How To Develop Your Competency


  • Long-term wealth requires ever-increasing competency.”
  • Whether it’s wealth, health, or relationships, in order to reach the next level, you need to go a step further. In this episode, discover how to become more competent in all areas of your life so you can realize better results.
  • The mastery mindset is a path to wealth.”
  • Are you wasting your time endlessly scrolling? Then this episode is for you! Learn how to start mastering hard skills, soft skills, and adjacent skills for a positive impact not only on your life but others’ as well.
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1. Improve Your Favorite Skill

Long-term wealth requires ever-increasing competency.

What you know now won’t get you there. You’re going to have to get new knowledge, skill, ability, and talent to go to the next level. Even if you luck into a ton of money, you’re gonna have to get more competent on what to do with the money. Right? Dealing with finances is a skill that you can learn. Well, the same thing in every other year of your life. What I tell people all the time, I go, show me where you make money. Go what? Show me where you make money. What do you do to make money? And they go, oh, well, you know, I have this job or I have this type of business. Okay. What’s the skill there that you have that you think is driving your pay? What’s the primary – if you had to narrow it down to one, two, or three skills, that’s driving your primary pay and if you enjoy that skill, go deeper, gain more mastery, take classes, and watch videos for free on YouTube.

Investing in your skill development and investment means time, energy, money, and effort.

Right? Time, energy, money, effort.

2. Stop Browsing, Start Mastering

We got to go, okay, I’ve got to – I got to put something in here. What’s worthwhile investing in? I’m like yourself and your skill sets. You know, I went to a bunch of seminars on how to enhance my public speaking. I invested in hiring coaches in that regard. I invested in taking classes and tutorials on how to operate all this gear by myself. I invested in online courses to learn how to do online courses.

Like, these are skills that you can develop, and as you learn to develop more skills, it’s easier to exceed expectations and add new value.

Right? I think skill development is way underrated, way underrated. What we have now is we have a browsing-based culture versus a mastery-driven culture. When you switch from “I’m a browser”, right? I’m going to use this phone all day like this and I’m an input a million random things that mean nothing to me whatsoever to “I’m going to use this thing to deeply study something that will give – developed my skill, my capabilities so I can build better, serve better, lead better, change, add value”.

When this becomes a tool of study versus just selfies or distraction, now you’re on the right path to wealth. Now you’re on the right path to wealth.

This is so important.

3. Adopt Mastery as Your New Mindset

I would say one of the fundamental problems in our culture right now worldwide is that most people invest their time in consumerism, shopping, or in entertainment, just absorbing, and taking it in. And very few in active development of skill and skill can be communication, conflict management, negotiation, leadership, influence like soft skills or hard skills like coding, like building something, like designing, like creating something, like actually executing a process or behavior, like athleticism, like something where you’re just developing that over and over.

The mastery mindset is a path to wealth. The mastery mindset is a path to wealth. When we invest in our skill development over a period of time, we’re more capable of adding new value, exceeding expectations, and going to the next level.

And as we go to the next level in those areas, we tend to get paid more. That’s important. What are the primary drivers of how you get paid today? What are the major skills? How can develop them? Get way better at them, way better at them? I had to learn that in every area from online marketing to email marketing, to influencing to teaching, to running the gear, to running the company, to how to deal with employees, to how to build up the finances of a company. Like I don’t know how to do any of that coming out of a broke mining town. But what I said is: I want to be able to serve at the highest levels. So, what skills do I need to learn?

4. Look For Complementary Skills

And when I was an author and I was broke, I said, what skills do I need to learn? Okay, well, one skill for me is writing a book. So, I’m going to study how to write well. So, I studied and studied and studied how to write well. Great. That’s one skill, though, isn’t it? And I look at these other authors, I said, well, how are they so rich? How are they wealthy? Well, it turned out a lot of them were on the road speaking. And as they spoke more, people bought more books. And I was like, well, that’s a virtuous loop. Okay, so if I can learn to become a teacher and a speaker, then people buy more books. Well, I want to be a writer who sustains my life as a writer. That was my goal. Okay, I guess I could add that skill that would support the finances over here. It was an adjacent skill that served the main goal for me. Okay, well, I hate speaking. I don’t like it, but it’s like, well, why don’t I like it? Well, because I don’t know how to do it. I’m uncomfortable doing it. Well, I was uncomfortable riding a bike. I didn’t know how to do that. Well, let me try. Let me put some training wheels on. Let me learn to speak. So, I started speaking and teaching myself time, energy, and investment of my heart and my soul to speak. And I was literally speaking to myself in a room, walking around, wearing out my carpet, just teaching myself to talk out loud about topics for long periods of time. Do you know? It was like, okay, figure out how to do that. 

5. View New Skills as Opportunities to Increase Your Personal Impact

Then, I was like, okay, I need to get some practice and you get in front of some audiences. So, I start doing it in classes. I’d volunteer to give my report out, or when it was time to get the report out, I’d put some flourish on it, man. And I just thought, okay, I’m going to keep getting better. I’m going to keep trying to get in front of more and more audiences. And bigger and bigger, I’ll speak free. I don’t care. I just need to run the reps to gain the skill so I can become good at it. Because I saw speaking as an adjacent way to serve people beyond just my writing. So that was an entire skill that I built up from scratch with no natural talent or ability, in fact, more fear. And so it was like, okay, but that’s going to serve over here. Let me see if I can do it and let me see if I enjoy it. And of course, once I got over the fears and I saw the impact beyond me with people, I was like, wow, that really made a difference in a person’s life who may not read my book. Wow. This is just another vehicle for me to make a difference. I thought it had to be about book writing. I was like, oh, but I can make a difference this way too, huh? And I can enjoy this, too, huh? And if I hadn’t done that, we wouldn’t even be here right now. If I hadn’t learned to run a camera by myself because I’m in a room by myself, I won’t – be like, this is I’m literally this is a real room. I’m – I’m here by myself running all this gear. Like it’s just me. And so I had to figure out, like, well how do I do that? How do I do the lighting? Right before we began, literally with the team, we were adjusting the camera and they’re watching on Zoom and like, how about here? How that – what do you think about that? Like trying to figure out all these little things without knocking everything down. And if I hadn’t learned that, we wouldn’t be here. So I would also say I wouldn’t reach the scale in my own career.

As you scale up your competencies, you scale up the likelihood that you will build wealth.