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The Friendship Masterclass

How to Embrace Your Passions

How to Rekindle Your Relationships

How to Deepen Your Friendships

How to Get People to Follow You

How to Own Your Vision

The 2 Best Tools in Your Leadership Toolkit

5 Must-Do Practices for Great Leaders

The Three E’s of a Healthy Relationship

5 Conflict Resolution Techniques

How Couples Can Honor Each Other

How to Be More Present

The 2 Sides to Any Great Relationship

4 Self-Soothing Techniques

Tips for Developing Close Relationships

Foster and Regrow Your Energy

How to Face Your Fears

How to Find Your Purpose

Techniques for Relieving Stress and Tension

How to Build Resilience in Tough Times

3 Principles and 3 Practices for Better Discipline

How to Develop Discipline

How to Become Unstoppable

How to Live in Alignment with Your Best Self

5 Ways to Reconnect to Your Confidence

Increase Confidence (Despite Uncertainty)

4 Ways to Be More Intentional in Your Relationships

The Power of Sharing Your Story

RIP Larry King: Unreleased Interview

3 Ways to Communicate Mindfully

My 2021 Intentions

The Secret: 2021 Success (Prediction)

How to Achieve a Growth Mindset

How to Become a Better Communicator

Tactics for Beating Back Your Fears

My Secret to How I Win Each Day

How to Generate Energy in Your Life

How to Become a More Positive Person

Watch This if You Need a Confidence Boost

Removing a Little Chaos from Life is Good

Break Bad Habits

Advice to Human Resource and Learning and Development Leaders

How to Track Your Personal Growth

The Power of Identity

How to Create Enduring Happiness

Career Advice for Thought Leaders

Think Like a Monk with Jay Shetty

4 Fears Holding You Back (and How to Overcome Them!)

How to Achieve an Action Mindset (and Stay Disciplined!)

The Greatest Secret to Successful Couples

How to Let Go of Judgement

How to Master Motivation

Add These Anti-Stress Tactics to Your Routine

Unfocused? Find Your Why

One Mindset Shift to Quickly Increase Your Confidence

Secrets to Resilience (How to Bounce Back After Failure)

How to Stay Positive During Your Worst Days

Only Two Things Change Your Life

How to Visualize Your Dream into Reality

10 Working From Home Productivity Tips

Want Change? Start with Yourself

How to Regain Lost Motivation

From Dread to Excitement (Powerful Mindset Shift!)

Watch This if You’re Putting Your Dream on Hold

Why You’re So Stressed (And What You Can Do About It)

Overcoming Doubt and Negative Beliefs to Achieve Your Dream

Watch This if You Don’t Give Yourself Enough Credit

Striving in Chaos: Dedication (featuring Jenna Kutcher)

Striving in Chaos: Negative Emotions

Striving in Chaos: Staying Motivated

Striving in Chaos: High Standards

Striving in Chaos: My Daily Routine

The Power of MEANING

Optimize Your Health and Productivity

How I’m Thinking Through This Crisis, Part 2

How I’m Thinking Through This Crisis, Part 1

Get Out of Your Own Way with Dave Hollis

The Power of Connection

Time Management: Automation vs. Delegation

My Favorite Networking Tips

When You Feel Horrible (Tired, Bored, Sad)

How to Find Clarity

How to Have Courage

Finding Purpose in 2020

Judge Less, Feel Better

Reclaim Your Life’s Agenda

3 Ideas for an Extraordinary 2020 (New Year Edition!)

New Year Goals for Winning Life in 2020

The Power of Presence and Positivity

Sleep Better: My Evening Routine

My Event Routines (and Recovery!)

What People Want *After* They Have Success

How to Deal with Stressful Situations, Proactively!

Beating Boredom

How to Deal with Haters

How to Stop Fighting

Doubt Wins No More Mondays

How to Visualize and Manifest Bigger Goals

How to Find Inspiration

Create Your Battle Board! (My Secret to Productivity)

Overcoming “Who Am I?”

How to Get Over a Breakup

How to Reignite Your Life

How to Motivate Others

Three Transformational Events in My Life

I’m Discouraged, What Should I Do?

How to Have Patience Pursuing Your Dream

Your Four Worst Fears

The Three Worst Morning Routines

Four Secrets to Success

How to Evaluate Opportunities

My Hero, Lost. I Miss Him.

