The Power of Doubling Down

  • “Whatever you do that is good in the world I want you to double down on your goodness. Doubling down doesn’t always mean more time, it means intensity, commitment, and frequency. It means now you live it, you breathe it, you feel it, and you walk with it.”
  • In this episode, Brendon dives into the benefits of focusing on your natural talents, skills, and passions to achieve extraordinary results. From identifying your unique strengths to developing a growth mindset and seeking opportunities that align with your strengths, we’ll provide actionable insights to help you flourish in both your personal and professional life by doubling down on the things that matter.
  • “Double down earlier, invest earlier, learn earlier. Don’t be so casual about it.”
  • If you’re looking for tips on how to double down on the things that are most important in life, this episode is for you!
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I want to work with you, and we just want to figure out what are we going to double down on. My favorite saying. If you’re in my friendship circle or in your groups, I will never ask anything of my groups other than whatever you do that is good in the world, I want you to double down on your goodness. Trent knows that. Ed knows that. Jamie knows that. And that is the requirement. When they join my group, I say, “Hey, listen, I’m never going to ask you anything for being my group except whatever you do that is good in the world.” I want to know when you join my group, you’re going to double down on that. Do you want to be in my inner circle? You won’t be in my life? Whatever you do that’s good  — double down.

1. Double Down On Your Goodness

I want you to figure out what that is. What is that goodness that I’m putting in the world that’s unique to me? Is that authentic? Meaningful? Is it art or meaningful leadership or business building or I don’t care. If it’s like, “Hey, I just need to double down on my revenue-building activities.” Look, great! Double down on those. You have to identify what in my life is working that matters to me. Double down.

Doubling down doesn’t always mean more time. It means intensity, commitment, and frequency.

That’s what it means. It means now you live and you breathe it and you feel it. And you walk with it. It’s there with you. It’s on your shoulder. It’s that committed angel going, “Hey, let’s go”. And it’s just there. It’s just there. It’s just part of it. 

When I decided to step into the world of speaking and coaching, I was like, “That’s what I am. I’m a life coach. I’m going to be there and I’m going to be one of the best in the world. I’m going to live it. I’m going to breathe it. I’m going to work through it. That’s what I do. I’m going to figure that out.” And it wasn’t a small commitment. It was like, that’s I’m doubling down on that part of my life, even though I was beginning. 

2. Down Down At The Beginning

Because, you know, when you really need to double down on something, when you’re beginning, right? It’s like, you know, the whole idea of like all the fuel to get the rocket up in the air is burned before the stratosphere. Right? It’s like it takes so much to lift off something. A lot more focus and commitment and desire to lift that thing up. Most people like, “Once it gets going, then I’ll get really…” It’s like, that’s not how it works. You can’t lift that rocket like all of the force and fuel is spent before it hits the stratosphere. We don’t think that. We think it’s still burning the same. Oh, no. That’s why you see the rockets or the spaceships. They drop the fuselages right when they hit the blue. It’s like they took that much to lift it off. 

Double down earlier, invest earlier, and learn earlier. Don’t be so casual about it.

Like if you’re going to go into pickleball, go into pickleball, right? You’re going to go into sport, going into that sport. Want to be an entrepreneur? Start a podcast? Because most guys know almost not all a huge number of the major podcasters in the world learn how to launch a podcast from me because we’ve launched four of them at the number one spot in every country around the world four different times, right? So really incredible experience of like if there’s a map, then there’s a plan for that. 

3. Don’t Hold Back To “See How It Goes”

And most people, they go, “Oh, you know what I’ll do is I’ll pull out an episode and see how it goes.” You know what? ‘See how it goes’ is the caged life, ‘See how it goes’ is leading with the frame of fear, not faith.

Did you ever see that Indiana Jones, where he gets in the Temple and now he’s looking down at the big thing, the big drop? And he’s sitting there, he’s like, he doesn’t quite believe in God. He doesn’t know. He’s like, “Oh, okay, okay.” He’s got to take the step. There’s no halving that because there is a drop. But fear for people goes, “Well, I’ll see how it goes. I’m going to sit over here and watch how many people walk out of there, I guess I don’t know.” And they’ll sit there in the waste away forever, just like the Kings go waste away in that same tavern. And Indy’s the one who walks out. 

