How To Develop Your Peer Network


  • “Your network is your net worth.”
  • Often, we have big goals and dreams but spend too much time working in solitude. In this episode, be challenged to invest more time, energy, and effort into other people, which will further your goals and allow you to live a more healthy and happy life.
  • Every year of your life you’ve got to level up your network with more positive, purposeful, generous, thoughtful people.”
  • Have you been searching for a way to create the life you’ve always dreamed of? That often starts with who you surround yourself with! In this episode, Brendon unpacks the ways he up-leveled his circle to up-level his life. 
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1. Join More Public Groups

You’ve got to invest in your peer network. This means investing time, energy, and effort in getting around other people who are successful, happy, joyous, good, positive, generous, giving, and skillful. This is really, really undervalued today because we’ve become such a lonely and separated culture. And this, not only brings you back to life when you are around other people who have high energy, want to give, want to serve, want to contribute, want to develop mastery, want to develop the people around them, life feels insane. So good. So positive. When you are around a bunch of people pulling you down, that’s going to affect your mindset. It’s going to affect how hard you try on things that are going to affect your wealth. You’ve got to invest in a peer network, time, energy, money, and effort. When I was beginning, that meant I joined a bunch of free groups. I joined Kiwanis. I joined Rotary. I joined everything there. Any free group? I’m there, man. Then some of these groups charge money. I got to pay money to be part of these groups. Save some money. Join the group. And that helped elevate my career. Other ones were just networking, just free. I’d go to conferences, I’d meet ten people. I’d keep in obsessive contact with them every month. Okay. Hey, we left the conference last month. How are you doing? What’s working? What’s not working? What do you need help with? And I’d keep in touch with everybody who was on this educational spiral up. 

2. Invest in People Doing Cool Things

Later on, when I had more disposable income that I could use I would invest in Masterminds, small group coaching sessions. I’d go to conferences or retreats to get around people who are doing what I was doing or did something bigger than I would do. So I would start networking with people who are at other levels of finances, other levels of joy, other levels of sport, other levels of anything so that I could keep up-leveling my mastery. And some of you have never done the work on a consistent basis year over year, to keep up-leveling your network. And I want you to hear this —year after year. Not when you make it. Not when you become a millionaire. Not when, you know, all the bills are paid. No. No.

Every year of your life up- level your network with more positive, purposeful, generous, and thoughtful people.

Every year of your life. Every year. Sometimes in one part of our life, we invested. We moved into a new home that was just in a better community. And that better community was something that we felt like, okay, the folks who live here, they’re experiencing life differently. Okay. Now, of course, did I meet happy people and unhappy ones, too? Absolutely. But we knew that was a higher quality of community than where we had been or where we’d come from. So we just kept up-leveling.

3. Network with Rising Stars

But also for me, every year, I go to new conferences and meet new people. Who’s adding new value? Who’s doing a new thing? Who’s being generous? Who can I get around that energizes me?  A lot of my motivation is also driven by seeing other people do amazing things. I’m like, “Wow, I didn’t even know to aspire for that. I didn’t even know we could do that.” We’ve gone on a couple of trips with other families where the way the day holiday, I was like, I never even thought about that. Never even entered my mind. Okay. I guess people do that. Amazing. That stuff like taking a helicopter somewhere, like taking a helicopter somewhere. I would have never thought I wasn’t sitting around in my, you know, with my little vision board over here going, someday I’m going to take a helicopter. I was like, No, it’s like, wow, you took a helicopter. That’s amazing. I never even thought about that. So sometimes getting around other people’s contributions, they’re giving. How they’ve gotten involved in the nonprofit world, how they generously give their money, and how they serve their employees. Being around generous, positive, purposeful, and giving people will change your life. It is an investment strategy. You’ve all heard it and you knew I was going to say it.

Your network is your net worth. Your net worth is your network.

As you get around people who are strivers, climbing up, giving, serving, ambitious, thoughtful, and generous. It levels you up. It levels you up not only in your finances, in your feeling of life, in your sense of motivation or drive, in your example of productivity, in your examples of courage, in your examples of mastery, in your examples of servant leadership. Every year it’s your job to up-level your network and I’m telling you, when you do, the finances take care of themselves over a period of time. And if you think I’m being facetious, I’m not. 

4. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

One of the biggest breakthroughs in my life was I invested to go to a conference and at that conference, I heard that a bunch of people who are really successful there, they’re going to the bar. Now, at this stage of my life, I didn’t drink, and I heard that they were going to the bar. I was like, okay. So I was like, “I’m an investor myself tonight I’m going to network”. I went there. I started chatting with these people and eventually, you know, just became friends with these people. And when I went to do one of my first big promotions, one of them supported me and promoted me, and it really helped change the game for me. And that was doing something that I normally wouldn’t do. It was like I could barely afford that conference. I would not usually go to a bar, but here I was, networking and meeting these people. I should say that I would not usually go to a bar at a conference.  If it was like one of my friends. I’d go to a bar in college and stuff, but this was very different. In a professional setting or at a conference, I wouldn’t usually go to the bar. I go to the bar and literally one connection there, one person, one new, abundant-minded mentor, one new mastermind, one new group that can open up these huge doors for you. It’s just a game-changer. So I want you to think about that. Have you properly invested in your peer network, both the free stuff, you doing the networking, and then as you get up small group coaching or masterminds or conferences or educational experiences or adventures, where are you going to meet people who are outstandingly successful, giving, generous and happy? Go do that. Find that peer group. I would love for you to do that.