How to Win the Big Picture


  • “I need you to look at the whole year every day. This one practice will change your life forever. This is what I mean by winning the big picture.”
  • Do you want to experience year-round success? For that, you need to build a system, review your vision every day, and stick to the plan all year long. In this episode, Brendon gives some advice on how to approach your long-term goals to be successful no matter what.
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1. Every Day Look At The Whole Year

You’ve got to win the big picture. Take a screenshot. Here you go. Okay. You’ve got to win the big picture. What does that mean? What that means to me is that you have decided and determined what the big rhythm of your year should be. Meaning, if you know what your prior words are, you’re going to win the picture. Win the big picture every day in such a way. You look at the whole year or you look out even one, two, or three years every day, Every day. Now, this is going to be that you’re going to like what most people don’t even look at their goals for the day. And I’m saying the whole year, I need you to look at the whole year every day. This one practice will change your life forever. What I mean by winning the big picture every day is. I want you to write this down every day. Look at the whole year. Could you write it down for me? Cash in the notes, even for yourself every day. Look at the whole year. Every day. You are not managing time well unless you do that every day. Why? Because what’s on there is how you’re managing your life. And so some of you know my way of winning the big picture. So I come into this office right off camera, over here. I have what’s called my battle board. Right? It’s what I call it. I’m sure it’s a silly name, but many of you have heard me teach this. But I would every day I’m the motivational guy and I still have to come in and re-anchor myself and review what I am doing this year. So I have 12 boxes and one. What’s the bad word? It’s 12 boxes on some butcher paper I drew out, and it has my personal and professional goals or my personal development theme every single month for the 12 months. But also on vacation with my wife. They’re all backed up. They’re blocked times like dates and times in which I’m going on vacation or I have a big project rolling out or relaunching something just to look at it because I don’t know about you guys, but is there anyone I can’t be alone in this where I kind of get lost in the days and the weeks where sometimes you’re really hustling, you’re busy, but you’re kind of like, What am I going after here? What’s happening? Like, you’re working hard, but you feel almost disconnected from the flow of things. But winning the big picture is planning around the big priorities of the year, and you’ve got to look at them. 

2. Plan Around Your Big Priorities Of The Year

So if a big priority of the year is a family vacation, we’ll make sure that’s on the calendar. And you know, when that is and you’re thinking well in advance, what are all the things I need to do before that vacation? Not just showing up the day before the vacation. Oh, my God, I have to do these 50 things. No, you knew for weeks and months that were coming up because you looked at it every day. This one simple thing has changed so many of my client’s lives. I need you to look at the whole year every day. Now, I know if you’re in a place in your life where you’re making, like, a major transition, maybe you got laid off, you got sick, something’s going on with your business, and you have to reinvent. It can be intimidating because you go to a brand. There’s nothing on the calendar. You know, I used to have so much certainty in this job, but now I don’t even know. I mean, it’s just empty. That’s intimidating. I’m like, good, Keep looking. Your brain will start filling it in.

3. Don’t Worry About Your Calendar Gaps

Your brain is a fill-in machine, right? It just wants to fill those boxes in. You draw a box on a page your brain wants to color in and can’t help it. And so you know what the truth is? Some days you look at it and you don’t know what to color in there. You won’t know what to put in. But I promise you, with this winning the big picture, all of a sudden you start developing themes in your life. You have a rhythm of life. You say, Oh, you know what? ” This is what I do every week, every month, every quarter, every year. And there’s a rhythm now. And when you break from that rhythm or you lose context of the bigger picture, you tend to end up really busy but not fulfilled. You tend to end up kind of in a place where you’re like, “Oh, I don’t feel good about life.” You know, you feel disconnected from the rhythm of life because you haven’t established your own. So when you see the big picture every day, I just want you to look at the whole year. Please give yourself the gift. I don’t do it in Google Calendar. I don’t do it with any tool. I don’t use any particular app for that big picture. I have to look at it and what I do, I literally stand over there like this for like 5 minutes with nothing fancy, ladies and gentlemen, just staring at it, letting my brain catch up. And Rieger. Oh, yeah. Because I don’t know about you. I’m somebody. I wake up every morning extremely dumb. I mean, dumb, like blank slate dumb. Do you know? I know that’s not true for everybody. Anyone else? Wake up dumb. I just wake up dumb and I’m dumb for hours if I don’t do something about it. I mean, I’m just dumb for hours, so to kickstart my brain,

4. Re-Anchor To Your Goals

I need to re-anchor my goals, to my year. And by looking at it all the time, I never get a month off. Oh my gosh, I didn’t know this was coming. So of course I knew that was coming. And if it’s a surprise, no problem. I can orient myself in terms of the other goals and priorities I already have. I can’t tell you how important that is. You have to win the big picture, I think you have to win the big picture every day. You need to know what the big picture is. That might be your big goals and dreams, your big deadlines, your big launches, the stuff coming up, the vacations, the life, you know, the kid’s choir, all the big things that are coming up. And you’ve got to orient your life to move into those things with good energy.