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Go behind the scenes with Brendon Burchard, the world’s leading high performance coach and one of the Top 100 Most Followed Public Figures in the world, as he speaks to 20,000 people in arenas, coaches celebrities, helps his students, and reaches millions of people every week with his message for how we can all live, love and matter. Every week, Brendon shares what he’s struggling with, working on and marching towards – and how we can all live an extraordinary life. This is an intimate and inspiring look into the life and strategies of one of the most watched, followed and quoted personal development trainers in history.

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Create Your Battle Board! (My Secret to Productivity)

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Overcoming “Who Am I?”

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How to Motivate Others

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How to Reignite Your Life

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Below are links to all The Brendon Show and The Charged Life episode posts. That’s where you’ll find the video, mp3, summary, podcast links/downloads, quotes, and transcripts for each episode of The Brendon Show and The Charged Life podcasts.

Influencer Series: Behind Brendon’s Career (Part 2 of 2)

Influencer Series: Behind Brendon’s Career (Part 1 of 2)

Best Of: How People Think and Behave

Motivational Quotes: Self-Respect, Work Ethic, Protecting Your Time

Create Your Battle Board! (My Secret to Productivity)

Motivational Quotes: Obstacles, Decisiveness, Time Management

Best Of: Developing Momentum

Overcoming “Who Am I?”

Motivational Quotes: Superpowers, Courage, Satisfaction

Best Of: Take Back Your Morning

Motivational Quotes: Mantras, Momentum, Taking Action

Best Of: How to Stop Worrying

Motivational Quotes: Permission, Progress, Personal Freedom

Best Of: How to Evaluate Opportunities

How to Motivate Others

Motivational Quotes: Advancement, Reverence, Interpretation

Best Of: Practices of Achievement

Motivational Quotes: Unity, Grace, Boldness

Best Of: The Purpose of Life

How to Reignite Your Life

Best Of: A Class on Confidence

How to Get Over a Breakup

Motivational Quotes: Enthusiasm, Expression, Experience

Best Of: Confidence in Relationships

Motivational Quotes: Certainty, Potential, Emotional Mastery

Best Of: Schedule Your Dreams

How to Have Patience Pursuing Your Dream

Motivational Quotes: Focus, Authenticity, Lifelong Happiness

Best Of: How to Find Your Purpose

Are You Triggered Too Easily?

Banging Drums Behind You.

Three Transformational Events in My Life

Motivational Quotes: Standards, Humility, Rest

Best Of: Create Your Ideal Lifestyle

Transformation Week is LIVE! (7 days only)

Transformation Week Preview!

I’m Discouraged, What Should I Do?

Motivational Quotes: Authenticity, Vision, Potential

Best Of: Mid-Year Acceleration Strategies

Transformation Week Starts June 1st!

Motivational Quotes: Hunger, Integrity, Rejuvenation

Best Of: Becoming Your Best Self

Motivational Quotes: Choice, Character, Truth

Best Of: Your Life, Explained


Four Secrets to Success

Motivational Quotes: Empower, Contribute, Engage

Best Of: How to Influence an Underperformer

The Three Worst Morning Routines

Your Four Worst Fears

Motivational Quotes: Consistency, Belief, Wellness

Best Of: Above the Line

Four Decisions That Changed My Life

Motivational Quotes: Engage, Support, Courage

Best Of: The Special Powers of Myth

Evaluating Opportunities and Accelerate Momentum

Motivational Quotes: Affirmations, Desires, Reverence

Best Of: Improve Your Relationships

My Hero, Lost. I Miss Him.

Motivational Quotes: Dreams, Faith, Confidence

Best Of: Sunday Rituals

My Dream

Motivational Quotes: Hope, Values, Timing

Best Of: Remove the Non-Essentials

Motivational Quotes: Serve, Mission, Strength

Best Of: Understanding Your Network

How to Evaluate Opportunities

Best Of: Be Energetically Consistent

Motivational Quotes: Respect, Believe, Serve

Overcoming Procrastination

Motivational Quotes: Courage, Environment and Ambition

Weekly Fire: Routines, Speeches, and Keeping it Simple


Best Of: Your Next Level of Success

Weekly Fire: Lovecast Week

Motivational Quotes: Performance, Ambition, Necessity

Best Of: Set Deadlines, Create Check-Ins

Weekly Fire: Transitions

Motivational Quotes: Gratitude, Love, Mindfulness

Best Of: Dealing with Self Sabotage

Motivational Quotes: Think, Feel, Believe, Dream

Best Of: Dealing with Transitions Well Pt. 2

Weekly Fire: Overwhelm

“I AM” Success Beliefs

Best Of: Dealing with Transition Well

Find What’s Necessary to Leave Your Comfort Zone for Good

Weekly Fire: Double Down

How to Play the Long Game (and Avoid Burnout)

