How to Be More Happy


I’m always amazed by all these people who say that they’re unhappy in their lives, and they act as if happiness is this big mysterious force that is difficult to figure out.

Happiness is one of the most studied areas of human endeavor in the history of the world. When you look at psychology and philosophy, this is all they’ve been talking about for literally centuries.

So we figured out the basics of happiness,

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Stats that stun! So grateful for you guys…

THANK YOU for your support everyone!

10 amazing stats you helped us achieve in the last 12 months!

  1. We crossed 37MM views on my YouTube channel. Overall, across our other sites, we had over 50MM video views in 2015 alone.
  2. You helped me cross 4 million fans on my main Facebook page. On average, 25MM people see my posts each week.
  3. You kept my iTunes podcast in the top 10 self-help for an incredible 80+ consecutive weeks!

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How To Re-Discover Your Passion


If you find yourself lacking motivation and you want to find your lost passion, try these four steps:

  1. Rest. First and foremost, get some rest. You must get more disciplined in recovering all that energy spent when you are always on the go. When you get enough sleep, your cognitive abilities refire, and motivation comes back to your life. If you can’t get a good night sleep,

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4 Ways to Become More Disciplined


Have you ever struggled to be more disciplined? Do you find yourself going through phases where you’re motivated and on task, and other times where you lose all consistency? Try these four ideas to become more disciplined:

  1. Emotionally engage with your dreams every morning. One reason we lose discipline is that we lose touch with our dreams – we stop thinking about what we want with real emotion and consistency.

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