How to Align With Your Dreams


  • “Your next level isn’t just being more productive, it’s being effective at the right things that support the dream. That’s what I mean by alignment.”
  • We all have dreams and goals, but how many of us work hard on things that don’t matter, whilst leaving your dream on the back burner? In this episode, discover how to align your actions with your dream, so you can turn that dream into a reality.
  • Alignment is everything for achieving your dreams! Be sure that you’re prioritizing things that will support you and move the needle forward.
  • Don’t get mad at yourself. Don’t be hard on yourself. Accept where you’re at. Feel the joys, the gratitude, the dream that’s already here. Know the target and start riding the ship.”
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1. Prioritize Things That Support Your Dreams

Alignment is everything. If you read High Performance Habits, that story in there of that incredibly successful woman realizing that achievement wasn’t her problem, alignment was. Most of you, you’re amazing! To be doing personal empowerment, you’re an amazing person. You’re probably already good at checklists and goals. You probably already – you probably already get stuff done. You probably the person in your community, excuse me, or your family who you happen to be, the person who’s a little more motivated or, you know, you try a little harder or you want better for your life than other people. Other people might think that personal development is silly or that your emphasis on, you know, getting things done is like, why do you have to be such a perfectionist and why you have to try so hard? You probably get this from other people around you. If you’re in this community, I’m guessing so you’re amazing. Your next level isn’t just being more productive, it’s being effective at the right things that support the dream. That’s what I mean by alignment.

2. Focus on YOU, Not What Others Want

You can already get a lot done. The issue is removing the things that are not bringing value or progress towards the dream experience. It’s about really analyzing my time, energy, resources, money, efforts, sanity, and or am I applying those things in alignment with the dream, or am I aligning to lots of other actions and other people’s obligations? It’s such a breakthrough. It’s like if you – I mean, and this is so easy, I’m, I’m not trying to be doing a session here that’s so philosophical with you. If I came into your house and we just look at your calendar for the next six months, it’s either going to show there’s alignment towards something you’re trying to experience and create, give, manifest in your life, or it’s blank, or it’s filled with a bunch of blocks of time for things that don’t bring you joy or creativity or fulfillment or connection or growth and I don’t mean just your nine to fives. I mean just life, right? We are either planning to live and build the dream life or we’re just going through motions. That’s the stuff of alignment. It’s a hard conversation for people. I know because I’ve been that stage of my life so many times where yeah, Brendon, the calendar was blank. I didn’t have a plan and that’s why I always will come back to at least define success in the ten major areas of your life under your Life Scores, monthly, whole life assessment. Keep revisiting that over and over and over and the goals will become clear.

3. Prune The Obligations That Don’t Align With Your Dreams

But I really believe for you and your next 12 months as you’re starting a dream, your don’t-do list, your ability to say “no”, your courage in cutting things out, cutting people out, quitting, of of getting really clear and honest about what you want is the hard work of personal development. Lots of people really nail the self-awareness part. Some of us, you filled out every single personality profile, Enneagram – hot, red, cold, red, purple, black, fire, water – I mean, you know, every strengths finder, M-B-T-I-C-G-I-C-M-B, you know, every single little you fill, every little quiz that pops up on the Internet. Well, you think you know yourself so good and maybe you do, but none of that matters if you’re not aligning your actual choices and habits towards what you want. That is – this is the hardest conversation in starting a dream. The guts to align towards it. Oh, it’s so brutal because a dream really does require focus. It really does. It’s so hard. And of course it’s hard because you’re trying to align a lot of things, align your health and your family and your friends and your finances and what you’re learning and you’re trying to align all your actions. You’re trying to – it’s so hard. And that’s the work. So you have to honor the struggle as you’re trying to scale up what works.

4.  It’s Okay if it Takes Time

You’re trying to target these things and you have to – I mean, listen, for many people, I tell them the greatest breakthrough in your life is alignment. You’ve never even tried. And when I tell people that – I’ve heard people, when I’ve said that on stages around the world, I’ve heard people gasp in the audience because I say it, I say, you’ve never even tried, and they’re like, oh, how dare you say that? Do you know how hard I work? I’m like, no, no, I know how hard you work. But I also know, can you face the fact that you work hard on a lot of things that don’t align with where you want to go? And honest people go, yeah, and I’m not preaching when I say that because I spent seven years at a great job. I mean a great job, an amazing job. I was learning a lot. Great people. Contributed. I loved it. No regret. But what I was doing when I had that great job because I needed the job, I was also aligning my after hours, learning, building, creating, aiming myself. So alignment doesn’t have to be overnight. Alignment might be a slow, it’s okay if it’s going to take a year for you to align towards something. I’m not one of those people who tells people to irresponsibly quit a job when their family needs it, because that’s not where I came from. I came from blue collar and people needed jobs. I know not everyone has the opportunities to just choose and direct their own fate at every given second. But over time we do. Over time we do. Over time, we are the captain of the ship.

So I want to tell you alignment. I’m not expecting this. I’m not saying snap. I’m saying alignment. It’s okay if it takes time. It took me seven years, seven years before it was full time success as a writer. Seven years. But every little moment I was aligning more, saying “no” more, learning more. It was like it was hard. Who’s been on that journey? I know many of you on that journey right now, and I celebrate you. Good for you. Don’t get mad at yourself. Don’t be hard on yourself. Accept where you’re at. Feel the joys, the gratitude, the dream that’s already here. Know the target and start riding the ship, baby.

And that includes your daily habits. That was the hardest one for me. Was like, dang it, dang it. For out of those seven – why weren’t those – Why were those seven years instead of three years? Because I didn’t have the knowledge I have now that a dream requires a daily habit. Alignment happens on the daily, not weekly, not monthly, not once a year. I had to – it took me about three years to realize, I need to write every day. If the dream experience and the dream targets are out there the way I’m thinking about them, I got to develop a writing practice every day. It was hard for me. It was hard for me. Some of you, maybe it’s not so hard. It was hard for me. You want to be healthy in your dream life, that’s daily. That’s a choice about meditation, exercise, diet, sleep, supplementation, the positive relationships, and that’s a daily alignment. And so whatever your dream is, can you – I just want today one, one daily habit, one daily habit in alignment with the dream. Will you capture that in your notes? Or maybe if you’re willing to share it with the community here in the comments section? I would love to hear it. I’d love to see it. One daily habit, just one, whatever that is. It can be a choice. It can be a routine, it can be a pattern. What is that thing every day? Can change your life.