Four Decisions that Changed My Life

I’m Overwhelmed

How to Deliver a Great Speech

Overcoming Procrastination

Double Down on the Good You Do

Find What’s Necessary to Leave Your Comfort Zone for Good

3 “I AM” Success Beliefs

How to Relieve Imposter Syndrome

Day 1: Transformation Week (Get Clarity!)

How to Play the Long Game (and Avoid Burnout)

The Courage to Let Go

This Dream Needed Patience

Lessons Learned in 2018

How to Stop Making Excuses

Nurturing Great Relationships

The Self-Perception Problem

Scared to Start My Dream

Tactics to Finish 2018 Strong

Dealing with Self-Doubt

When People Don’t Support You

I Lost My Motivation

When You’re Angry All the Time

Secrets to Increasing Confidence

Rethinking Productivity

How to Turn Around a Bad Day

My Studio+Gear Tour! How I vlog, podcast, and film courses

Productivity Design: Distraction vs Discipline

From Intention to Initiative: How Your Mind Works

Raise Your Ambitions (Despite the Doubters)

Demonstrate More Love and Validation

Gain Real Personal Power

The Secret to Happiness

Brendon Burchard Car Accident

How to Choose Real Priorities

Making Success a MUST

6 Uncommon Strategies for Developing Greater Gratitude

Embrace the Suck!

Celebrate the Small Wins

Love Yourself More (Sort Of)

Quit the Wrong Thing Now

Beyond The Comfort Zone

Defeat into Success

How to Take Risks

4 DUMB THINGS WE SAY (that prevent our growth)

Overcoming Insecurity

Reaching for Greatness

How to Attract More Love

How to Stick to Your Goals

How to Stick to Your Word (Integrity!)

Self-Acceptance Doesn’t Suck

3 Secrets of High Performers

Creating Relationship Boundaries

Deal with Jealousy

The Year of High Performance: Will this be a courageous year for you?

How to Live Large with Tony Horton and Brendon Burchard

Overcoming Jealousy

What To Do When You Feel Lost

Inspiring Others to Change

What to Do When You’re Broke

Secrets to Developing Emotional Mastery

Knowing When It’s Time to Quit on Somebody

How to Deal with Negative People

5 Ways to Overcome Adversity

How to Believe in Yourself

How to deal with ANGER

Simple Time Management Rules

4 Keys to High Performance

100TH EPISODE! 5 Lessons Learned

How to Bring the Joy to Every Situation

How to Be More “Mindful”

Opportunity Overwhelm? Do this.

How to Develop a Growth Mindset

How to Develop “Grit”

How to Make Change Stick

The Pains of Progress – Why Change is Hard

How to Let Go

How To Avoid Burnout

When to Follow Your Intuition

Why Achievers Crash and Burn

Am I Dreaming Too Big?

4 Steps to Avoiding Overwhelm

Should I Have a Plan B

How to Have Difficult Conversations

Stop Being a Helpful Burnout

How to Wind Down

How To Re-Discover Your Passion

Stats that stun! So grateful for you guys…

How to Be More Happy

Finding Your Life’s Mission

Take Action In Your Life

4 Ways to Become More Disciplined

5 Rules of Life

How to Unplug (without losing touch)

4 Steps to Becoming a Role Model

How to Say, “I’m Sorry.”

How to Be Beautiful

How to Reprogram Your Mind for Positive Thinking

Broken Dreams and Burritos

How to Make More Money Meaningfully

The Power of Personal Responsibility

How to Deal with Disappointment

Ambition is the Great Fire and Liberator

Deciding Who You Are When Fate Gets Messy

How Millionaires Schedule Their Day :
1-Page Productivity Tool

6 Questions to Reach Your
Highest Performance in Life and Work

Motivation & The (Joyful)
Discomfort of Happiness

Procrastination and
The Perfectionist’s Lie

How Incredibly Successful
People THINK

How to Overcome Fear
Using Your Conscious Mind

Caged, Comfortable, or Charged:
Which Life is Yours?

Larry King interviews #1 Bestselling
Author Brendon Burchard

Girl Who Finds Her Voice,
told by Brendon Burchard

Brendon Burchard's Four Breakthroughs

Free Access to Brendon’s Sunday Growth newsletter:

Join 2 million subscribers! Get new strategies every week on how to make self-improvement a way of life!