The Power Of Visualization


  • “Don’t visualize the win. Visualize the whole lifecycle of the activity pre, during, and post. That’s what most people miss in their visualization. Most people don’t actually visualize, they just think about something briefly.”
  • Do you have goals and dreams, but find it difficult to imagine achieving them? Perhaps it’s time to learn how to visualize. In this episode, gain clarity on how to better accomplish everything you imagine! 
  • “Visualization is the habit, and like all habits, they become better, more automatic, more immersive with time.”
  • While on your journey to achieving your big goals, visualization not only helps you achieve the goal, but it makes it more enjoyable along the way. In this episode, be reminded of the power of visualization and the joy and success it can bring you.
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1. Spend Time Picturing the Future

Visualization. Visualization. I don’t know when it started. I don’t have a tremendous amount of memory. Some of you know, before high school and middle school, my accident when I was 19 years old really scrambled my brains. So I, like some of you can remember a lot in high school and middle school, and elementary; I’m one of those people who have tremendous trouble accessing a lot of that and just from a brain injury. And so I don’t remember where it started, but I do remember at that time somewhere in there I would just lay in bed and visualize things. I’d see things. I’d think about going to school that day, and I would visualize things that would happen at school. Sometimes as fictional things. You know, here I am walking up to that girl I like. We’re having a great conversation we’re making out at my locker. Never happened, don’t worry. But you know, they’re not all visual. I’m not the Law of Attraction guy, because I would’ve made out with all the girls in high school and it didn’t happen. Just to let you know, a lot of laws of attraction didn’t work.  You got to actually talk to people. Anyway. I think that I developed this capacity to visualize and see things some are make-believe stories, and some of them were just imagining how a situation would go. And to this day, including this morning, when I wake up, I lay in bed and I just kind of see what was maybe already playing out, if it was a dream. I just try to visualize and see what’s happening there or as soon as I become conscious and I start thinking about the day, I imagine the day.

2. Imagine Things Going Well

I imagine what’s on the docket for today. I don’t look at my calendar. I don’t look at my phone. I just “oh, yeah, I see something”. And I imagine it going really well. And so as I see it and I imagine it going well, I also see it going terrible and how I would deal with it. Right. So today I did not visualize the situation I had this morning. I actually visualized some travel. I have some travel later on this afternoon. And so I was thinking, okay, I have to travel today. I want to have calm energy as I pack because usually I am packing 90 miles an hour and I’m all frenetic, getting out of the house. I don’t want to do that. Okay. I’m going to be on that new car ride today. So I’m seeing myself in the car. I’m talking to some people around. You know, I’m going to call some family and friends today on the car ride over to the airport. And I just visualize, or sometimes it’s not, you know, the dream or the day. It’s I’ve been stewing on a big goal or dream, something big upcoming. Maybe it’s a huge stadium speech or maybe I’m going to talk with this particular, you know, an influencer in the world who I want to have a positive impact. And I’ll visualize that going well and not well.

3. Devise Anticipation for Setbacks

It’s like if I was visualizing a marathon, I would visualize all the training up to it. I would visualize that first starting kick-off point. I’d visualize mile 12 and my legs too like they’re going to fall off. I’d visualize watching people pass me and how I would feel about that and what I would tell myself in a positive way to keep running.  I would visualize myself, then finally hitting the finish line, celebrating it, going out that night, doing the ice bath, and waking up the next day feeling fulfilled. The whole life cycle of visualization is a habit for me. Changed my life.

Don’t visualize the win. Visualize the whole lifecycle of the activity pre, during, and post. That’s what most people miss in their visualization. Most people don’t actually visualize they think about something briefly. Visualization is taking the time to think about an activity, a goal, or a dream, and walking it through in your mind from beginning to end.

Not just the celebrations and good stuff, but the hard stuff, what you’ll tell yourself to survive, to thrive, to keep going on.

4. Think Through From Start to Finish

Some people often hear the term visualization and they think, that’s not me. I don’t visualize. And it’s like, I don’t care if you see it or not. I wish we had a different name for it. We call it imagination. It’s a mental process of thinking through an activity, goal, or dream, pre, during, and post.  The whole life cycle. All I want you to do is don’t worry about if you can see everything perfectly. Like, learn to teach yourself to see things more visually, but don’t think that is a component or a requirement of visualization. Let’s just step back from it has to be insanely visual because people say “it’s not very visual for me”. That’s fine. That’s why I want you to think through it. Let your brain do it as whatever it “thinks through it” means to you. I’m using the same language for visualization. Some people see more than others. When I was young, it wasn’t as vivid as it is now because I’ve been doing this for 40 years, so now I see it very visually. I mean, super visual. I can zoom in and zoom out. There are colors like kaleidoscope-level colors. You know, I hear sights and sounds in situations that I can feel in my body. Like it is a truly immersive, virtual reality experience for me now because I’ve been practicing. At first, it was mostly looking at the dark backside of my eyelids, you know.  There was nothing going on there. And also thinking through anything was hard for me because I was dumb. And so, as you become more interconnected with your body, more intelligent, and observing of your own awareness, you get way better at this. Remember, this month is about habits that changed my life.

Visualization is a habit, and like all habits, they become better, more automatic, and more immersive with time, right?