When People Don’t Support You

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  • The more you follow your dreams, the more you’ll get the believers AND the haters. Shift your perspective and take responsibility for your dream. You don’t need anyone’s permission or praise to continue on your path. It’s time to reframe the role other people play in your life as you pursue what matters most to you.
  • “Your job is to fulfill your heart’s desire. Your job is to fulfill that part of you that is begging you and pleading you to follow your dreams, to follow your heart, to create your thing.”
  • “Part of gaining maturity is getting to the point where you see criticism and hatred, and you don’t make it your own, you don’t make it about your identity.”
  • One way to manage the response you’re receiving from others as you grow and pursue your dream, is to limit your exposure to them. If that’s not possible, then change how you react to them.
  • “You don’t have to accept their energy. You don’t have to integrate their criticism. You don’t have to pull into your body, into your heart, into your mind, into your soul their value judgments against you.”
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