My 2021 Intentions


  • “To go to another level of leadership, service, and contribution, I have to be even more disciplined with my health, rest, sleeping, eating, meditation and exercise.”
  • What are your intentions for the new year? In this episode, listen to Brendon’s 2021 intentions and how you can draw inspiration to start building your new habits for the new year!
  • “Forge an invincible resolve to win the day. Get that inch, get that momentum.”
  • If you’re ready to cultivate powerful intentions for the new year, listen to these 6 tips to gain momentum in the direction you want to go!
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Hey my friends, it’s Brendon Burchard, founder of GrowthDay. And in this video, I want to talk with you just about my New Year’s intentions. Now I know a lot of people set New Year’s goals, but I also like to set New Year’s intentions and I think about those very differently. So I’ll share that with you in this video. If, by the way, you are coming here and you are excited about New Year’s, please make sure you post down below in the comments: What are you most excited about in 2021? What are some of your New Year’s goals or intentions? I’d love to see some of that from you guys. Also make sure you subscribe to this channel if you’re not already subscribed because I have so many more videos like this that I’ll be doing throughout the rest of this year for you. As I start this new journey in 2021, building this new brand called GrowthDay, which is for me going to be the biggest effort of the year. So I’ll tell you more about that later.

Let’s talk about the difference between intentions and goals. To me goals are tangible, finite things you’re trying to achieve. You set a goal to do something by this date and it’s something you can do. It’s measurable, it’s observable, you can achieve it. There it is, it’s finite, it’s a thing, it’s an object. It’s something you’re going to make happen or you’re going to do, right? It’s very observable and to me that’s very powerful and you have to have a whole list of goals for the year. And I know you have goals in lots of different parts of your life. Your health, your mindset, the way that you treat other people, the things you’re going to create, give, launch, grow into. Awesome.

For me, intentions though are a little different. Intentions to me are almost your self directives. Intentions are the things that say, “I want to live life like this. I want to be like this. I have the higher level aims to treat people this way, to achieve these things, to give this type of energy into the world or this type of energy to others.” And it’s not that they’re completely or always separate than goals, but that’s how I think of them.

So I’ll give you six of my 2021 New Year’s intentions. And I hope that walking you through these, you can kind of see the difference.

1. Be More Calm Amid the Chaos

So my first intention this year: be more calm amid the chaos. Don’t get so dragged into other people’s dramas this year, don’t get so pulled into false emergencies and fake deadlines. Don’t get wrapped into gossip or all the vitriol of politics. Don’t lose your center, amid all of the noise as the world becomes uncertain, or as more people are in this tribe or that tribe or this political spectrum or that political spectrum, or the news has headlines or there’s so much happening on social media. I don’t want to be pulled into that. I want to stay centered, calm, focused, peacefully moving with real force and intention towards the dream I want to build, towards the life I want to have, towards the service I want to render to others.

To me that fundamental intention that you cannot shake me off of my center. That fundamental intention that the day, that the focus, is mine. That fundamental intention that I’m going to grab life’s agenda and I’m going to do my best to reclaim that agenda from all the distractions, the noise, the social media out there and I’m just going to be calm and cool. I’m going to be centered, I’m going to show up and I’m going to keep doing my thing amid all of that chaos. I’m going to keep moving it forward, I’m going to keep living the life that I really desire to live. Having the energy, the positive mindset, the joy that I want to experience and have each day regardless of how loud it gets. I want to find my calm center and operate from that type of presence.

2. Judge Less, Feel Better

My second intention: judge less, feel better. If you’re with me in 2020, you heard me talk about this all last year. This idea that you will feel so much better in life if you don’t judge yourself harshly and judge others harshly or unfairly, right? So often we get so mad at ourselves, we judge ourselves, we’re mean to ourselves, we speak awful words to ourselves and that judgment makes us feel terrible. Likewise, if you’re scrolling all day, “oh look at her, oh, look at him,” and you’re judging everybody all day long.

Every time you make a judgment, you spend energy. Every time you judge somebody as less than or more than, if you judge yourself more superior, them less, or vice versa. And it’s always like, “they’re like this, they’re like that.”

The more you point, the more you blame, the more you judge, the less you feel good about life.

Have you ever noticed that? When other people are judging you and it’s unfair or it’s harsh, you feel terrible. And yet how often do you do that, even as you scroll through your phone or even as you see somebody else who’s different than you? And I’m just here to say, judge less, feel better. And I’m here to say it for me too. It’s very easy to judge the other side, it’s very easy to judge people in my own industry. It’s very easy to judge a mistake by a team member and just make all these assumptions and get all upset about it.

Instead of judging, if I get curious, instead of judging, if I explore, or on my finest days if I can raise that higher level of awareness and consciousness that doesn’t need to judge, that can observe and allow and have that sense of grace to let other people live their lives. I don’t need to demand they are like me or that they have to do the things I say. Let them run their own race, let them have their own dream, let them have their own approach.

And if I don’t like what they’re doing, you know what? Let life be their educator, not me. I don’t have to force them into doing or being the way I believe they must. And the more that I can approach that level of consciousness, awareness, or grace, I can share with you the more I feel at peace.

3. Form an Invincible Resolve to Win the Day

The third big intention for me this year is to form a more invincible resolve to win the day. Just to get those inches, to get that momentum, to win each and every day. So if I do get knocked off course for an hour or two in distraction or drama where I don’t feel good, boom, I’m back and I still win the day.

To make sure each day I know: what are my three pressing priorities today? What are the five major tasks I have to get done? Who are the people I need to reach out to first before I react and reply to everybody else?

