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Go behind the scenes with Brendon Burchard, the world’s leading high performance coach and one of the Top 100 Most Followed Public Figures in the world, as he speaks to 20,000 people in arenas, coaches celebrities, helps his students, and reaches millions of people every week with his message for how we can all live, love and matter. Every week, Brendon shares what he’s struggling with, working on and marching towards – and how we can all live an extraordinary life. This is an intimate and inspiring look into the life and strategies of one of the most watched, followed and quoted personal development trainers in history.

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My Lab: The Science of High Performance
Habit 1: Seek Clarity
Habit 2: Generate Energy
Habit 3: Raise Necessity
Habit 4: Increase Productivity (PQO)
Habit 5: Develop Influence
Habit 6: Demonstrate Courage
Beware 3 Pitfalls
The #1 Thing

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Your Habits Are Sabotaging Your Life. Here’s Why…

How to Unleash Your Best Self

5 Psychological Tricks to Optimize Your Energy

How to Find Your Inner Peace

How to Become Who You WANT to Be

Laying the Groundwork for Deep Understanding

How FATIGUE is Killing Your Dreams

How to Become the Person You Idealize

Stop Letting Others Control Your Life

The BEST way to create goals

The Art of Emotional Control

4 Ways to Elevate Your Life Using Gratitude

THIS is Why Stress Overwhelms You

How to Reignite Your Drive for Success

Why Perfect Isn’t Perfect

The Transformative Power of Giving

How to Persevere in Tough Times

The 4 Primary FEARS That Prevent Action

Discovering Resilience in Adversity

How to Find Hope in ANY Situation

Fortify Your Mind: The Blueprint to Resilient Living

The CONFIDENCE Blueprint: How to OWN Your Worth

How to Achieve Success Without Burnout

The Unstoppable Power of Positive Habits

How To NEVER Fear Failure

How to Deal With Discouragement

The Next Level

Get Your Performance Edge Back

Do the Work

The 3 Phases of Change

10 Strategies For Success

Powering Through Change

The Frame

It’s Time To Go All In

How To Be A “Lighthouse” For Others

Stop Getting In Your Own Way

The Formula to Achieve Your Dreams

Fill Your Life With Connections

Make The Decision for an Extraordinary Life

Regain Your Sense of Aliveness

How to Train Your Mind Against Fear

Resilience In This Economy Part 2

The Power of Mortality Motivation

Resilience In This Economy Part 1

Redefining Fear

Feel the Day to Win the Day

My LA show! How to Overcome Your Fears

Permission with Conviction

How to Start a Movement

How to Achieve More Aliveness

Mashup: How to Become Unstoppable and Achieve Your Dreams

The Shocking Blessing of Fear

How to Generate More Happiness

Mashup: 6 Strategies to Develop More Gratitude in Your Life

Make Time for What Matters

How to Set Up Your Life For Success

Mashup: The #1 Success Habit That You Need to Practice Daily

The Power of Doubling Down

Overcoming Procrastination

Mashup: A Powerful Leadership Principle You Need to Master

How to Feel Alive Again

Better Your Habits Today

Mashup: Simple Habits to Improve Your Relationships

How to Build Greater Connections

Achieving Your Next Level of Success

Mashup: How to Develop Great Relationships With People Around You

How to Develop Meaningful Pursuits

Habits to Improve Your Life

Mashup: How to Create Real and Lasting Happiness in Your Life

8 Rules of Love with Jay Shetty

Gain Clarity With Your Health and Productivity

Mashup: 4 Key Decisions to Make a Positive Change in Your Life

I Had Self-Hate Too

Reach Your Dreams Faster

Mashup: Simple Steps to Increase Your Overall Wellness

The 4 P’s for Building a Lasting Business

How to Maximize Your Potential

Mashup: 5 Powerful Ways to Deal With Adversity

How to Feel the Goodness of Life

Master Your Emotional Toolkit

Mashup: 4 Ways to Get Over a Breakup

How to Know That You Matter

How to Strengthen Your Relationships in 2023

Mashup – The 3 Principles You Need to Master if You Want to Develop Discipline (With Jamie Kern Lima)

