Feel The Day To Win The Day


  • “You can’t win the day if you don’t feel the day. As you get small wins in life you have to integrate those wins into your identity and know that you’re a strong person.”
  • The demands of our fast-paced world can sometimes lead to a sense of detachment, but in this episode, Brendon explores practical strategies and mindset shifts to help you feel each day in its fullness.
  • If you’re looking for tips on how to feel the day again, this episode is for you!
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If you want to get the energy back. Simple, simple metaphor.

You can’t win the day if you don’t feel the day.

Everyone talks about it. Win the day. Win the day. Well, a lot of people win the day. Do you know how many successful people I work with who win all the time and who are still miserable? They’re winning, but they’re not feeling it. As you get small wins in life, you’ve got to integrate those wins into your identity and know that you’re a strong person as you win in life. You’ve got to make sure you feel and celebrate that day and sense it.

1. The Power Plant Doesn’t HAVE Energy, It GENERATES It

I’m a simple guy, so I’ll tell you that one. If you want to know everything about me, one metaphor I learned a long time ago about energy and how power plants create all the energy around the world. The power plant doesn’t have energy. The power plant actually generates energy. All the engineer geeks. Don’t worry. I’ll qualify what the power plant does it transforms and transmits energy. What does that mean? Well, the power plant takes energy from one lower level of utilization, powers it up, transforms it, and then transmits it out. That’s your life. Now. Your job is to take the low level of energy that this world is dishing up and power it up. You bring feeling and joy, and you transmit that into the world. You don’t wait for the world to turn perfect before you generate the energy of your life. You go, No, no, no, you got to feel the day again.

2. Take Frequent Breaks

Do you know that the world’s biggest study on productivity of all time found the highest performing, most successful people in 190 countries around the world? So every culture in the world, the most successful people in the world, take a break every 50 minutes. 52 is the exact study. Now you think? No, no, no. I don’t need a break every 50 minutes. I’m a Formula One racecar. I can go all day. I go, Oh, did you ever watch the F1? What do they do? The high performance vehicle can go all day and can run the entire race, but it doesn’t. It takes the pit stop. The what? It takes the pit stop to refuel. To reset. To recalibrate the performance of the machine. And then it goes, which allows it to go longer, and faster. Many of you are burned out. You go all day. No brake, no brake for water, no brake for meditation, no brake for yoga, no brake for stretching, no brake for walking around the house, no brake to feel the energy of God. No brake at all. You just burn and you burn and you burn. And you know what? You might become successful, but you also become miserable. Do you know why I’m famous in this industry? You might not know it, but ask Ed Mylett who’s coming tomorrow. Ask Tony. Ask Oprah. They’ll all say the exact same thing. I’m this annoying in real life. And what I mean by that is I’m just going to I’ve been happy every day since God gave me that ticket. I’ve been happy not because it’s easy, but because the alternative sounds like it sucks. At some point you go, I’m going to earn this. I’m going to build happiness.

3. Keep Things In Perspective

Leaders in this room. If you’re not showing your network that you’re happy, that you’re living your authentic life, that you’re joyous, why would they aspire to get it? Why would anyone follow or be influenced by somebody who’s not joyous about this opportunity to serve? Because that’s what you guys have. You’re not listening, you’re not peddling some stupid products here. You’re changing families’ lives, a ripple effect that will go on for generations when you do your work. You got it. You have to take that seriously. That’s someone to fight for is that ripple effect you get to have. You’ve got to celebrate it feel it and make it real. Leaders, Your number one job right now is to deal with the discouragement in this world and to be the power plant that transforms that low level of doubt.

4. Be A Role Model Through Optimism

Division, discouragement, negativity, and pessimism when people are drowning in pools of pessimism. It takes the leader to pull them up and show them the future, giving them optimism. Show them your fire again. Some of you leaders. What happens is you get to casual because you’re successful and you think casual will drive it won’t. You got to lean back in and put that performance edge back. You got to sparkle with the hunger again for them, not for you. You’re good. You got a car, you got a house, you got the kids, you got a yacht. You know how to go on vacations. You bought a suite at the MGM versus the regular room or whatever people do with their money. I don’t know. I buy burritos. I already told you. It’s nothing fancy. I need you to lean back in, get that hunger in, that drive in your eyes, leaders. You’ve got to do that to build the field. If you don’t have that, if they don’t see that, you’re fired up. And the joy is there, the passion is there for them, you won’t build. And right now everyone’s trying to be cool and casual. What it really means is they’re disengaged and they want to put on a professional atmosphere of disengagement called casualness. Lean back in, allow yourself to dork out, allow yourself to get fired up, and get excited with your spouse and your partner again, like you were when you made the first seven figures. You got to get there again. That’s what’s going to build this thing.