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The Action Indicator Assessment

Will you you stay committed and be successful at any new goal or activity?

This assessment will help you think through how likely you are to take action, learn something new, or be successful at a new endeavor.

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1-Page Productivity Planner

How to get more done with a simple tool for working through your day.

Never forget the inbox is nothing but a convenient organizing system for other people’s agendas. Learn to move through your day in a more strategic, intelligent, and productive way by starting your morning filling out the 1-Page Productivity Planner.

Click here to download the 1-Page Productivity Planner. To see it used and fully explained, visit our High Performance Academy Video here.

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The Meditation Guide

A simple overview of Brendon Burchard’s meditation practice.

Why does everyone make meditation sound so esoteric and hard to do? In this simple guide, Brendon lays out common practices in mediation and his personal meditation routine. Simple. Easy. Effective.

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The This-That Rule Tool

Are your goals and the rules for achieving them clear enough?

The This-That Rule Tool is a simple worksheet that will help you thoughtfully setup rules for the next new change or challenge you create in your life.

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High Performance Academy with Brendon Burchard

High Performance Academy

Achiever’s Training on Advanced Psychology, Physiology, Productivity, and Persuasion

Why do some people succeed at levels beyond their imagination, while others struggle? It comes down to how they manage their psychology, physiology, productivity, and persuasion skill. Think about it. If you can’t master your mind, your body, your ability to get things done, and your ability to influence others to help you on your journey, then you’re stuck forever in mediocrity. But master those things, and life changes forever, and high achievement is yours.

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Experts Academy with Brendon Burchard

Experts Academy

Build an expert empire and career by monetizing what you know.

Have you ever wanted to make millions as an author, speaker, coach, seminar leader, or online trainer and thought leader? How did Brendon Burchard and the world’s foremost experts, “gurus,” and motivators build multi-million-dollar expert empires? How do they position, promote, and get paid for their advice, knowledge, and wisdom, often starting from scratch? Learn step-by-step in this free video series.

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On-Demand Online Courses

The world’s leading motivation and high performance coach trains you to change…

How can you become more confident and capable of achieving your goals faster and more effectively? How do you influence others? What can you do to stay on top of your game, and join the world’s most successful people? Learn these topics and more in Brendon’s online courses!

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World's Greatest Speaker Training with Brendon Burchard, Bo Eason, and Roger Love

World’s Greatest Speaker Training

Advanced performance and promotions training for the world’s greatest speakers…

Brendon Burchard is one of the highest paid speakers in the world, and he’s shared the stage with Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Deepak Chopra, Sir Richard Branson, the Dalai Lama and almost every leading contemporary business, marketing and personal growth guru in the world. What are his secrets? He’s teamed up with Roger Love, the #1 voice coach in the world, and Bo Eason, a Broadway actor and physicality coach, to bring you the most advanced and innovative speaker training in the world.

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Partnership Seminar

Get promoted and sponsored by major companies

Brendon teaches expert entrepreneurs (authors, speakers, coaches, seminar leaders, information marketers) to get their books, tours, events, causes and dreams promoted by major nonprofits and Fortune 500 companies. Click here to learn more.

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Free Videos from Brendon Burchard

Brendon inspires your life in these extraordinary videos

Watch Brendon right now! We’ve shared select video clips from some of his most memorable speeches and events. Learn from the master and change your life right by watching these FREE videos and webinars.

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Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard

The Motivation Manifesto

9 Declarations to Claim Your Personal Power

The Motivation Manifesto is a poetic and powerful call to reclaim our lives and find our own personal freedom. It’s a triumphant work that transcends the title, lifting the reader from mere motivation into a soaringly purposeful and meaningful life. I love this book”
— Paulo Coelho, author of THE ALCHEMIST

The Motivation Manifesto is a pulsing, articulate, ferocious call to claim our personal power. World-renowned high performance trainer Brendon Burchard reveals that the main motive of humankind is the pursuit of greater Personal Freedom. We desire the grand liberties of choice—time freedom, emotional freedom, social freedom, financial freedom, spiritual freedom. Only two enemies stand in our way: an external enemy, defined as the social oppression of who we are by the mediocre masses, and an internal enemy, a sort of self-oppression caused by our own doubt and fear.

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The Charge book by Brendon Burchard

The Charge

Activating the 10 Human Drives that Make You Feel Alive

This book reveals how you can feel more alive, productive and fulfilled in a chaotic world by mastering the very drives that make you most human and happy.

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The Millionaire Messenger book by Brendon Burchard

The Millionaire Messenger

Make a Difference and a Fortune Sharing Your Advice

The Millionaire Messenger reveals how everyday people can share their life’s lessons and advice with others and earn a fortune in the process. Author Brendon Burchard reveals a 10-step plan for making an impact and an income with what you know.

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Life's Golden Ticket book by Brendon Burchard

Life’s Golden Ticket

A Parable of Life, Loss and Redemption

This book is an inspirational novel about second chances in life and in love. It’s the story of a troubled man who visits an abandoned amusement park searching for clues into his fiancee’s disappearance.

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The Student Leadership Guide by Brendon Burchard

37 Million Students Hoping to Lead. One Book Guiding the Way.

“In twenty years I have never read a more remarkable student work than Brendon Burchard’s The Student Leadership Guide. His writing, use of metaphor, logical development, ability to synthesize complex literature, and understanding and commitment to the underlying theory – it’s all beyond belief.”

–Jon Tomkins, Ph.D., author,
Human Resource Management in Government

“Brendon Burchard’s The Student Leadership Guide is a terrific resource. The Greenleaf Center makes it available to people around the world and it is the best single source on the issue of student leadership. I certainly recommend it.”

–Larry Spears, President, The Robert K. Greenleaf
Center for Servant Leadership

“Burchard’s book is a good tool for anyone who is serious about trying to make a difference in themselves as well as the lives of others.”

The Association of College Unions International

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Brendon Burchard's Four Breakthroughs

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