Feel Better, Encourage Others

7 Steps for Making Decisions

Mashup – The 3 Keys To Building A Healthy Relationship

How to See Yourself as a Good Person

Become Happier with Better Communication Skills

The Most Important Boundary You Need to Set Today

The 4 Types of Tough Decisions

5 Habits for Growth in 2023

Mashup – This Is My Best Advice for Anyone Going Through Hardships

Remove 4 Types of Fear

How to Get Through Hard Times

How to Create Remarkable and Lasting Relationships

How to Build Your Learning Model

Manage and Adapt to Change

Mashup: How to Become More Present in the Moment

How to Leverage Others to Learn Faster

It’s Time You Increase Your Awareness

How to Be Strong When Things are Chaotic

The Best Way to Learn Anything

Gain Greater Clarity of Your Future

Mashup: Powerful Things High Performers Do to Increase Their Confidence

Develop Your System for Habit Scoring

How to Reignite Your Motivation

How to Handle Conflict Better

How to Ensure You’re Not Quitting Too Soon

It’s Time to Develop Mental Resilience

Mashup: What is Emotional Intelligence and How to Manage It

When You Should Quit

ANNOUNCEMENT: GrowthDay Podcast Network!

How to Predict Your Future

Workout: Overcome Doubt & Division

Mashup: How to Own Your Vision as a Leader

Exceed Expectations to Get Ahead

Open Doors to BIG Opportunities

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Motivation with Brendon Burchard

Mashup: How to Develop a Mindset of Wealth, Joy, and Success

Develop Your Peer Network

Workout: Meaningful Pursuits

Mashup: STOP Holding Yourself Back From Success

Competency = Wealth

Workout: Creating Emotional Wealth

Mashup: Teach Yourself to Eliminate Stress and Pressure From Your Life

Don’t Double Down on This…

Workout: Full-Life Optimization

Mashup: How to Keep Track of Your Personal Growth

How to Think Like a Role Model

Workout: Your Next Move

Mashup: 6 Leadership Lessons That Will Make You Unstoppable!

How to Build Your Ideal Lifestyle

Workout: Do This for a Massive Life Shift

Mashup: Powerful Habits to Improve Your Health in 2022

How to Honor Yourself

Workout: Learn to Leap

Motivation Mashup: How to Deal with Negative People in a Productive Way!

The 4 Parts to a Meaningful Life

Workout: If You’ve Been Through Hard Times…

Motivation Mashup: 4 Practical STEPS to Improve Your SELF-PERCEPTION!

