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  • “Remember, wellness is not something that you do once in a while. It is the experience of life.”
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  • “You’re training your focus right now. You’re training your energy. You’re training your ability to serve. It’s happening right now.”
  • In this episode, learn how to identify stressors and take command of your health and wellness journey!
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Energy, mental and physical and spiritual strength or vibrancy. I just call it energy in high-performance training. What is my energy? Do I have the energy to serve? Do I have the energy to focus? Do I have the energy to go to the gym? Do I have the energy to be nice to my spouse and my partners and my friends? Do I have the energy to do the work today?

For, me when my energy is low or is dipping, I always, always go, “What is causing that?” It’s almost always two things. It’s almost like, if my energy dips low in the day I was out, there are two culprits. One, something happened that bothered my brain. I got annoyed, frustrated or hurt by something. I got annoyed, frustrated or hurt by something. And it happened recently. It happened in the last day or two. And it’s affecting my energy right now.

Your energetic state right now is a hangover. Your mood right now is a hangover effect.

1. Reflect on What’s Draining You

Not always negative can be positive, but it’s an effect of something, right? Input, output, cause, effect. That’s real. So okay, what is hooked to me? What has angered me? What has frustrated me? And then I’ll do something like Byron Katie’s teaching on The Work, and I’ll just flip the question or I’ll flip the feeling. I was like, “What would my life be like without that thought? Is that thought true? What’s the opposite of that thought?” And I’ll just question those things that annoyed me, frustrated, or hurt me. And then I’ll do the physical work again of releasing those things.

And if I need help with releasing those, many of you guys know, I love and invested in The Tapping Solution, so I’ll just tap. I’ll just go into my mind. For those of you who know tapping, and I’ll just do a tapping routine for those who want to learn tapping, you can learn it in the GrowthDay app. There’s a course in there on it already. And so I’ll just do something physical to release that tension. But again, I said, there are two reasons for my low energy. One, something mentally or emotionally hooked my brain. And it’s lowering the quality of energy I feel in life.

2. Check Your Exercise and Nutrition

The second one for me, which is big, is the last 72 hours of physical exercise and nutrition. You feel right now what you consumed and how you moved in the last 72 hours. Most people think it’s only during the day. Nope. The food you ate three days ago, that’s still in your body, that supplement, the nutrition from that, the macros from that, whether you burned it off or not, the energetic effect culminates one day, two days, three days. And that’s why sometimes people, if you’ve ever done a cleanse or something, you don’t feel that much different in the first day or two but by day three or four, you start getting this amazing clarity. Why? That 72-hour cycle of biology that we humans have.

It’s why, when I know I’m going to teach a seminar to you all. A lot of the industry knows, we teach the single two hardest events in the world. When it was High Performance Academy and then sort of at High Performance Coaching. These are literally nine hours a day on stage, often by myself and used to be. Now, I’ve got a little smarter about it, but it was intensely difficult. And if you see me on stage, I’m not sitting like I am now in this little room in quarantine. I’m like bouncing the whole time. We’re dancing the whole time. I’m running back and forth the flip chart, down in the audience, walking around. I do a marathon a day in steps, jumps, and movement. It’s unbelievable. I got to eat three times the calories to pull off each of those days.

And I can tell you when I’m on stage and I’m not feeling it, I don’t go, “Wow, what just happened this last hour?” I’m like, “Okay, what were the last three days here? When was I moving? How was I recovering? What was I eating? When was I moving? How was I recovering? What was I eating?” And I’ll run that through over and over. And I’ll identify like, “There was that one hour after that stage, I was all hyped. I didn’t eat.” Or, “oh, you know what? There was a time I should have spent another 20 minutes meditating or sleeping.”

I just run back, so I want you to do that anytime you don’t feel well. I really want to cue you to develop the habit. This is like my advanced habit. If I don’t feel well, like, okay, 72 hours, what hooked my brain or my ego, made me frustrated, angry, upset? Let me release that right now. That’s the first thing, our release technique again.

Second thing is okay, wow I moved and what did I eat? So it’s like, oh on Friday I had those three glasses of wine versus that one. Got it. That’s the lingering effect. Okay, that’s good to know. Or, oh, I really just wanted to cheat and I did, but now I’m really paying for it. And listen, I’m not here to judge anybody, whatever you want to eat, consume the stuff that you do, not my business.

My business is, reminding you that wellness is experience of life. And you have either defined what wellness looks like and feels like to you, or you have not. And because I have, this is so important to me. I hate when I don’t have this. Lacking energy to me is so painful that I structure my life to ensure I have it. I don’t know about you, but I’ve laid in hospital beds for days. I don’t know about you, but I’ve served in hospice and saw people who couldn’t get out of bed and had their last breaths. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had those times on stage or service or moments with family or friends when I didn’t feel energy. And because I didn’t feel energy, I didn’t do a good job for them. And I hated those moments. I want to do a good job for people. And I think to do a good job for people, I have to care for my energy.

And so I always tell people, if you haven’t gotten healthy for yourself yet, do it for the people around you who are getting the shrapnel of your bad energy. Bad energy, negative energy. There’s shrapnel from that. There’s emotional trauma from that, there’s stuff from that that we have to make sure we release and not hold on to. And I know you guys know all this, but I hope it helps you.

3. 72-Hour Energy Assessment

The practice I have is a 72 hour assessment of my energy. Whenever I dip, I’m like, let me do my little 72 hours. Where was my ego hooked, annoyed, or hurt? Let me let that go. What was my fueling routine? My movement routine? Oh, no wonder I feel like crap. I’ve been sitting for three days. Oh, my back is mad. I forgot to stretch. I didn’t open up my body and my breath with a workout, a walk, a bike, a run, a hike. I didn’t move. No wonder, oh gosh, let me go. Come on honey, let’s go for a walk. And just get that moving back in, get that movement back in.

For those who have studied me with high-performance work before, I recommend two by two or three by three. All that means is, a two by two is once a week, you do a HIT training. And once a week you do a 60-minute cardio training. That’s a two by two. A three by three is you’re just adding more to that. So you’re doing a one session HIT, one session long cardio, one session, some other type of movement that you love to do that just opens up your body and gives you flexibility and maybe like yoga or something. But whatever your routine is, did you move?

Everyone knows, the number one challenge to long-term health is nutrition and movement. Number one, and number two. And people have said, no, no, no, it must be sleep. I’m like number one and number two are the greatest weapons you have for greater sleep.

It is your nutrition and it is your physical movement that gives you the ability to sleep well.

Now, guess what? When you have reverence for life, and you’re releasing that tension throughout the day, emotionally letting go of that ego or that hurt, now you sleep like a baby. Like I’ve been blessed with sleep for a long time. Not because it came natural, because I sucked at it. And I said, I’ve got to get better at this. So I changed my nutrition. I moved more. I did more emotional releasing of tension. And those are part of my days.

Remember, wellness is not something that you do once in a while. It is the experience of life.

You have to do these many times a day. Also for those who have studied for a long time with energy every 45 minutes, I’m up, I’m bouncing, I’m moving, I’m opening up all the meridians on my body. I’m taking 10 deep breaths and bouncing in place and closing my eyes to rest, that energetic movement. Every hour, that breath work every hour, that opening meridians every hour. It’s how I’m annoying all the time. You’re just hanging out with me like, “wow, that guy goes all day and he’s just in it all day.” I had to train for that.

You’re training your focus right now. You’re training your energy. You’re training your ability to serve. It’s happening right now.

And it happened the last 72 hours too.