Best Of: The Power of Perspective

Best Of: Push Through Fear

Day 7: Transformation Week


How to Relieve Imposter Syndrome

Best Of: Strip Distraction and Set Vision

Lessons Learned in 2018

The High Performance Planner (it’s finally here!)

Best Of: The Key to Lasting Relationships

Best Of: Increase Your Wellbeing with More Sleep

Best Self Magazine Interview with Brendon

Best Of: Optimize Your Performance Planning

This Dream Needed Patience

The Courage to Let Go

Best Of: The Habit of Renewal

The Self-Perception Problem

Best Of: Develop Consistent Energy

Nurturing Great Relationships

Best Of: Master Discipline, Connection and Resilience

How to Stop Making Excuses

Dealing with Self-Doubt

Tactics to Finish 2018 Strong

Best Of: Personal Responsibility (How to Fully Own Your Life)

Best Of: Accelerate Your Achievement This Year

Best Of: Next Level of Success

Best Of: The Key to Your Most Productive Day

Best Of: How Congruence Works

The Power of Project Planning

Best Of: Facing the Fear of Rejection

Best Of: Achieve Success with Joy and Confidence

Scared to Start My Dream

When You’re Angry All the Time

I Lost My Motivation

When People Don’t Support You

How to Turn Around a Bad Day

Rethinking Productivity

Secrets to Increasing Confidence

How to Take More Initiative

Productivity Design: Discipline vs. Distraction

4 Breakthroughs: Be Decisive, Salt Lake City, Super Smart People, and Dealing with The Doubters

4 Breakthroughs: Cultivate Joy, Thailand Trip, Speaking Strategies, and Building Team

Best Of: How to Start a New Dream

4 Breakthroughs: Bucket List, Ritual of Happiness, Hoping for Fairness, and Overwhelm

4 Breakthroughs: Productivity Flaws, Vision, Recovery, and Adventure

Best Of: The Advanced Human Drives

Best Of: Overcome Procrastination and Maintain Motivation

4 Breakthroughs: Seminar Survival, New Podcast, New Vlog, and Willpower

Best Of: The Real Cause of Overwhelm

Share Your Truth and Ambitions

Gaining Real Personal Power

Level Up Your Squad

Demonstrate More Love and Validation

Best Of: Debrief with the 10 Human Drives Framework

Get Insanely Good at Key Skills

The Motivation Killer

Raise Your Ambition (Despite the Doubters)


What My Parents Taught Me

10 Lessons of 2017!

Increase the Outputs That Matter

My Car Accident (or, the power of grace and intention)

Know Who Needs Your A-Game

The Secret to Happiness

Embrace the Suck!

Define What’s Meaningful

Determine the Feeling You’re After

Defeat Negativity and Create Confidence: My OWN Livecast on Reigniting Your Life

Envision the Future Four

6 Uncommon Strategies for Developing Greater Gratitude

Best Of: 4 Pillars of High Performance

High Performance Habits: Extended Interview with Lewis Howes

Marie Forleo Interviews Brendon

Exclusive: Larry King Interviews Brendon

My Week – Success Magazine, speaking to 1k people, and new book

EXCERPT 3: High Performance Habits Audiobook – Chapter Two

EXCERPT 2: High Performance Habits Audiobook – Chapter One

EXCERPT 1 – High Performance Habits Audiobook – Introduction

Making Success a MUST

Quit the Wrong Thing NOW

My Week: #1 on Amazon, Vocal Training and Progressive Mastery

Love Yourself More (Sort Of)

My Week: Secrets to filming, speaking to 10k people, and podcasting

Celebrate the Small Wins

How to Take Risks

Beyond the Comfort Zone

Reaching Greatness

Overcoming Insecurity

4 DUMB THINGS WE SAY (that prevent our growth)

How to Stick to Your Word (Integrity!)

How to Stick to Your Goals

How to Attract More Love

Creating Relationship Boundaries

3 Secrets of High Performers

Self-Acceptance Doesn’t Suck

How to Live Large with Tony Horton and Brendon Burchard

The Year of High Performance: Will this be a courageous year for you?