Become a Problem-Solving Magician

Workout: Hit Reset

3 Powerful Ways to Deal with Defeat

The Power of Visualization

Workout: Give to Receive

4 Ways to Achieve More Balance in Your Life

6 Personal Health Habits

Workout: Achieve More

Improving Friendships

Develop a Vision for the Future

Workout: Activate

Creative Expression

How To Live Intentionally

Workout: Role Model

Positive Projection

How to Turn Challenge Into Growth

Workout: Manage Your Energy

5 Ways To Raise Your Standards

Develop Your Self-Worth

Workout: Energize Yourself

The Power of Expectation

Find Purpose Through Your Relationships

Workout: End Procrastination

How to Restart a Bad Day

Replenish Your Spirit

Workout: More Self Respect

Managing Your Projects

Develop a Service Mindset

Workout: You Are Responsible

The Importance of Rest

The 4 Parts to Reinventing Your Life

Workout: Organize Yourself

Keep Chasing Your Dreams

10 Questions to Reinvent Your Life

Workout: Feel The Dream

How to Prioritize Your Life Goals

How to Fill Your Life with Aliveness

I moved to CA and other Birthday Reflections

How to Deal with Feeling Anxious

How to Build Fulfilling Relationships

Workout: Sustained Motivation

Building Habits

Be Nice to Yourself

Workout: Undo Procrastination

Dealing with Stress

Reinventing Your Life

Workout: Dismantle Fear

Challenges of Authenticity

Workout: Give Yourself Credit

Slow Down Time

Develop Your Intention

Workout: Mornings

Benefits of Novelty and Challenge

Challenge Yourself to Become Better

Workout: Focus

Staying Focused

Start the New Year Right

Workout: Confidence

How to Cope With Tragedy

Live Life With Passion

Best of 2021: How to Accelerate Your Productivity

Best of 2021: Mastering the Action Mindset

Best Of 2021: Focus and Discipline

Best of 2021: Rejection

Best Of 2021: Start Your Year Right

Best Of 2021: Behaviors That Keep Us From Our Goals

Best Of 2021: Let Go of Baggage

Best Of 2021: Consciously Design Your Life

How Presence Improves Your Life

Workout: Do What Matters

Create Great Relationships

Develop A Destiny Mindset

Workout: Challenges

Organize Your Finances

How to Integrate Your Wins

Workout: Sadness

Having Faith in Humanity

Take Control of Your Thoughts

Workout: Get Up

Shaping a Positive Reality

Train Yourself to Take Action

Workout: Judge Less

Kickstart Your New Dream

How to Take Accountability For Your Life

Workout: Remotivate Yourself

How to Deal with Difficult Times

Develop Your Self-Acceptance

Workout: Dread vs. Excitement

How to Learn Faster

Develop Your Self-Awareness

Workout: Stress Relief

Secrets to Building Great Relationships

How to Prioritize Your Life

Workout: Doubting Yourself

Solve Your Frustrations

Wow Your Relationships

Workout: Reclaim Your Life

How to Add Value

The 4 Steps to Better Health

Workout: Stressful Situations

How to Show Honor and Respect

Unplug and Feel Alive

Workout: Boredom

The High 5 Challenge with Mel Robbins

Don’t Take Things so Personally

Workout: Haters

Keeping Hope Alive

3 Life-Changing Habits

Workout: Stop Fighting

Create Your Intentions

The 6 Steps to Lifelong Success

Workout: Self-Worth

How to Quit Anything

The 3 Elements of Wellness

Workout: Motivate


How to Be More Capable

The Friendship Masterclass

Workout: Your Dream is Now

Tenants of Leadership

How to Embrace Your Passions

Workout: Ambition

Reach for Your Dreams

How to Rekindle Relationships

Workout: Life-Changing Experiences

Develop a Positive Mindset

How to Deepen Your Friendships

Workout: Train Your Mind

How to Embody Beauty

How to Get People to Follow You

Workout: Visualize

Free Yourself with Forgiveness

How to Own Your Vision

Workout: Worthiness

Become Responsible in Order to Flourish

The 2 Best Tools in Your Leadership Toolkit

Workout: Find Your Why

Decide and Create Your Purpose

5 Must-Do Practices for Great Leaders

Wait.. What’s the GOAL?

Workout: Play the Long Game

Advance Your Self-Confidence

The Three E’s of a Healthy Relationship

Workout: Destroy Imposter Syndrome

Abandon Your Insecurities

5 Conflict Resolution Techniques

Workout: Find Happiness

Consciously Designing Your Life

How Couples Can Honor One Another

Workout: Love Yourself

Father’s. Day

Behaviors That Keep us from Our Goals

How to Be More Present

Workout: Start Your Dream

Midyear Check-In

The Two Sides to Any Great Relationship

Workout: Build Courage

Organize Your Ambitions

Self-Soothing Techniques

Let Go

Building Your Organization

How To Find Meaning and Fulfillment

25th Anniversary & New Direction

Workout: Push Through Discomfort

How To Balance Short and Long Term Goals

Tips for Developing Close Relationships

Workout: Feel the Win

Creating Your A-Team

Foster and Regrow Your Energy

Workout: Rise Above Fear and Regret

Your Infrastructure for Creativity and Productivity

How to Face Your Fears

Workout: Release Anger

Create Your Battle Board!

