Develop Your Energy Vision


  • “How do I want to feel mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually? That is an energy vision.”
  • Do you feel like you have a vision for the goals you want to achieve in life, but you have no energy to pursue them? Perhaps you need an energy vision! In this episode, learn how you can build an energy vision for your life in four tactful steps.
  • “We got to have the aspirational image of who we can be as parents or we’d all just default to the immediate ease and comfort of treating someone the way we’d want to treat them at the moment.”
  • You may have goals in the different areas of your life, but do you have a vision for how you want to feel each day? In this episode, learn how to create an energetic vision for yourself so you have clarity and a plan for ensuring that you’ll feel the way you want to feel on an ongoing basis.
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Our actual practices and how we feel about ourselves are, today outside of luck or poor luck, in alignment to the energy vision we have for ourselves. Could you write this down or type it down, or capture it in your GrowthDay app notes right here. Just type in capital letters or write capital letters. If you’re writing down— energy, vision. Energy vision. People always ask, like, Brendan, I have seen you show up for 20 years energetic, positive, confident ready to serve. I’ve seen you on stage, Brendan, for literally 9 hours a day for five days in a row, and I’m the only speaker. Could you imagine? Sometimes you do a zoom for an hour and you’re tired. I’m on a stage that’s 30 some feet long for 9 hours a day doing a marathon, a day of output, having to eat 4000 to 6000 calories just to get through the day. Like it’s a marathon. It’s brutal. It’s in front of thousands of people. I have to be mentally on all day because I’m teaching all day with barely any notes, having major interactions with the customers and the clients in the audience. You know, the pressure of Olympians there and billionaires there in the audience, in a suit, in dress shoes for 9 hours a day for five days straight. And you’re still jumping and clapping on day five Brendon.

1. Demand Excellence From Yourself

How is that possible? I’m like, It ain’t luck. That part, right there was an energetic vision I had in my life. I said, and it’s not because I’m, you know, aspirational its because one time I did a presentation and I was friggin wiped out. Anyone understand what I’m saying? Like I was wiped out. And I said, I don’t want that for my life. I don’t want to be wiped out  after doing something for 30 minutes or an hour. I’m like, No, no, no. I want to be able to give a speech for an hour or two. I want to be able to teach an audience for two or three hours. I don’t want to go up on stage and only sit because I am lucky and I am blessed that I’ve got two legs and two arms. I’ve got the health ability to take care of myself. I was like, okay, that’s… that’s a blessing. I have friends who don’t have that. I have friends who are keynote speakers in wheelchairs. How dare I not care for myself and physically utilize the gifts I’ve been given? Okay, Brendan, you don’t want to feel exhausted. You want to have the energy to serve. And you want to have the energy to serve and be awesome for your family, and your friends, and your peers. I demand something of yourself to get there, kid. What’s my energy vision? How do I really want to feel? How do I want to feel mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually? That is an energy vision. That’s an energy vision. 

2. Research Positive Practices

And I had to set that in my life. Most of that came from pain. I was mentally and emotionally exhausted, depressed, suicidal. And I knew I didn’t want that. The car accident I had at 19 years old at a time when I was suicidal helped me realize I didn’t want to die. I just didn’t know how to live. Helped me realize I didn’t want to feel like that anymore. I just know how to feel better. And that’s why I’m here today. That’s what got me into personal development, was I was a young, dumb kid from Montana who had no idea how to feel better. And I said, You know what? I want to feel better. So I started reading books in health. I started reading books in psychology. I started buying the audiotapes of the motivational courses. I started listening to the coaches. I started reading the health magazines. I started going I want to feel amazing not terrible, an energy vision. I want to be able to serve on stage 4 hours at a time. I want to be able to show up on a moment and give myself an emotionally good place to serve. I want to be able to, you know, endure not one or two years of this industry that is so challenging to be an entrepreneur, to be a leader, to be a business owner, to be literally called upon by like the biggest influencers and, you know, state leaders and companies. Like I got it. I got to be able to get on, and listen, I even remember during the pandemic, I was like, Man, I guess I can let out a little bit off here because, you know, I’m not on that stage anymore where I got to be Brendon on the stage for all this time. And then I had a call with a CEO who was paying an extraordinary sum to work one on one. I was really tired going into that call, really tired, and I could tell I wasn’t as mentally sharp as I needed to be for that person. And right after the call, I was like, that is not the vision for the energy I want to serve my clients with. Brendon, get back on your health routine. Recalibrate Kid. You got to recalibrate, kid. This person deserves more of you. And I know that sounds so hard to say, but I’ve had to say it to clients who were parents. I said, kids deserve more energy from you. And that was me reflecting their values, not something I’m judging them for. It was, I know their vision. I know how they want to feel, act, behave around other people. Not because they feel like they have to, because they want to. Like, who are we as human beings if we don’t have aspirational images of who we can be? And to grow into that, even if it’s hard.

