How to Become Who You WANT to Be


In this episode, Brendon teaches…

  • Why people fail to make significant life changes and how you can break free and transform your future.
  • How to better connect with yourself daily through practices like journaling, meditation, or quiet-thinking time.
  • The importance of not just Simply spending time alone but dedicating time to actively listen to yourself rather than consuming content or distractions.
  • The power of establishing habits of self-connection and external connection (to others, nature, or a higher power) and why it is crucial for gaining clarity and making purposeful, bold moves in life.
  • Why recognizing the consequences of inaction is vital; the unseen impact of not acting can significantly alter one’s life path.

… And more! Watch the video to get the full teaching!

Whether you’re feeling stuck, searching for direction, or striving to elevate your life to the next level, this episode is your ultimate guide.


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