How to Find Your Purpose

Workout: Gain Back Motivation

Health and Productivity Habits

Techniques for Relieving Stress and Tension

Workout: When People Don’t Support Me

How to Double Your Progress

How to Build Resilience in Tough Time‪s‬

Workout: Advance Regardles‪s‬

Use Your Mind to Improve Your Da‪y‬

Reduce Stress, Increase Self-Confidenc‪e‬

How to Win Back Time and Get Back on Trac‪k‬

3 Principles and 3 Practices for Better Disciplin‪e‬

Unshakable Confidenc‪e‬

Your Emotions Control Your Goal‪s‬

How to Develop Disciplin‪e‬

If You Can’t Start or Want to Qui‪t‬

How to Build and Maintain Confidenc‪e‬

How to Deal with Physical, Mental, and Emotional Burnou‪t‬

How to Lead with Excellenc‪e‬

How to Optimize Your Healt‪h‬

How to Become Unstoppabl‪e‬

Building Your Tea‪m‬

How to Push Through Your Threshol‪d‬

Dream Bi‪g‬

How to Live in Alignment with Your Best Sel‪f‬

How to Enjoy Life Mor‪e‬

5 Ways to Reconnect to Your Confidenc‪e‬

Develop Your Emotional Well-Bein‪g‬

Believe in Yoursel‪f‬

Increase Confidence (Despite Uncertainty‪)‬

High Performing Relationship‪s‬

Become Focused and Discipline‪d‬

4 Ways to Be More Intentional in Your Relationship‪s‬

Lead a Life of Courag‪e‬

Clubhouse? And other GrowthDay hot new‪s‬

How to Let Go of Baggage

The Power of Sharing Your Story

Top Values to Lead with Excellence

How to Hire a Team

RIP Larry King: Unreleased Interview

3 Beliefs to Achieve High Performance

How To Accelerate Your Productivity

3 Ways to Communicate Mindfully

How To Handle Disappointment

Mastering the Action Mindset

Manage Your Projects

My 2021 Intentions

If You’ve Been Rejected, Listen to This

The Secret: 2021 Success (Prediction)

Start Your New Year Right

What is GrowthDay?

How to Achieve a Growth Mindset

2020 Year in Review

Overcome Challenges and Gain Momentum

Why People Will Buy From You Forever

How to Be Successful on YouTube with Evan Carmichael

How to Stand out and Find Customers

How to Become a Better Communicator

How to 3x Your Confidence

Rejuvenate Your Mental Health

Launching on Social Media with Danielle Canty

Tactics for Beating Back Your Fears

6 Ways to Improve Your Life

How to Maintain Consistent Results

My Secret to How I Win Each Day

Four Fears to Overcome

How To Manage Negative Emotions

How to Lead a Movement

How to Turn a Failed Product into a Success with Joel Marion

Email Marketing Strategies

Transition from Your Career to Your Dream with Dean Graziosi

How To Create Highly Lucrative Online Courses

How to Generate More Energy in Your Life

The Magic of Giving

Feel More Engaged and Fulfilled

Lessons from a Billionaire with Jamie Kern Lima

How to Run Profitable Ad Campaigns

Analyze Your Next Endeavor Before You Start with Tom and Lisa Bilyeu

How to Become a More Positive Person

Overcome Your Procrastination

Advanced Habits For Career Success

Watch This if You Need a Confidence Boost

Reduce Stress and Recharge Your Momentum

Improve Your Confidence Today

Copywriting Secrets to Double Your Sales

Marketing Philosophies That Launched Brendon’s Career with Lewis Howes – Part 2

Marketing Philosophies That Launched Brendon’s Career with Lewis Howes – Part 1

Removing a Little Chaos from Life is Good

80/20 Rule for Your Career

Re-Engage with Your Best Self

Changing Lives through Story, Humanity and a Billion-Plus Views feat. Prince EA

Sponsors, Scaling and Speaking Up with Glo Graphics

Stop Hiding Behind Your Work with Jenna Kutcher

Your Personal Advisory Board with Lewis Howes

Social Media Strategies That Grow Your Business with Natalie Ellis

Identity Shift and Branding with Anthony Trucks

How To Go Viral with Jay Shetty

10 Best Things I’ve Done in My Career

Break Bad Habits

Don’t Get Distracted

Strategies to Improve Your Life

Advice to Human Resource and Learning and Development Leaders

Tips to Increase Productivity

Tips to Beat Procrastination

Transcend as a Human with Scott Barry Kaufman

How to Start Your Dream

The Power of Identity

Achieve Big Impact (With Your Team)

Review Your Performance (Checklist)

How to Create Enduring Happiness

Mapping Your High Performance

End The Day Scoring Yourself

Career Advice for Thought Leaders

Focus on the Needle Movers

How to Win the Morning

Think Like a Monk with Jay Shetty (2 of 2)

Think Like a Monk with Jay Shetty (1 of 2)

