Build Targets to Hit Your Dreams


  • We all have dreams and aspirations that we aspire to reach in life, but most of us fail to reach a concrete milestone because we left our dreams up to chance. Chasing your dreams can feel amazing, but if you’re really serious about it then you’ll need to get strategic about your approach. In this episode, Brendon discusses how to approach your dream business in a realistic way that leaves you feeling accomplished and proud
  • If you’re looking for tips on how to build a framework to reach your dreams, this episode is for you!
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1. Deliverables and Experiences

People too often go, “Oh, I want this thing.” They externalize an external goal. I want a new car. And they think that the new car is the dream. No, a new car might be nice to have. It might be very important and vital for your family even. But what’s the dream? What specifically is that dream? This is where we need our targets. And let me talk about what I mean by targets. Targets are tangible objective outputs or experiences that make us experience a dream. So this is a fancy way of saying goals, but not really. Less about goals, more about deliverables and experiences. A target is what are you going to deliver and what do you want to experience when that dream is here? A target? What will you deliver? That’s you. That’s personal autonomy. That’s okay. There’s a dream.

2. Be Specific On The Things You Will Do

What are you doing there? What’s your actions? What’s your daily deliverable or experience? Meaning? If I sat down and said, “Part of my dream is to try to become a famous writer”, I’m like, “Okay, so to be there as a famous writer, what’s the deliverable?” Like, what do you do? Well, you know, I’m gonna write a book. Okay, what is the book? Right? It’s real specificity on the thing that you want to create. Give, serve, do. What is it? Oh, be a famous writer. Great. What’s the deliverable? A book? Great. What’s it called? So you know how to find happiness. Great. What’s the first chapter called? And breaking it down. That’s your targets. Write the things that you’re going to deliver. To experience the dream simultaneously. When the dream happens, what do you experience on a day to day? Or, you know, at maximum weekly basis? Well, I’ll be a famous author. I’m like, okay, what’s your what’s the target there? When you’re a famous author? What’s the target?

3. Determine What Counts As Experiencing Your Dream

What do you want to experience? Oh, well, I want experience. Hmm. I want experience. I want to wake up and just read for 3 hours. That’s my own experience. I want to read for 3 hours. I want to message and talk with my readers, and I want to go on podcasts and, you know, be on TV shows and you know what? That experience of being a media personality. Okay, That’s great. That’s really good. That’s your experience. So you got to deliver a book and you’re trying to experience this thing that’s a target, right? That’s a clear target of a dream. It’s a clear target of a dream.

4. Take The Whole Life Assessment on the GrowthDay App

And I’ll remind you again, I really highly recommend it if you haven’t done The Monthly, your whole life Assessment and Growth Day. Those ten categories, you might have targets in different areas. You might have a target for what you want your health to be a target for what you want your family to be like. A target for what you want your finances to be like, a target for what you want your adventure to be like. All those things you can capture in growth and then the monthly whole life assessment. It’s under the Life Scores section. Okay. Clear targets. So simple. Every teacher is rolling. Talk about this. Okay. You want to dream? What is it? What are you doing there? And what are you feeling or experiencing there? What are you doing there? What are you feeling or experiencing there? Just real clear definitions. Real clear descriptions. I love being a high performance coach. I’m always focused on the deliverables. Okay. What are you doing in that dream? What are you specifically doing? Creating or contributing? Like specifically? Every day or every week. What’s it like? Paint the picture for me. And I like to do that because it’s not a hope. Now. It’s an action. Oh, Famous author. What’s the deliverable? Book articles. You know, newsletters, social media. Oh, those are things you’re doing to input into the dream, the experience that you’ll get along the way. Awesome. But almost all experience is luck. Excuse me. You know what I mean by like, okay, you’re in experience, but like, be in action. Be in action. Now, these two things are compared. I’m sorry. Together you can see the power. If we can appreciate and scale what’s working and feeling it and internalizing it. And we can purposely do and deliver into the dream, everything changed.