RIP the Gentleman?

How to Deal With Jealous People

How To Get People To Change

What To Do When You Feel Lost

Overcoming Jealousy

Knowing When It’s Time to Quit on Somebody

High Performance Habits – New Book by Brendon Burchard

5 Secrets to Emotional Mastery

What To Do When You’re Broke

How to Believe in Yourself

5 Ways to Overcome Adversity

How to Deal with Negative People

4 Keys to High Performance

Simple Time Management Rules

How to deal with ANGER

How to Be More “Mindful”

How to Bring the Joy to Every Situation

100TH EPISODE! 5 Lessons Learned

How to Develop “Grit”

How to Develop a Growth Mindset

Opportunity Overwhelm? Do this.

How to Let Go

The Pains of Progress – Why Change is Hard

How to Make Change Stick

Why Achievers Crash and Burn

When to Follow Your Intuition

How To Avoid Burnout

Should I Have a Plan B

4 Steps to Avoiding Overwhelm

Am I Dreaming Too Big?

How to Wind Down

Stop Being a Helpful Burnout

How to Have Difficult Conversations

How to Be More Happy

Stats that stun! So grateful for you guys…

How To Re-Discover Your Passion

4 Ways to Become More Disciplined

Take Action In Your Life

Finding Your Life’s Mission

4 Steps to Becoming a Role Model

5 Rules of Life

Ode to Gratitude (and You)

When You Feel Lonely

5 Steps to More Balance in Life

3 Kinds of Friends and the Secret to Great Friendships

The Magic of Creative Expression

Positive Projection – The Ultimate People Skill

4 Monthly Goals (Or, How to Schedule Your Year)

How to Raise Your Standards

The Power Of Expectation

4 Steps to Restart A Bad Day

How To Manage Projects With Excellence

How To Take Care of Yourself and Others

How To Get More Sleep

How Brendon Does Social Media

Keep Chasing Your Dreams


Yes! Compare Yourself to Others

How To Prioritize

What Makes Us Great

How To Make A Good First Impression

How To Deal With Anxiety

Start Something That Matters

I fall in love every day

Sustaining Habits with Triggers

What Is High Performance?

How To Make Good Decisions

How To Have Good Mojo

How To Deal With Stress

Can Authenticity Suck?

How To Slow Time

How The Mind Works

The Power of Novelty and Challenge

Review: The Entrepreneur’s Solution

How To Stay Focused

How To Cope With Tragedy

Relationship Advice

How to Handle Money

Believe in People Again

The Power of Accepting (and Defining) Reality

Start Your Dream (Even if you’re scared)

Dealing with Difficult Times in Life

How to LEARN Faster

Be Great in Relationships

How to Deal with Frustrating People

How to Add Value and Be More Influential

Rejected! 5 Lessons from Getting Dumped by My Publisher

Motivation Manifesto Celebrity Mashup

The Declaration of Personal Power

The Motivation Manifesto – My New Book

How to Have More FUN!

Interview Your Loved Ones Before They’re Gone

How to Unplug (without losing touch)

How to Sustain Hope

4 Horseman of Self-Awareness

How to Design the Perfect Day

Why To Quit

How to Meditate: “Release Meditation Technique” Instructions

5 Rules for the Game of Life

4 Cornerstones of Achievement

What My Dad Taught Me About Life

What Great Leaders Actually DO

How NOT to Set Goals

How to Reprogram Your Mind for Positive Thinking

How to Be Beautiful

How to Say, “I’m Sorry.”

The Power of Personal Responsibility

Hints to The Purpose of Life

How to Have More Confidence

3 Great Enemies of Growth & Happiness

Where Happy Dwells

FED UP Movie Trailer + Brendon Burchard Interviews Katie Couric

The Stunning Costs of Distraction

How to Attack Life’s Challenges with Grace

How to Be More Happy

How to Make More Money (Meaningfully)

Fear of Rejection?

5 Steps for Achieving Your Goals

How to Deal with Disappointment

Broken Dreams & Burritos

Ambition is the Great Fire and Liberator

Dealing with Fate; Deciding on Destiny

Our Worst Excuse: The Perfectionist’s Lie

How Successful People Think

How to Overcome Fear

The Compromise Myth

Browser Blackout and App Amnesia

The Problem with “Smart” Goals