4 Fears Holding You Back (and How to Overcome Them!)

Master Your Money

Master 3 Key Skills

How to Achieve an Action Mindset and Stay Disciplined

Upgrade Your Systems to Upgrade Your Success

Master Attention to Details

The Greatest Secret of Successful Couples

Tools to Be More Consistent

When to Quit

How to Let Go of Judgement

Stop Procrastinating and Improve Your Mood

Understanding People During an Argument

How To Master Motivation

How To Prevent Distraction

Express Yourself Authentically

Add These Anti-Stress Tactics to Your Routine

How to Make Tough Decisions

3 Blind Spots That Keep You from Your Dream

Unfocused? Find Your Why

Predict Your Dream’s Chances of Success

The Power of Masterminds

One Mindset Shift to Quickly Increase Your Confidence

How to Create Happiness

How to Handle Conflict

Secrets to Resilience (How to Bounce Back After Failure)

How to Stop Avoiding

How to Sell with Joy

How to Stay Positive During Your Worst Days

Checklist of Self-Defeating Habits

How to Plan Your Next Level Up

Only Two Things Change Your Life

How to Recover from Difficult Times

How to Improve Your People Skills

How to Visualize Your Dream into Reality

7 Ways to Increase Your Revenue

10 Work From Home Productivity Tips

Project Management Mastery

Rhythm and Flow

Thoughts on Black Lives Matter

Want Change? Start with Yourself

How to Increase Energy

The WHY Behind Your Goals

Understanding People

Before Judging Others, Do This…

How to Regain Lost Motivation

Motivation: Spark, Flame, Bonfire

How to Be Productive and Stay Balanced

From Dread to Excitement (Powerful Mindset Shift!)

Get Things Done with Purpose

The Secret to Taking Breaks (And Other Health Hacks)

Listen to This If You’re Putting Your Dream on Hold

The Biology Behind Purpose with Ben Greenfield

From Fear to Courage

Why You’re So Stressed (And What You Can Do About It)


The Attitude Of Service

Overcoming Doubt and Negative Beliefs to Achieve Your Dream

Self-Discipline and Productivity

Striving in Chaos Ep 13: Last Episode

Listen To This If You Don’t Give Yourself Enough Credit

Striving in Chaos Ep 12: Sunday Journaling Topics

Striving in Chaos Ep 11: What Am I Going to Do?

Striving in Chaos Ep 10: Pit Stops

Striving in Chaos Ep 9: Masterpieces in Chaos

Striving in Chaos Ep 8: Dedication


Striving in Chaos Ep 7: Our Conditioning Is Showing

Striving in Chaos Ep 6: Emotions

Striving in Chaos Ep 5: Staying Motivated

Striving in Chaos Ep 4: High Standards

Striving in Chaos Ep 3: Doubt and Distraction

Striving in Chaos: Ep2: Cope or Get Stuff Done?

Striving in Chaos: Ep1: Mindset & Daily Routines

Permission to Grow

How to Find Greater Meaning

Increase Your Happiness Levels

Day 10: Wellness During Crisis – Free Wellness Masterclass

Day 9: Wellness During Crisis – Free Wellness Masterclass

Day 8: Wellness During Crisis – Free Wellness Masterclass

Day 7: Wellness During Crisis – Free Wellness Masterclass

Day 6: Wellness During Crisis – Free Wellness Masterclass

Day 5: Wellness During Crisis – Free Wellness Masterclass

Day 4: Wellness During Crisis – Free Wellness Masterclass

Day 3: Wellness During Crisis – Free Wellness Masterclass

Day 2: Wellness During Crisis – Free Wellness Masterclass

Day 1: Wellness During Crisis – Free Wellness Masterclass

Coronavirus: Fear, Focus and Forecast – Part 2

Coronavirus: Fear, Focus and Forecast – Part 1

Get Out of Your Own Way with Dave Hollis

The Power of Intention and Mindfulness

The Power of Connection

Increasing Your Confidence

Before Pursuing Your Goals, Do This

Time Management: Automation vs. Delegation

How to Assess Opportunities

How to Prioritize

Leadership Mastery

My Favorite Networking Tips

Secrets to Building High Performance Teams

Become a Better a Leader

When You Feel Horrible

How to Destroy Obstacles

The Leadership Blueprint

How to Find Clarity

Overcoming Doubt

Change Your Life by Changing Your Thought Process

How to Have Courage

Do the Work, Become Your Best Self

Key Habits for Health and Productivity

Increasing Your Confidence

Finding Purpose in 2020

Breathe, Evaluate, Show Up

Judge Less, Feel Better

How to Double Your Progress

Reclaim Your Life’s Agenda

How to Be Self-Reliant

3 Ideas for an Extraordinary 2020 (New Year Edition!)

Consistent, Courageous, Compassionate

New Year Goals for Winning Life in 2020

Negotiate like a Pro

Mission, Permission, Contribution

The Power of Presence and Positivity

How to End the Year Properly

Sleep Better: My Evening Routine

Hard Work, Struggle, Progress

Become A Professional

Building Trust

My Event Routines (and Recovery!)

