networking. I told everyone what my dream was. Everybody knew I wanted to become a successful writer. Everybody knew I was life coaching. Everybody. And this is what you remember, like 2006. I mean, before life coaching was ever mainstream, which really didn’t happen until, like, I would pin that date around 2014 (that was when the market really turned on it, globally).  And I was like, okay, we’re here. I was telling people everywhere, even when I didn’t have a website, I didn’t have a business card. Everyone knew I would be a writer and a coach. Everybody knew.  And listen, did a ton of people go, “Who are you, kid? You look like you’re nine years old. You sound funny. You can’t comb your hair real good. Are you still cutting your own hair?” I’m like, I am. Oh, God, what’s wrong with you? I mean, people were making fun of me. I did my first videos. People are like, Who is this kid? I mean, I still get it today, but their opinion doesn’t drive my daily habits. 

3. Don’t Stay Silent for Fear of Criticism

But I can share it with you because I shared it with so many people. Doors opened, right? You are communicating to the world what you want. And listen, I always say if you wander in a village and you share what you want with everybody, two things are happening. If you stood on the rooftops and you shared with the whole village what you wanted, what you dreamed of, what you thought, what you felt, and what you were trying to build or do, Here’s what would happen. Two things happen. The doors will open that village and out those doors will come to the village idiots and out those doors will become some supporters. A lot of the idiots will stand down there, and scream at you on your rooftop. “You’re dumb. Who do you think you are? What’s wrong with you? We don’t know You. You ain’t ever done this before. Your dream’s stupid. That’s not what life’s like. Look at us down here. You think you can do that up there?”  Those people will come out, and one out of ten doors will open up, and some will listen to you and go, “I know somebody like that. One out of ten people goes “have you read this book? Do you follow this person?”  One out of ten people goes “Hey, yeah, I have an opportunity like that. My brother’s hiring. My friend is already in that industry. There’s this event coming up. Have you read this article? Hey, check out this guy on social media.” One out of ten will go, “Oh, you’re trying to do that. I kind of know. Okay, I’ll check it out. Let me help you.” 

Most of them won’t, but some will. And that’s the hope of life. That is the truth, that you are not alone. That is the reality that if you keep expanding and expressing your truth, your gratitude, what your targets are, what you’re trying to line towards, what you’re trying to happen, and you keep getting up when the village idiots or the mean people or the criticizers or those who are more successful than you and you don’t measure up, you get resilient and you get back to your daily habits and towards your target. You realign over and over. People see that. I get opportunities all the time because people have seen me show up for my dream every day, year after year after year, and every year everyone’s amazed. They’re like “Wow! Brendon, you keep getting these bigger deals and these bigger deals. How’s it happening?” I’m like, “That’s just called momentum.” That’s how you get a dream. 

You get momentum toward it and more people see it. More momentum, more people seeing it, more doors open. More appreciation for it, more grateful for it, and more doors open. More alignment, more hard choices, more reality of facing struggles and being resilient. More doors, more doors, more doors. And years will go on with such simple practices as we talked about today and you can’t believe your life. I can share that with the people I’ve worked with, and I honestly believe that for me and many people in my immediate circle of influence, we’re amazed. We’re amazed. I’m not that person who says it happens overnight, but this is how you would start.