How to Generate More Energy in Your Life


  • “I don’t hope to have energy. I generate energy.”
  • How do you manage your energy throughout the day? You’re either being intentional and generating the energy you need, or you’re simply going through the motions. In this episode, learn powerful techniques to generate more energy!
  • “We all have the same hours in the day. The difference is that some people are doing strategic resets throughout the day and other people are burning themselves into the ground.”
  • If you experience daily drops in your energy, it’s time to learn how to best generate the energy you need for both your mind and body to go the distance!
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We all hope to have happiness, to have kindness, compassion, love, energy. And it’s like, no, it doesn’t work like that. A power plant doesn’t have energy. It generates energy. See what a power plant does, is it takes energy from one source—rushing water, spinning turbines, windmill, nuclear, whatever it is—it takes energy from one source. And what it basically does, it takes it from that source and transforms it into a higher source and then transmits it. That’s what a power plant is doing. It is transforming and generating a new higher level of energy. So for those who go, “Oh, my partner is such a jerk. My team at work, they’re so negative. They’re so awful.” I am here to tell you, guess what?

Your job is to take that low level of energy and convert it into a higher level of energy.

Who’s an entrepreneur in this room here? You ever heard that definition of entrepreneurs, they take one level of value and they one plus it into a higher level of value, and that’s why they get paid so much. It’s about taking value and amplifying it.

Well, energy is that way too. But what we do is we blame energy. “Ah, my energy is this way because if you saw my schedule the last six months, you would cry for me. You’d be like, ‘How is he still standing and running around here like a little Energizer Bunny? How is he doing that?’” Because everything over the last months, you’d be like, “Oh, that’s not possible.”

It’s because I don’t hope to have energy. I generate energy.

We can all generate energy on command. You did it this morning. Remember when I had you stand up and I just had you speed up your mind? Who liked that this morning? You have to use your mind for energy way more often, but you can use your body too. Watch, put your stuff down, stand up. Let’s try something. Who’s game to try something up in HPX? Let’s try something together. Put your stuff down. Because by my watch, it says the chicken just hit your stomach.

So as you’re standing all I want you to do is bounce in place. Close your eyes, swing your arms, take 10 deep breaths. We’re going to do two activities now. Take 10 deep breaths. A deep breath means your neighbor can hear you. You breathe in through your nose, your stomach comes out, you breathe out through your mouth. Breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth, bounce in place, swing those arms. Deep breath in, deep breath out. Good. Deep breath in, deep breath out. You’re doing good. Deep breath in, deep breath out. Okay, good. We’re just getting warmed up.

Now here’s what I want you to do. We’re going to do an activity called Qigong. Very simple. We’re going to open up the meridians of your body. If you don’t believe in Eastern Arts like meridians of your body, then in science, there are things called nerve cells and they’re on your skin. And when you activate them, you feel differently. And when you move your body or your skin around, you move the lymph, which also gets things generating. And if you move your body, you also activate your lungs system.

Call it meridians or call it science. What we’re going to do is take a nice breath in, a nice deep breath out. Now, for those who have never done this before, this is going to be super weird. So if you thought it was going to get weird, this is the part. You take your hands like this, in Qigong it’s called cupping. Because you’re cupping. You’re making a cup out of your hands. And what we’re going to do is we’ll just start at our lower left ankle, and we’re basically going to pat, called cupping, and we’re going to move up our leg like half an inch at a time. And then we’re going to do our right leg. Then we’re going to do our hands, then our sides and then our back. So for those, don’t do it yet, watch what it looks like when you do it with your left leg, you will just come to your ankle and all you’re doing is just cupping, patting. And you’re moving up to the top of your leg. That’s all you’re doing. Go around, pat your butt because you’ve done a good job so far. Nice work. Set it down, breathe in, then we’ll do the next leg. Then we’ll do the arms. Then we’ll do the sides and then we’ll do the back. If this sounds crazy, wait till you see how you feel. HPX, are you ready?

Audience: Yes.

Brendon: Okay. Here we go. Left leg starting at the ankle. Let’s see how you do. Cup your hands. Put positive intention and energy into your body. This is an act of love. Coming up around, now you’re patting your buttock. Set it down and breathe. Feel better already? We haven’t started. Next leg, let’s go. You’re doing great. Good job. You guys are totally unfair. You have chairs. Here we go. Reach around back. Good. Nice and strong on that hamstring. Harder on the hamstring. Set it down and breath. Breathe into the nose. Stick that left arm out and let’s go. Fingertips. All my students know I do this every 15 minutes, including if I’m on a plane or in the bathroom. Okay. Shoulder is down, strong on the shoulder. Nice and strong on the shoulder. Good. Release that shoulder. Breathe. Breathe. Fingertips next side. Let’s go. You’re doing great. The hotel is wondering what the heck we’re doing in here right now. What happens to these events? Set that shoulder down. Release that shoulder. Nice and strong in the shoulder. Breathe breathe Good. Now, we’re going to bend slightly at the waist and on our lower back. From here, take 10 deep breaths.