3. Get In Tune with Your Emotions


We got to have the aspirational image of who we can be as parents or we’d all just default to the immediate ease and comfort of treating someone the way we’d want to treat them in the moment.

Screaming, hollering, yelling, hitting, smacking. These things happen when we don’t demand more of ourselves or have a better vision of ourselves. And in no other area of life have I ever worked with more clients where I realize they lack the vision than an energetic vision. They’ll think about it, but you know what? Most people, you know, they I want to make $1,000,000. They’re so un-attuned to having any energetic vision. How do you actually want to feel? What emotions do you want to feel and experience every day? How do you want your body to feel and move through space? What kind of stamina do you want to have mentally and physically? What kind of endurance do you want in your soul and your spirit to be able to show up day after day, even when it’s hard and difficult and awful, even when they betrayed you, stole from you, hurts you so you can still show up and give the energy of love.

How’s that for an energetic vision? Where is love in your vision? Where is the vibrancy behind that love? Where is the ability to project, demonstrate or envelop others in a spiritual kindness, compassion, love, empathy. This is part of your energetic vision, isn’t it? Energy, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually. And if you have no vision for that, you’ll just show up. That’s it. You just show up.

4. Care for your Health

And if you just show up by default in this world today, what that means is you’ll be surrounded by 50 bags of potato chips and all the comforts and ease that the world affords us. And your health will go to hell. And I really, truly believe by having an energetic vision and then living in alignment to that, demanding of ourselves to live in alignment to that. I’ll give an example. I’m somebody who obviously my energy is really important to me and it’s super hard. There’s days and stresses and difficulties that it’s so hard to “be me”. Right, with the expectations the world has is just like intense. And some days I deal with it well, some days I don’t. But if you follow me around for a month, you’re like, Look at all these things this guy does to care for his health; mental health, emotional health, physical health. From all the notes and the journals and the plans of everywhere I have around to how I literally lay on the floor multiple times a day to realign my back and my hips, to my breathing patterns, to how I choose to work out, to what I eat. Thank you to my wife, Denise, compared to what I would probably eat like. We’ll talk about that social support in a minute. All of these things are trying to live in alignment to the aspirational person I want to be and to the best of who I know I can be. 

I know this is a different way of thinking of health, but I would say, isn’t it stunning how many of you want health and have no vision for the energy they want to experience mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually? This is why journaling and planning in GrowthDay is so key.

Self-awareness happens through the act of creation of our own intentions and goals.

Like we had to write it down, we got to think it through. No one just wakes up, you know, 15 years old and goes, I have a vision for my energy. It’s like, no, you got to recalibrate that vision for your energy at different times of life. I’ve also, as many of you know, had tremendous times of my life where I was in very poor health. Some of you know, I had a major brain injury. I, you know, snapped my wrists pretty much clean off, threw-out my hips, broke my ribs. Like I’ve been in hospital beds three times in my life where I thought I was going to die. I have gone through enough of the health journey. I’ve been with thousands and thousands of people in real experiences as tremendous poor health had befallen them. And I hear the stories literally every day from so many of you. It’s not a surprise and it’s not fair, and it is a lot of luck. And, that is why we must also take control of our lives, have a vision, and live in alignment to it. And as we live in alignment to it, self-respect, baby. Self-respect. Better health. It becomes a beautiful loop.