Make Time For What Matters

  • “There are many things that are important but most of those are not your important thing and you need to know the difference. You have to be willing to hold the line of what your important thing is and really delegate.”
  • Time is our most precious resource, and how we use it determines the quality of our experiences and the fulfillment we derive from them. In this episode, Brendon dives into practical strategies and mindset shifts to prioritize the things that are most important to you.
  • “High performers spend 60% of their week on needle-moving activities. They’re human, just like the rest of us.”
  • If you’re looking for tips on how to make time for what matters in your life, this episode is for you!
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What are we going to delete? What do we remove? What are we to take away? So we just work through the calendar of the last year, what did not need to happen? What did not move the needle? What was not necessary? And remember, I want you to all hear this because some people still are trapped in 30 years ago research. It’s not the parade of principle. 80/20 is actually not how high performance happens. The good news is high performance happens at 60/40, not 80/20. The research is super clear.

1. Needle-Moving Activities

High performers spend 60% of their week on needle-moving activities. They’re human, just like the rest of us. The other 40%, got an email to Slack and the workplace too. They’ve got to take the dumb call too. They’ve got a prospect too. They’re doing other things that might not lead to a specific result that don’t push it forward, that don’t move the big needle. Right? All it is is like they’re handling life and work just like everyone else. And we think they’re doing it 100%. They’re not doing it 100%. They’re doing 60% of their time. They’re very clear. Do you know what that leads to? It means about 3.2 days of your week have to be really thoughtful about the major things that you should be doing. Other things will fill in there. That new call, you got to do that meeting with the employee — stuff like that fills it in. You need to know your needle-moving activities. Those are your most important ones. That’s only 60% of your week. That’s good news. 40% is everything else. What we need to know is what that 40% is on a recurrent basis and delete it. Right? Get rid of it. And I mean, you can be extreme at this because if you delete it, you can always bring it back. But I always say, “Be assertive in the deletion”, right?

Some of you guys saw this last year saw that Shopify joined many other companies and this idea of they stop doing standing meetings and recurring meetings with three people or more across the entire company that we no longer do weekly meetings with more than three people. You just don’t do it. There’s no reason for it. It ends up wasting a lot of people’s time. We’re going to delete that entirely. And they saved over a million hours from the employment force already. One million of them now are people who are doing stuff.

2. What Can You Delete?

So it’s simple. What can you delete? I tell people, most people, I’m like, “Make sure you delete that hour of social media that was just consumption.” I know most people do it in two or 3 hours, but I want you to make sure you now are back a day. I need you to delete something from your day. I want an hour back. This is the gift I want to give you. Delete an hour somewhere of stuff that you do. Either be more planned or efficient at it. Getting an hour back. Can you all say with me? Get an hour back. Write it down. Underline it. Get an hour back. It’s the best gift I give to people of all time. I want an hour back a day. I don’t care where it comes from, but you got to delete something to get it. I want an hour back. That’s it. It will change your life. And now an hour back a day, that’s 30 hours a month. It’s unbelievable. I just need an hour. That’s it. I’m not asking for something crazy. I’m not asking you to change anything in your life except to delete stuff.

3. Delegate

So now we’re back. If we can do that, we’re on. We’re here. We’re in motion. Now, I’m going to ask, is there anything there that we could just delegate? Because it’s not moving the needle or it’s not initiative important enough to double down on? Is there something we can delegate just like hand it to somebody else? It’s still important. It’s not your important thing. There are many things that are important, but it’s not your important thing. And you know the difference. Lots of important things, but not your important thing. In my company, there are a million important things across all of our companies. There are so many important things, but they’re not my important thing. And every time someone tries to make it my important thing, I have to tell them that’s not my important thing. And they’re offended. And I go, “I’m sorry. Not mine.” 

So you got to be willing to hold the line there about what your important thing is and really. If we can just do these three simple things. I have some more this afternoon, but I think you get the idea. If we can do these things, then and only then I’ll get to more this afternoon of these ideas.

4. Add Things You Haven’t Had Time For

But then you and I can talk about what we add. But I’m not going to add anything ever. This is why people love working. I’m not going to add anything to your life. I’ve got that. That funny. But I’m not. I’m going to work with you. You’re going to be like, He didn’t ask me to do tens of people’s fear. Working with the coach. The coach going to ask me, to do 70% more things, actually. They’re going to make sure you’re going to do probably 59% less. That’s the power. They’re just going to help you kind of find what really matters at this stage for you and really work this. 

So it’s very rare that I add a bunch of new projects or priorities or initiatives for the company or for a person. They usually kind of got them. They just haven’t doubled down in that area. That’s important. What are their big initiatives? What really matters right now? Go focus. Deep work, important work. That’s what I mean by double down. Like, that’s the important thing. You’re going to do that thing. You got to make that thing great. Delete everything else, and delegate everything else. And then we can think about things to add. But this is about it. And see, when you think about this, doesn’t this when you know this rule when you know these rules? Doesn’t it feel more possible to look at something with so many slides like this? Like none of you want to be assertive in your life. Do this when you get home. What does assertiveness, Brendan? What does this mean? Do this? Get around people who are constantly talking about these things that peer group will change your life when you’re around people who are moving. Let me go. Let me go. Let me go to that right? Seconds said, get moving. Oh, no. You’re on day three. Grab him, shake him. Say, “Get moving” Say, “Let’s get moving.”