3 Life-Changing Habits


  • “When you struggle, and you will, and we do, it’s not about being mad at the struggle, bemoaning the struggle or hating the struggle — it’s honoring it.”
  • Are you searching to live a more purposeful existence? In this episode, learn the three most important mindset shifts you must adopt to regain perspective and intention back into your life.
  • “How would my highest and best self deal with the stress or with this challenge, with this difficulty, with this inconvenience?”
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You want to know the most important things you need more for health, happiness, success, abundance, joy, progress in 2021? You have to question whether or not you are practicing habits that lead to long-term success, well-being and positive relationships, mental, emotional or spiritual energy. It’s three primary things for me. Three primary things. If you study my work, you know this. 

1. High-Level Intention For Each Day

Number one, high level intention for each day. Intention for me, not about the to do list, it’s about intention for life. So my “live, love, matter” intention, right? I’m intentional about my life and my purpose and what I’m trying to do each day. I don’t always get it right. I’m just trying.

2. Bring The Joy

Second, you all know, bring the joy! I ask, how do I bring joy into this? How do I make this more joyful? It’s part of the reason I started GrowthDay. I love coaching. I’m going to love it. Doing more with my friends. Bring them all in. This is going to be awesome. I get to work on the weekly now with the world’s best personal development coaches. That is joy for me. Awesome growth, right? So intention, then bringing the joy.

3. Honor The Struggle

And third, this is important for everyone to hear. If you study my work, honor the struggle.

When you struggle, and you will, and we do, it’s not about being mad at the struggle, bemoaning the struggle or hating the struggle — it’s honoring it.

Bringing honor to the struggle says, “I recognize this struggle has been put before me as a challenge. I don’t like the challenge. I don’t want to embrace it and kiss it.” No, no, no. I don’t need you to embrace the challenge. I might not. I’m fine if you don’t want to hug your challenges. I don’t like a lot of mine. I want to kick him in the face, not embrace him. But I honor the demand for them.

I honor that the struggle has been put before me as a challenge of my character and my capability.

Oh, I don’t like this. It’s a challenge or I don’t like this, but this has been put before me for me to find access to somebody or an idea or a new experience that wouldn’t exist without that struggle or that challenge.

So for me, it’s a process of honoring and trusting. For me as a spiritual person, I just really believe the universe lined that up. It wasn’t part of my plans. The universe lined it up and it’s asking me to be on a heroic journey and deal with it as my highest and best self.

How would my highest and best self deal with the stress or with this challenge, with this difficulty, with this inconvenience?

And for those who’ve been in Growth, their community or our coaching program in the past, you know where that leads? The hardest thing, but maybe the best thing that keeps me on my A-game — I call it the role model mindset. I talked about it all of 2020. I spoke about it the first week of March in 2020.

If you can have a role model mindset — the role model mindset says: I’m going to demand something of myself because other people are watching the kids see how I show up. My community sees how I show up, you are influencing other people. So be intentional and thoughtful and gracious about how you impact other people. The role model mindset says I want to have a positive influence, an impact in the world. And so I’m going to quiet down the lesser gossipy, crappy sides of me, because they’ll always be there, but they don’t win the day. Those petty parts of you are less quiet than the purposeful sides of you. The petty ego, it narcissistic, silly, rude, hate driven part of you, that dark side in the negative light, which will talk about the stuff that we don’t like about ourselves that can be there, but what wins the attitude, what wins the relationship? That’s our role model mindset. I’m going to be great for other people, not just for me. I’m going to be great for other people because I can have that ripple effect, be a leader, be around leaders, listen to them, study them, even if they’re casually talking. Oh, that’s their mindset. Oh, that’s a routine. Oh, that was a distinction when they had hardship. Oh, because you’re not done growing.