Anticipate Challenge, Stay True

What Happens Once You Reach Success (and Still Don’t Feel Fulfilled)

How to Generate Energy

How to Deal with Stressful Situations

Energy, Progress, Worth

Becoming a Person of Influence

Developing Influence

Aim, Improve, Break Through

Beating Boredom

Opportunity, Community, Unity

Give Yourself More Credit

How to Deal with Haters

Motivational Quotes: Detoxify, Slow Down, Let Go

How NOT to Set Goals

How to Stop Fighting

Motivational Quotes: Your Destiny, Your Soul, Self Kindness

Best Of: How to Make Change Stick

Doubt Wins No More Mondays

Motivational Quotes: Persistence, Engagement, Recklessness

Best Of: How to Learn Faster

What It’s Like At My Events

Motivational Quotes: Standards, Free Space, Internal Guidance

Best Of: Why People Act the Way They Do

How to Visualize and Manifest Bigger Dreams

Motivational Quotes: Bravery, Learning, Bending Reality

Influencer Series: Social Media Strategy

Influencer Series: Marketing Copywriting

How to Find Inspiration

Influencer Series: Performing On Stage

Influencer Series: Online Ads

Influencer Series: How to Persuade Others

Influencer Series: Online Challenges

Influencer Series: How Brendon Does Social Media

Influencer Series: Behind Brendon’s Career (Part 2 of 2)

Influencer Series: Behind Brendon’s Career (Part 1 of 2)

Best Of: How People Think and Behave

Motivational Quotes: Self-Respect, Work Ethic, Protecting Your Time

Create Your Battle Board! (My Secret to Productivity)

Motivational Quotes: Obstacles, Decisiveness, Time Management

Best Of: Developing Momentum

Overcoming “Who Am I?”

Motivational Quotes: Superpowers, Courage, Satisfaction

Best Of: Take Back Your Morning

Motivational Quotes: Mantras, Momentum, Taking Action

Best Of: How to Stop Worrying

Motivational Quotes: Permission, Progress, Personal Freedom

Best Of: How to Evaluate Opportunities

How to Motivate Others

Motivational Quotes: Advancement, Reverence, Interpretation

Best Of: Practices of Achievement

Motivational Quotes: Unity, Grace, Boldness

Best Of: The Purpose of Life

How to Reignite Your Life

Best Of: A Class on Confidence

How to Get Over a Breakup

Motivational Quotes: Enthusiasm, Expression, Experience

Best Of: Confidence in Relationships

Motivational Quotes: Certainty, Potential, Emotional Mastery

Best Of: Schedule Your Dreams

How to Have Patience Pursuing Your Dream

Motivational Quotes: Focus, Authenticity, Lifelong Happiness

Best Of: How to Find Your Purpose

Are You Triggered Too Easily?

Banging Drums Behind You.

Three Transformational Events in My Life

Motivational Quotes: Standards, Humility, Rest

Best Of: Create Your Ideal Lifestyle

Transformation Week is LIVE! (7 days only)

Transformation Week Preview!

I’m Discouraged, What Should I Do?

Motivational Quotes: Authenticity, Vision, Potential

Best Of: Mid-Year Acceleration Strategies

Transformation Week Starts June 1st!

Motivational Quotes: Hunger, Integrity, Rejuvenation

Best Of: Becoming Your Best Self

Motivational Quotes: Choice, Character, Truth

Best Of: Your Life, Explained


Four Secrets to Success

Motivational Quotes: Empower, Contribute, Engage

Best Of: How to Influence an Underperformer

The Three Worst Morning Routines

Your Four Worst Fears

Motivational Quotes: Consistency, Belief, Wellness

Best Of: Above the Line

Four Decisions That Changed My Life

Motivational Quotes: Engage, Support, Courage

Best Of: The Special Powers of Myth

Evaluating Opportunities and Accelerate Momentum

Motivational Quotes: Affirmations, Desires, Reverence

Best Of: Improve Your Relationships

My Hero, Lost. I Miss Him.