That’s one. Two. Keep breathing. Three. Keep breathing, four. Five. Doing great. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. 10. Stand, bounce. Shake out those arms. Shake out those arms. Shake out those arms. Shake out those arms. Okay. Now just stand and march just really lightly and notice the energy around your body. Now just kind of sway side to side just to notice the energy. Oh, yes. Keep breathing. That’s good. Keep breathing. Keep breathing. As you’re swaying, close your eyes and I want you to refresh your mind just like we did this morning. Maybe you speed it up. Maybe suddenly you’re Einstein and your brain is going faster or you see fireworks or you’re readying your body to run, leap, jump, take off, serve, command. You feel strength in your body. Your mind is revving up though. It’s getting clear. It’s getting excited. It’s getting back into this room to be present, to transform your life for other people that you’re going to do something for yourself here to serve other people. It feels good. Your mind is revving up. You’re feeling it. You’re feeling it. Take another notch up. Put this big old smile on your face with your eyes closed. Just breathe. Okay, open up your eyes and look around to all the beautiful vibrant people around you. Give yourselves a round of applause. And give five hugs like you just won the lottery. Have a seat, you have beautiful people. The power plant doesn’t have energy, it…?

Audience: …energizes!

Brendon: So let me tell you a secret to my career. I’ve had the blessing of shooting 30 plus online courses. Many of them are five week online courses, really long. Some of you have logged in to them. People are like, “How have you done so many?”

I really believe we all have the same hours in the day. The difference I believe is that some people are doing strategic resets throughout the day, and other people are burning themselves into the ground.

Who knows the difference in this room? Who’s had some burnout in the last year? Who can own that that was your responsibility? See, the power plant is either running at a capacity that is too high and it’s going to blow itself up, or it does something called metering the energy. Larger power plants, they meter the energy. Sometimes they turn on and turn off just to set and reset, set and reset, set and reset. My great competitive advantage in my whole career in terms of productivity, every 15 minutes, I do that. What you just did. It took a while to explain it, but really you’re just going like this. You’re off to the races. Close your eyes, set a new intention and go.

See, anyone ever followed race car driving? They put a track there and little cars on that track and they are real fast. And they go on a circle real fast, like 200 miles an hour plus fast, scary. And they don’t go the whole time. They pull over and they do a pit stop. When they do a pit stop, the crew comes in, boom, and it goes off again. Now the car didn’t need the pit stop when it got the pit stop. The pit stop is a preventative maintenance activity. Meaning, we’re going to set this thing up so it has more energy to go further. It probably didn’t need the refuel at the moment, but it took the refuel so it could go longer. Some of you grind and burn and you do it all day every day. And it’s a grind and it’s a burn and you’re not replenishing. You’re not doing what we call a strategic reset.

For me, it’s on the hour, every hour for 20 years, I’m doing a reset. I never sit at my desk for three hours and I’m a writer. I sit at my desk. Now I have a date and my butt hits the ground. I hit a timer, 45 minutes or 50 minutes, boom. I write no matter if I’m coming up with genius level stuff and that thing beeps, I stop. I stand up. I might do a few downward facing dogs, a little bit of Vinyasa flow. I’ll do my Qigong. I’ll go get water. Take a big drink of water, a full glass of water. Come back. Ask,

“What’s most important for me to focus on this next hour? What’s my intention here?”

Now, the difference is a lot of people go all day grinding and burning out and then they get to the end of the day and go, “Oh my gosh, I didn’t do the thing.” Because they only checked in once. Most people check in once if they’re on priority, I had nine or 10 pit stops. How many follow? Most people, they want to work and go, “Oh, it’s six o’clock, I have no energy.” Well, of course you burned all day. Six o’clock, I’m getting warmed up because I had my pit stops. I’m fresh. And the power plant generates the energy. So I’m going to generate the energy.

I also think this follows true in your relationships.

You have to take responsibility for the energy in your relationships and you’ve got to generate the energy.

I always say, love them so much they become lovingly annoyed by you. Because what most people do, they try to put good energy into the relationship and then they back away. They try, they back away. They try, they feel discounted, they go away for four or five days, four or five weeks, two, three years. And then they go, “Oh, it didn’t work.” Oh, no. Energy is daily. You want to shift your team. You want to shift your relationship. You want to shift your own energy. You’ve got to win the energy game. More than any other game in my life that I’ve won and tried to win, it’s the energy game.

Because when you’re abundant with energy, you can do anything. But remember the power plant doesn’t have energy, it generates it.

I want you to create a higher level of energy in this room. Right here, just deciding to like, “Oh, we’re going to go to this other level. We’re going to be extraordinary.”