Only Two Things Change Your Life

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  • “That desire for something better, you have to access it within first. You’ve got to let something inside break free or unlock or expand at the next level for you to have the next level of success.”
  • The greatest changes come from within. If you’re ready to access your next level of success and transform from within, this episode is for you!
  • “Let that dream flourish, make that dream come true. You were given that as a gift, as a challenge to activate your potential—maybe for some of you, as a purpose.”
  • It’s time to own your dream and treat it like the gift it is. Here’s how to take back command of your life and tap into your desire to change your life in the ways you’ve been dreaming.
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Only two things change your life. I’m going to come back to this one a lot, a whole lot. Only two things change your life: either something new comes into your life. New friend, new opportunity, new deal. You go to a new city, get a new certification, do new things for your health. Something new comes in and it shifts you. It turns the tide for you. New mentor, new leader, new coach, new role model, new daily experience. Whatever it is that’s new that shifts the tide for people.

But the thing that counts and is most—’cause new can be luck, right? And I would say, hey, I love luck. I love grace, I just don’t count on it. When it comes, thank you on high but I’m going to work every day. And so why do I say that?

Because the greatest changes come from within.

Taking back command of your life and everybody to a T in this room needs to take back command of your life. Whether that means taking back command of your finances and being honest with them. Whether that means taking back control of your daily experience or that means taking back control of your life from your phone or from Netflix or from any other distraction that’s stealing your life. That’s vital. That’s so important.

So from within, what’s going to flower within for you here in these next three days? What would you love to blossom inside, to grow up, to feel, to sense, to create? Because that’s going to be your choice. Not something I’m going to do to you. That something within has to change. You’ve got to access the next level of beauty. You got to access the next level of strength. You got to access the next level of discipline or confidence.

You got to find that next level of spirit, vibrancy, connection, meaning, whatever it is for you within. You’ve got to go within and access or unleash or open up or flourish or flow in whatever metaphor you want.

The greatest things that will shift your life, they’re already there. So I take comfort in that.

The greatest things you already want are already there.

And people don’t understand the power of that. They’re already there. You want another level of wealth? We think it’s out there, it’s already there. It’s already here, it’s already inside. You feel like I’ll start this dream when? No, change that. “I’ll start the dream when”—no, no. I’ll start the dream within. It’s either, “I’ll start the dream when something new comes in.” I get the investor, the thing happens, right? I’ll start the dream when.

For people, “when” is usually someday completely undefined or it’s, “I’m going to start the dream within. I’m going to unlock it inside, now.”

Some of you haven’t even unlocked happiness yet inside. And you think the happiness will come from something else—it’s already in there. You know, so many great teachers have already taught that happiness is so much of a choice and it’s inside, not outside.

And so if you think of something you majorly need to change, for some of you, your spouse. And you think, “Oh, when she changes, I will be a good man.” No! That’s just not how it goes, right ladies? That’s just not how it goes. And I don’t mean to play that but guys, who else has found that to be true, right? It’s like, oh no, we got to shift things as gentlemen inside. You want more intimacy? That’s not about her yet. That’s about you, gentlemen. That is about you shifting how you interact with your lady, your love, your spouse, your partner. No matter what gender it is.

When we want more love, we tend to complain to get it. And last time I checked, complaint wasn’t super sexy. I’ve never seen a book cover, “Complaining is sexy.” No, no, no, no, no. You want more from your partner, your spouse, your love. You got to open, you got to unlock. You got to tap something within that attracts them. That makes them say, “Who are you?” And when they first go, “Who are you?” You keep showing up every day. ‘Cause you know what? Nothing gets believers like consistency.

So when you show up open, flowing, ready, accessing something within, that is beautiful. That is divine, that is powerful, that is strong. Trust that you do that time and time and time again, the change is coming. Something’s going to shift, something within. I really want you to hear this. It’s something within.

If you want to be happier, it’s going to be an inside game you’re going to handle.

Whether that’s here in these three days together, or it’s later, it’s there for you. And I am here to tell you whatever you want, in your whole life, it’s already there for you. It’s already—it’s like the seed. Even if you feel like, “Well, Brendon, it’s not completely manifested.” I’m like, no but the fact that you want it, means that seed has already been placed inside. That desire.

I personally believe that our desires and the things we really want in life, those were gifts that were given to us.

Right? I think that for me personally, since I’m a person of faith, I believe that God has kind of sowed a seed of a dream in your heart. And you might not know that seed is there, but then one day you kind of, “Oh my gosh, this thing,” and you get excited about it and you feel that impulse, you’re like, “this is my thing.”

Oh, that was a seed sown in your heart. And maybe your creator is saying, “Oh, water that dream”. Let that dream flourish, make that dream come true. You were given that as a gift, as a challenge to activate your potential, maybe for some of you as a purpose.

But I think, if within you have an impulse to do something extraordinary with your life or for your family, I’m like, hound that down. Follow that, manifest that, access that. Something within you is stirring. It is a restlessness. Some people call it frustration. Some people call it anger, but it is a desire for something better.

And that desire for something better, you have to access it within first, you’ve got to let something inside break free or unlock or expand or flourish at the next level for you to have the next level of success.