Motivational Quotes: Dreams, Faith, Confidence

Best Of: Sunday Rituals

My Dream

Motivational Quotes: Hope, Values, Timing

Best Of: Remove the Non-Essentials

Motivational Quotes: Serve, Mission, Strength

Best Of: Understanding Your Network

How to Evaluate Opportunities

Best Of: Be Energetically Consistent

Motivational Quotes: Respect, Believe, Serve

Overcoming Procrastination

Motivational Quotes: Courage, Environment and Ambition

Weekly Fire: Routines, Speeches, and Keeping it Simple


Best Of: Your Next Level of Success

Weekly Fire: Lovecast Week

Motivational Quotes: Performance, Ambition, Necessity

Best Of: Set Deadlines, Create Check-Ins

Weekly Fire: Transitions

Motivational Quotes: Gratitude, Love, Mindfulness

Best Of: Dealing with Self Sabotage

Motivational Quotes: Think, Feel, Believe, Dream

Best Of: Dealing with Transitions Well Pt. 2

Weekly Fire: Overwhelm

“I AM” Success Beliefs

Best Of: Dealing with Transition Well

Find What’s Necessary to Leave Your Comfort Zone for Good

Weekly Fire: Double Down

How to Play the Long Game (and Avoid Burnout)

Best Of: The Power of Perspective

Best Of: Push Through Fear

Day 7: Transformation Week


How to Relieve Imposter Syndrome

Best Of: Strip Distraction and Set Vision

Lessons Learned in 2018

The High Performance Planner (it’s finally here!)

Best Of: The Key to Lasting Relationships

Best Of: Increase Your Wellbeing with More Sleep

Best Self Magazine Interview with Brendon

Best Of: Optimize Your Performance Planning

This Dream Needed Patience

The Courage to Let Go

Best Of: The Habit of Renewal

The Self-Perception Problem

Best Of: Develop Consistent Energy

Nurturing Great Relationships

Best Of: Master Discipline, Connection and Resilience

How to Stop Making Excuses

Dealing with Self-Doubt

Tactics to Finish 2018 Strong

Best Of: Personal Responsibility (How to Fully Own Your Life)

Best Of: Accelerate Your Achievement This Year

Best Of: Next Level of Success

Best Of: The Key to Your Most Productive Day

Best Of: How Congruence Works

The Power of Project Planning

Best Of: Facing the Fear of Rejection

Best Of: Achieve Success with Joy and Confidence

Scared to Start My Dream

When You’re Angry All the Time

I Lost My Motivation

When People Don’t Support You

How to Turn Around a Bad Day

Rethinking Productivity

Secrets to Increasing Confidence

How to Take More Initiative

Productivity Design: Discipline vs. Distraction

4 Breakthroughs: Be Decisive, Salt Lake City, Super Smart People, and Dealing with The Doubters

4 Breakthroughs: Cultivate Joy, Thailand Trip, Speaking Strategies, and Building Team

Best Of: How to Start a New Dream

4 Breakthroughs: Bucket List, Ritual of Happiness, Hoping for Fairness, and Overwhelm

4 Breakthroughs: Productivity Flaws, Vision, Recovery, and Adventure

Best Of: The Advanced Human Drives

Best Of: Overcome Procrastination and Maintain Motivation

4 Breakthroughs: Seminar Survival, New Podcast, New Vlog, and Willpower

Best Of: The Real Cause of Overwhelm

Share Your Truth and Ambitions

Gaining Real Personal Power

Level Up Your Squad

Demonstrate More Love and Validation

Best Of: Debrief with the 10 Human Drives Framework

Get Insanely Good at Key Skills

The Motivation Killer

Raise Your Ambition (Despite the Doubters)


What My Parents Taught Me

10 Lessons of 2017!

Increase the Outputs That Matter

My Car Accident (or, the power of grace and intention)

Know Who Needs Your A-Game

The Secret to Happiness

Embrace the Suck!

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Determine the Feeling You’re After

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