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  • “Most people are on their phones avoiding life. But when you’re in a room like ours, we make you confront your life.”
  • If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like at one of my events, this episode is a MUST watch!
  • “It’s not about guru worship, it’s about the speakers who come from a place of mastery, and they’re prompting and cueing you to journal, to write, and to workshop your own life.”
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So, I’m at Growth Summit right now. It’s one of our events that we do. We do eight big seminars a year. This one’s about a thousand people in Phoenix. I’ve been behind the scenes just enjoying it because rarely do I have other speakers at our events. This one we brought together an amazing crew of speakers to light up this audience and I haven’t been on stage for a while.

We just had the summer. So I had a break and it’s why my voice sounds like this. I’m not in fighting shape right now to do a four-day event and this many hours on stage, but it was awesome. One thousand people who literally come from all around the world to learn how to be better humans.

For some people, they come here because they want their career to be better. Some people come because they want to improve their relationship or their health. Some people come because they’re just trying to figure out where they are at this stage of their life. Some people come because they’re trying to heal, let go of things that happened to them, and deal with the emotions of life better. They want to learn how to handle the stress, overwhelm, and anxieties that come up with living a fully-charged life.

So, people come from all around the world, and what they always find here is, first, that they’re surprised by the energy here. We hit the audience with good music, good vibes, and so much good energy. I’m jumping and clapping on stage. Our emcees and our speakers are all motivated and driven people, and people are always surprised by that.

Then they’re surprised at how amazing our clients are. You’ll see people hugging, jumping, and clapping together. In our groups—we break people up in groups of five—they’ll be talking and sharing.

People authentically share because we’ve created this safe environment for everyone.

Then they’re surprised by the curriculum. The speakers are masters at their topic, and so they’re learning so much that people are taking down. It’s not one of these things where you take like a bullet point, people are filling a 100-page journal by the time they leave in four days. That’s their new plan for life. And so they’re surprised by the comprehensive nature. We’re talking about your relationships, we’re talking about your career, we’re talking about your dreams, we’re talking about the things you want to do with your life, and amid all of that we create all these activities where you’re connecting, talking, and sharing with other people.

So a lot of people think our events are either just myself speaking, or the other speakers, but it’s not that. A lot of it is work. You’re in the audience working on your life. So it’s not about guru worship, it’s about the speakers who come from a place of mastery, and they’re prompting and cueing you to journal, to write, and to workshop your own life. They’re surprised by that.

This event is particularly fun for me because I’ve got my main men Dean Graziosi, Ethan Willis, and Randy Garn here. We’re running the show here from the stage perspective and they’re just great friends. They’re really great friends who give a ton on stage, who really care about other people. We run a huge business together called Growth.com. It’s crazy to get to do this work with your friends, and people see it on stage. They see how much we care for each other and how much we talk and it’s magic; because they see our friendship, they create greater friendships too. That’s huge.

And I’d say, just the last thing is, it’s seeing people’s eyes come on. It’s seeing a thousand people, I don’t know if you can hear this, but they’re screaming right now in the other room. I actually came off stage and came back here. They’re screaming with excitement because they love the breakthroughs, and it’s not one of these rah-rah things where it’s inauthentic. It’s people who are literally making decisions about their family and their career.

Decisions they’ve waited for years to make, they’re making them here.

They are deciding how they want to manage their psychology now and how they want to manage their physiology. How do they want to be more productive? How do they want to deal with people? What’s their purpose going to be? Then Eric Thomas came and lit them up; it’s like, “I can, I will, I must.” It sounds so funny when people watch this video. I know they’re like, “I don’t know, it seems weird,” but imagine going to a concert and workshopping your life at the same time. Seeing people up on stage who’ve been so far on the journey of life in their work, coaching, consulting, researching, sharing, writing books, advising people for so long, that you’re getting these perfect cues in the greatest environment.

You’re around people who are all on that same journey. People who are wanting to achieve and contribute more.

There literally is nothing like a three or four-day seminar. There’s nothing comparable. You can go to a three-hour concert, but when you go to a three-day event, you’re in it. You’re immersed and every part of you is there. You can’t escape the power and the magic in the room. It is forcing you to confront your life again.

Most people are on their phones avoiding life. But when you’re in a room like ours, we make you confront your life.

Where are you good? Where are you not doing so good? What do you really want? What’re the hard decisions you’re going to have to make? What’s that tough conversation going to have to have at home? How are you going to start that business, start that dream? Are you really committed to it? What would you have to do?

You see people working on their life again, and that’s where the joy comes from. For the first time in a long time, they’re present with themselves, and what they really want. When that happens at an event, I am present with myself, I know what I want, I have community, I have support, I have motivation, I’m focused—let’s go!

That energy is why I do this work.