My Studio+Gear Tour! How I vlog, podcast, and film courses


Its’ here! Office, podcast, and studio tour! Links to everything below!

LISTEN => It’s easy to think you need all the gear I show in this video. But I didn’t. I started with a flip video camera. Then an iPhone. Then fancier cameras. Today, you could do a ton with just your phone and one fancier camera (if you’re trying to go high quality or production value).

Anyway, start where you are but get in the game. My full setup below.

With these tools, I’ve been blessed to have had 200 MILLION views of my personal and professional development videos, where I train on motivation, dealing with hardship, high performance research, and how we can all achieve our goals FASTER and with more FULFILLMENT. 6 best-selling books, 2 million online students, 13 online courses, and 8 major seminar events run for a decade… here we are, still at home, still waking up thinking about you every day, still trying to improve and try new things for you.

I feel blessed to do this work. And what’s craziest to me is that NONE of my videos, viewed 200M times, showcase CATS, gimmicks, pranks, or interviews. My videos are teaching only – educational and empowering. They’re not click bait. They’re personal development from the standpoint of my research on psychology, neuroscience and high performance as well as my own self-experimentation in the world trying to become a better version of myself.

By giving you this walk-through today, I hope to remove the mystery around my gear and life. There’s no real technical barrier to sharing your voice these days. You just need to position yourself right in the marketplace, be authentic and consistent, and deliver your content and products with excellence. Again, you could do most of that with an iPhone or simple vlog camera these days.

In other words, there’s no big, fancy set-up is needed.

Though THIS setup might be expensive or complicated – it took 10 years to get here.

In this VLOG, I show you behind-the-scenes of it all in hopes that it helps you to get your own message out there.

Enjoy the tour!

PS. Here’s the link to my new podcast and to my YouTube channel.





Standing Desk

Sound Wall (Acoustic Panels)
I feature the 8’x4’x2’ panels in this video. I get the white fabric (be careful it gets dirty easy!), in the standard DMD Fabric and Roxul Rockbard Core (Standard)

High Performance Habits
My book on my desk – just seeing it reminds me to kickass every day):

LED 4ft Light:
It turns out the light I got, at a local hardware store, doesn’t have a retail presence where you can order online 🙁 However, it’s a basic 4ft LED lightbulb with plug. It’s 23 watts, 2400 lumens, 4000K. You can probably find something VERY similar at Home Depot, but you’d need a plug or electrical know-how. If that’s a pain in the butt, just get another LED light, or the ring light I recommend below.




Sony RX100
I use this as my handheld most of the time. It’s my main vlog camera bc it’s so small and portable, and it’s amazing at automatic focus and lighting.

Sony A6500
This is fancier than the RX100, and the only reason I use it is that it has an external microphone port – so it’s way better sound. Also, the Sony A7III is coming out, which I recommend over the a6500 but I already owned the a6500 so didn’t buy. If I was starting over, I’d get the A7III)

Sony A6500 Lens 16-50mm
My main lens.

Sony A6500 Lens 10-18mm
Wide lens. Great for vlogging when you’re walking around or shooting wide b-roll

Shotgun Microphone for Sony A6500
This goes on top of camera for better sound

Corded Lavalier
In case you need a mic on the subject.

GorillaPod Tripod
Also get this mount for greater versatility.

Ring Light

SD Cards




Canon EOS C100 Mark II
This is the WORKHORSE of cameras, which I’ve used to film over 10 online courses.

Lens for Canon C100Sennheiser Wireless Lavalier

Softbox Lighting Kit

SD Cards




This is my podcast please subscribe!

Here’s the gear:

Rode Podcaster with stand

Pop Filter

Recording & Editing Software
I just use Garageband on my MacBook Pro

What about Interviews?
I don’t do podcast interviews. If I did, I’d use this recorder and this mic plugged into it (You would need two – one for you, one for your guest, both plug into the recorder above).

** FYI, I am not sponsored by any company or product. No company knew I was filming this and there were no paid product placements. However, some of the links here in this description may be Amazon affiliate links, meaning I may be compensated if you purchase them.


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