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Why do high performers quit the wrong thing faster than others, and how do they know when it’s time to quit?

Special episode! I recently taught a 4-hour training on the “6 Career and Business Habits that Lead to Long-term Success.” In this video, I teach you the first (and most surprising) habit: How to quit the wrong thing NOW.

Quitting isn’t necessarily a BAD thing. In fact, the next level of success requires that you start sorting and deleting faster than other people. High performers leave sooner than later, creating white space for the things that really matter. Here’s HOW and WHEN to quit the wrong thing, so that you can focus on what really matters:

#1: Identify what makes you bored or miserable, and that which makes you come ALIVE: You don’t need to be certain about every single thing you do in life. However, if you’ve fully engaged something and you are certain that you’re bored or miserable, then it’s time to bail. High performers quit decisively.

#2. Think legacy: Envision yourself at the end of your life, and evaluate what you’ve done. Are you proud of the output you generated? Facing this question will help you determine when it’s time to quit.

#3. Release those who are not ready: Maybe someone was right in your life years ago, but they’re not right for your life TODAY. The world needs to see us come alive, not miserable. Be judicious about thinking through where you are in this stage of your life, and determine what’s right for the next stage.

Watch the rest of the video for the full training.

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