Give Yourself Permission For A Better Life


  • “There is nothing you’re going to turn to that is going to give you more happiness than you giving it to yourself.”
  • In this special episode from the first-ever GrowthDay LA, Brendon teaches his live audience how to break through those mental barriers we have that prohibit us from living our best lives every single day.
  • “I am going to show up as a happy and loving person today. The tasks might change tomorrow. The boundaries may get stretched, but I’m going to choose to free myself and show up more happy.”
  • If you’re looking for tips on how to live your best possible life, this episode is for you!
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I think it’s really hard, isn’t it? It’s really hard. Who feels like here? You’ve had plenty of reasons to be proud of yourself. You built something, but you do recognize that you deserve to feel happier. Now raise your hand. Could you look around the room? Okay?

He can’t give you that happiness. And your kids can’t give you that happiness. I can’t do it. The dancing, as Sterling mentioned, does need some help.

There is nothing you’re going to turn to that is going to give you more happiness than you giving it to yourself.

1. Permission With Conviction 

That “permission with conviction”.  Tonight as you go to bed, tomorrow as you wake up —I want you to give yourself permission with conviction. Would you write it down? Permission with conviction. Sometimes we need to process things. And I think as you process it, you’re almost unsure if it’s okay to ask this. You’re unsure to ask it for yourself. And who else has been there who waited long enough? Anybody in the room? Ever before? Look around the room.

2. Decide How You Are Going To Show Up

We all wait too long. And the thing is… you’re not waiting for anything. You’re waiting for yourself. Your next breakthrough isn’t the thing you do. It’s who you permit to show up. Oh, yeah. Permission with conviction.

I am going to show up as a happy and loving person today. The tasks might change tomorrow. The boundaries may get stretched, but I’m going to choose to free myself and show up more happy.

Not because someone says there’s some external happiness that you have to find. You know it. You tapping into your good energy and your joy. That’s for you, not for the kids, that’s for you because you do deserve it. Everyone says with me permission with conviction. It’s okay for you to want more happiness if you don’t give it really like step into it. You almost feel like I don’t know if I can ask.

3. You Can Ask For It

You can ask for it. Everyone turns the person left. Right. Shake him. You can ask for it. You can ask for it. Permission with conviction. And when you step into that, it’s like, Oh, I can give myself permission to have fun today on all these stupid Zoom calls. I had to do that. Do you know I went almost nine months through stupid Zoom calls and in my mind I’m like all these stupid Zoom calls? And I said, No, no, no, no. Not everyone shows up to the Zoom calls thinking they’re stupid. What is it about? Are these necessary? They are. These are important. This is touching base with a team or family or important outreach.

4. Decide To Bring The Joy

Maybe I need Brendon to have fun in this process to bring joy to this thing, and I’m going to permit that with conviction. I don’t need them to say yes or no for me to have fun. I give myself that permission for you and everyone here. You’re next up, your ultra thing is that next level of permission confidently stepping into it, allowing it, claiming it, proclaiming it in whatever language that you want because you deserve it. You really do. You really deserve it. You worked hard to get in a room like this. Everyone in here worked hard. Everyone in this room has worked hard and everyone in this room and you give yourself more permission to be as happy as you damn well want at this stage of your life. Yeah,