Don’t Be Afraid to Have Ambition

  • “After all you have been through you must raise your ambitions. You must allow yourself to do it. You must open the next level. Your dreams must get bigger.”
  • It’s common to feel hesitant or fearful when considering bigger goals and aspirations, but in this episode, Brendon explores practical strategies to break free from limitations and embrace greater ambitions.
  • “When you do personal development, it opens up a gate of awareness that you access other ideas that are beyond you.”
  • If you’re looking for tips on how to raise your ambitions, this episode is for you!
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Do you want to go to another level? Do you want to understand success? Let me give you this first breakthrough. Those who achieve it have higher ambition. That’s why I started the seminar like this. You have to raise it. You need to be in a group that raises it for you. If you don’t do it yourself, or with a coach, an accountability partner, a mentor, your buddy, whatever — somebody’s gotta be around you. 

1. Don’t Temper Your Responsibilities

I want to reflect back to you now what you heard from Jamie Kern Lima this morning. Remember, she had her first makeup made just for herself when she figured out how to cover her rosacea. What did she say to you? She used the same term three times in her talk. Same term, three times. The first time she figured out she’s like, “For other women like this, this is going to be huge.” The first time she did it, she solved her own problem. She said this is going to be huge. Then they get the janky website built by the dummies guide for HTML. The website goes up. She said This is going to be huge”.

Who’s had an idea in the last four or five years where you’re like, “This is gonna be huge”? 

If you haven’t had that in your life yet, I don’t know if you’ve done that personal development, because when you do personal development, it opens up a gate of awareness that you access other ideas that are beyond you.

Right? If you’re only accessing ideas to solve today’s problem in front of you, you’re in reaction mode and you don’t know it. But when ideas come up that is so much bigger than you, you’re like, “Whoa”, that means you’re open. That means you’re a conduit to a bigger energy than yourself. That’s what I want for all of you.

And then as she got onto QVC, and she did that first thing and it sold out and her husband’s like, “We’re not going to go bankrupt”. She’s like, “The women have spoken. This is going to be you huge.” Oh, my God. Do you get it? Can I emphasize this enough? Is it a passive role for this to sink in differently tonight?

After all you have been through you must raise your ambitions. You must allow yourself to do it. You must open the next level. Your dreams must get bigger.

Not necessarily that the outcome or the achievement or the thing is, you know, “Oh, well, now you’re telling me I’m a millionaire. Now I need to be a billionaire.” That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying we all want aliveness. We all want connection, want meaning and growth and growth. Sometimes it is your finances. Growth sometimes is your wealth. Growth sometimes is your ability to be more confident, more strong, and more capable to serve more people. The growth is whatever it is for you.

2. Be Hungry For Success

For lots of people, their first measure of growth is wealth. It’s just it’s where they go because our society is built around it. I’m not saying that. What I’m suggesting is for your next level of growth, you have to remember, this is not me making this up. Do you remember Les Brown? “You want to succeed in life? You got to be hungry”. Take him. Say you got to be hungry. Everyone says, “Oh, that’s too much, Brendon”.  Ambition, ambition, ambition. I’m like, “Oh, guess what? You have never worked with somebody who lacked it”. Because if you’ve worked with people who lacked it, you know that poison, you know, those pools of pessimism that people drown in when they don’t have it anymore. You’ve got to allow yourself to raise that ambition. You’ve got to have it. You’ve got to feel it. You’ve got to hunt it. You’ve got to allow it. You’ve got to cultivate it. Just like Trucks. I’m telling you, if you don’t have that ambition, you better get around it. 

And I know every single time I talk about this, there’s somebody in the audience saying, “It’s just about money, isn’t it?” Or it’s just about more. There’s always got to be more and more and more. You’ve got to understand, even the highest spiritual gurus in the world now, I’ve interviewed them or worked with most of them or talk with them. They they always trick up on this one a little bit because that old school and like Buddhism, that desire might be bad, you know, that vibe. Except that, that’s not what they’re saying because even the most spiritual leaders in the world, if you ask them, “Would you like to have a deeper connection with God? Would you like to have a deeper connection in your meditation? Would you like to have a deeper connection with the universe?” They always say, “Yes”.

3. Have A Deeper Connection With What You Care About

Well, a deeper connection means more connection, which means ambition. You can have the ambition to have greater depth in your relationships. Ambition is not bad. I really want you to get this — you have been caged financially. You’ve been caged emotionally. You’ve been caged spiritually by the people around you who set the frame for you. Right? “Why can’t you be happy with what you already have?” Who’s ever heard it? And why can’t you? Why do you need more happiness?

4. Don’t Judge Others For Their Success

Because for some people, if they have scratched and scrounged their whole life, they’ve lived in lack for their whole life. Anyone around them who wants more is the enemy, right? Because sometimes when you are in lack, your judgment goes higher. And I’m not talking about finances, so don’t judge me here. I’m saying people lack in mindset, they lack in success, they lack in drive, motivation, in love. I mean, listen, it’s real. People who have a lack and love or lack in anything tend to have an abundance of judgment. 

You all know somebody. You fell in love with somebody. You were giddy and happy. You told your friend who ain’t got no love. And they are just like, “Whatever, good for you”. And instead of being happy for you when you found more or you found the right thing or you found success, they became critical. You can want more and still be happy today, right? Is it true you can be happy with your kids today, but you still want more for them in the future? That’s right. When you can get that, you’re like, You can do that, too. You can be happy today and still want more for you in the future, just like you want more for your kids in the future. And when you unlock that, I’m telling you, it is a huge unlock. It’s how I started running with all the big dogs who do have planes and trains and the things. I mean, literally, they do. I know they own their own trains, too. It’s some crazy stuff out there. Let me tell you what. And so you just go, “Oh, okay, let me level up that ambition. Maybe it’s okay.” It’s not about having more stuff per se, so you’re not stuck on that. It might be more love, more joy, more fun. My ambitions, almost all my ambitions in life center around more of the feeling pieces, right? I got to grow my business often to go there. But I want you to have ambition, and I want you to allow that ambition.