You have to realize that people wait too long and you got to double down on something in your life. Some of you and I don’t know your story, so this is not disrespect to some of you. It’s time to double down on your marriage. For some of you, it’s time to double down on getting your health checked, dropping those pounds, getting fitness, getting mobility, and eating better. Some of you, it’s kind of double down the time they’re spending with your special needs, kid. Some of you got to double down on those people at work who you just are so annoyed by. It’s hard. It’s hard, but who knows exactly what I’m talking about? 

So could you write it down? Don’t let this be a theory. The worst thing that people do at these personal development events, is sometimes they take it in, they don’t capture it. What do you need to double down on? What’s your double down? What is it? What is that thing?

4. What’s Your Unique Ability?

For me, it’s super clear. I told you last night, I’m like, “Oh, I’ve got to double down on my unique ability, my teaching, my coaching. In the theater in L.A. with you, with Ultra, I’m going to double down.” It’s like, “Okay, I took away a mastermind. I took away the $50,000 and $100,000 groups, got rid of them, had COVID, all this stuff.” I’m like, “Oh, no, no, but there’s something I you do unique”. Oh, I’m going to double down on that. Going to start a new program on that. I’m going to go hard on this thing with these new members. I’m going to get the energy here in that from the get-go. Not random people showing up at the theater, but committed people to action. I’m going to build an Ultra group. And I got let’s I’m double down on this. We’re going to go big. I was like, this is going to be an amazing commitment of my time and energy and effort for this group because that’s what I missed. Right? I missed this.

5. Focus On What Beings You Alive

Okay. Lesson learned. I got to double down on that versus doubling down on other content play that would also work well, other ideas that would also work. See that? So many other ideas that would work well. What’s the one that brings you alive? So many other ideas would work well, Which one for you? Which one is for you? And you got to figure it out in every area of your life. Oh, you know what? For me, I realized several years ago was like, I don’t really like working out with other people. I can’t really go to the gym anymore because, “Hey, man, I listen to your show”, and then we talk for the whole time, and I didn’t lift anything. And I was like, okay, this is no good. So I was like, okay, I got to double down on that home gym. I got to go to another level to get myself healthy enough to do what I do. I’m like, Okay, great. I’m going to double down on that area.

Like, what’s the double down for you? You’re already doing good there. Maybe there’s already success there. Maybe it’s the most important thing. I’m trying to give you lots of different access points. I would just want you to make sure you capture it. And if you didn’t write anything down yet and you’re just listening, this is why you struggle in life. You hear an idea, but you don’t make a choice behind the idea. There’s a choice here. You’re going to double down on something. If you did not write anything down right now, you forgot how to learn. They didn’t teach you in school. You’ve been out and successful too long. Too many people that you just sit there passively. And that is a problem in your life. Sitting there passively. I call it Netflix learning mode. Netflix learning mode is what we’ve been taught to sit like. It goes in the mouth and out the ear all day. And then others we learn how to learn. You hear it, you capture it, you make choices, you make decisions. You’re drawing, you’re figuring things out, you’re organizing it all. And now it’s getting in. It’s getting in here. You see it. It’s in here. I want you to give yourself that gift.

6. Take Lots Of Notes

So if you found yourself not taking a lot of notes here, you forgot how to learn. And I’m saying that with all due respect, only because I literally study expertise and competition development. And all of that research literature on the development of competency and expertise, that’s a whole thing.

There’s like literally handbooks of expertise, and to become an expert at something requires a lot of thought, a lot of captures, and a lot of decision-making.

And if anything, I’ve told you before at this event that mattered to you, doubling down on something at this stage of your life, that’s the thing that gets you ultra. 

I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but you are. Who you are is the power to say, “I’ve got it.” Say, I’m here. Yeah. Okay. You got to get this. What do you need to double down on? You go home soon as you do that, something shifts. It’s a new commitment. You have to choose to do it because you’re fighting. You’re fighting the distraction engineers. You’re fighting them. So it is your commitment to double down on something that matters. Then everything else proceeds with such ease.