How to Use Intentionality to DRIVE Your Life


In this episode, Brendon teaches…

  • The pursuit of bettering oneself is the most meaningful endeavor due to its daily challenges and the need to summon the best of who we are. 
  • Why you should feel encouraged to identify your desires and ambitions.
  • What the concept of “superpowers” is and how they can lead to your success
  • A framework for reflection and action, including acknowledging gratitude, reflecting on past breakthroughs, identifying primary desires, and committing to routines or actions to manifest those desires you have.
  • The importance of intentional effort in self-improvement as well as summoning the best of oneself despite the inherent challenges and struggles in life.

… And more! Watch the video to get the full teaching!

If you’re looking for tips on how to use intentionality to drive your life, this episode is for you!


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