Just being on my A game means I have the intention at the beginning of the day, I’m going to win this day. Even if the day goes sideways, even if it’s difficult, I’m going to surmount a comeback during the day, I’m still going to move one thing forward even just one inch. There will be progress this day because you and I both know how easy it is to lose half a day to discouragement or days to being down or discouraged.

And sometimes having the intention that, nope no matter what, I will move this rock forward even if this rock is so much more than I am right now. I’m always going to win that day. And how do I win that day? I begin the day with a very clear intention. So I begin with my morning routine where I get up, I read something positive for 20 minutes. I work out or move or stretch for 20 minutes. I plan my day for 20 minutes. I meditate, I recite my powerful affirmations and I’m into today with great energy. I haven’t checked my phone. I haven’t been pulled into other people’s dramas. I set my morning so that I put myself in the best possible place to win, energetically to win, with my focus on my tasks for the day, to win, knowing what a good day would be like for me.

Forge an invincible resolve to win the day, get that inch, get that momentum.

I know in 2020, you all didn’t see a lot of videos like this with me, just talking at ya to the camera. I didn’t do a lot of solo podcasts that were original. 2020 was a lot of pivoting, a lot of adapting and a lot of secretly building this new brand called GrowthDay. And yet, because of all of, here in the United States, the political vitriol because of how much was going on in social change because of my deep desire to care for my team, my family, my friends, I was moving. There’s just so much going on all at the same time.

For me, it was really important to focus on those aspects but also, because of all that’s going on I was constantly checking how is this person, what’s going on with the media? What’s going on with social change? What’s going on with my friends? And I was checking in way too much for my liking.

One of the greatest things I ever learned was that social media and your inbox is nothing but other people’s agendas.

4. Less Consumption, More Creation

When you’re checking in social media or you’re looking at your inbox, it’s just organizing systems for other people’s agendas. This is their life, they want you to see this. This is their email, they want you to do that. And if I don’t protect my time where I only check in on those things at certain times throughout the day, meaning I block what I call my reactive time. I block the reactive time. It’s like this hour that’s when I do email or right before dinner that’s when I’ll check my texts, or my social media for my friends. 80% of smartphone users get up and the first thing they do is they grab their phone and they’re checking the news, they’re checking everything else. And now they’ve lost their agenda of energy and they’ve been pulled in through this warp device and to other people’s energies and agendas. And so for me, less consumption means less on the phone and more creation, creating more videos for you.

I’m starting a morning show for our GrowthDay community, that will be on my Instagram so if you want to check out my Instagram @BrendonBurchard, I’ll be doing a morning show throughout this year called GrowthDay morning show. I will be doing way more in my Facebook groups, way more in my podcasts, way more here direct to camera with you guys, just talking with you like this on YouTube or on The Brendon Show podcast, just more conversational this year.

Now that I feel like we’ve kind of figured our rhythm and a lot of just that artistic desire to create more but it’s also a recognition of too often it’s easy to consume. I mean, today, the average American might be watching four or five hours of television and then another hour or two on social media. That means they’re losing between four and six or seven hours a day to consumption. And not that that can’t be entertaining, not that that can’t be sometimes informative, but you and I both know people watch junk and consume junk and what enters their mind is junk, and suddenly life feels like it. So we have to be careful about what we’re consuming. I want to be conscious about that this year, that’s my intention.

5. Bring Joy to Others with Full Presence and Love

Another intention of mine it’s just to bring joy to others, with my full presence and love. To be even more attuned to my presence and awareness and be attentive to the energy and be responsible for the energy that I’m putting out into the world. Because I’ve been the “bring the joy” guy for, I don’t know, 15 years at the same time, it was different. I used to see you all out on the road, in the airports, we did eight live events per year. And then I would do speaking tours, speaking to 20, 30,000 people in arenas and conference centers all over the country, and that was my life. Our eight events with thousands of thousands of people throughout the year, or going to these mega arena events and being the big keynote, I got used to being out there and it was really, really fun.

And it made me attentive to my energy because I had to be with people all the time, being just at home most of the pandemic, in quarantine or being in a smaller group, it was really just my wife, and once in a while hang out with some friends. I don’t see as many people anymore. So it’s easy to just be internal and forget my energetic effect.

And I have a purpose of bringing joy to people and you can’t bring joy if you can’t be present.

6. Make Health Equal Priority to Mission

And so I’ve learned I got to work at that, it’s a big intention for me this year. And then my last big intention this year is to make health and rest equal in weight of priority to my mission. And I’ve never worked harder in 2020 in pivoting our companies and our teams and our brands, helping them, supporting them, taking teams virtual, relaunching a bunch of things. We weren’t doing live events or books anymore. Building up what you will see as GrowthDay throughout this year. It was so much, it was a lot of activity and many times I would say, “You know what? I’ll compromise on how much I sleep this week or I’ll compromise my workout, I’ll skip that today.”

And I wouldn’t say it was too bad to do that, but here’s what I do realize, to go to another level of leadership and service and contribution. Another level of productivity, another level of high-performance as we talked about in my world, then I have to be even more disciplined with health, rest, with those ideas of sleeping well, eating well, meditating, exercise, diet, supplementation all those things we talk about in the high-performance. If you read my book, “High Performance Habits,” those are essentials and I want to even get better at each and every single one of those.

So those are my intentions for 2021. What are yours?

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Growth days, so it’s those days where you feel like “I crushed it today.” A growth day is a day where you feel like you are in flow, you are having fun, you are living intentionally. A growth day is where you’re activating your passions, you are learning, a growth day is where you lay your head on your pillow at the end of the day and you go, “that was a great day, I came so far. I got it done, I achieved the thing, or at least I learned a lot or I felt good or I was congruent with who I was, or I treated people with respect and kindness. I was good today, I was my best self today.” Those are growth days. If we want to have a better 2021, we need more growth days.

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