How To Feel The Goodness Of Life


  • “You have to condition yourself to feel the day. This means you have to notice moments, appreciate them, have gratitude for them, recognize beauty, and recognize things around you that draw inspiration and aspiration.”
  • Feeling like you’re constantly mindlessly scrolling on social media or you find yourself invested in things that don’t matter to you, making life feel dull and purposeless? In this episode, learn four simple shifts you can make in your life to bring vibrancy and purpose to your life! 
  •  “If you don’t recognize the beautiful gift of life, it’s hard to ever recognize that you are a gift and that you matter”
  • Even though we know how precious life is, we still deal with stress, challenges, and even boredom. In this episode, recharge yourself so that you can feel the day with depth and passion.
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1. Recognize The Blessings You Have

You’ve got to learn to feel the goodness of life. I know this sounds super esoteric. Don’t worry. I’ll get more tactical for some of you here. Come on, dude. But so many people don’t feel like they matter because they’ve never felt life. Who knows what I’m talking about? They don’t feel like they matter. They’ve never felt life. They’ve never felt the energy of this moment. There’s no connection to the presence. It’s what I’ve been teaching for so long now. You have to condition yourself to feel the day.

You have to condition yourself to feel the day. This means you have to notice moments and appreciate them.

Have gratitude and recognize beauty. Recognize something that’s happening around you that draws awe or aspiration. Inspiration. It means feeling the goodness of life. Also having the perspective to realize how much better your life is than some of the other alternatives. It means, for example, recognizing the struggles of other people and being thankful that you are gifted something different, and knowing that in the magic of this very moment, you have new choices. And if you’re looking for what’s there, and think “there’s no goodness in life, Brendon. It’s all arbitrary and chaotic.”  But isn’t it true you have a choice at this moment? You can choose your next thought. You can choose to pick up the thing on your desk. You can choose to call somebody after this session. You got a lot of choices. If there’s any great goodness in life, it’s the fact that you got a lot of choices. It’s a fact at this moment you can make a change, but it’s the fact that you can also aim your awareness and aim your focus to take something that’s beautiful and good.  Because when you sense your best and you sense that the world is good, others are good, and life is good, this moment is imbued with goodness than all of a sudden you feel different. And when you feel that around you and you feel that from within, you start to say, “This really matters. This means something.”

2. You Are A Gift

If you don’t recognize the beautiful gift of life, it’s hard to ever recognize that you are a gift and that you matter.

I mean, if you can’t recognize it from the world, how do we recognize it from the internal? So you got to see the beauty in the world as much as you recognize the goodness and the beauty of yourself. So beware of feeding your mind with poisons that say— they are all bad. Beware of the divisive culture, and the divisiveness on social media, because that conditions your mind. You think everything is awful, everybody is awful. No one’s trying to make a difference. And so,  I can’t make a difference. So why even try, and all of a sudden you just spun yourself into feeling like you don’t matter?  Do you want to feel like you don’t matter? Engage in divisive politics. Because I promise you that condescension and superiority that you will feel to give that pop of righteousness soon turns poisonous. And soon you realize I’m not making a difference here. I’m contributing to the noise, I’m contributing to fear, and divisiveness. And that will never make you feel like you matter.

3. Nurture Your Interests And Passions

Another idea I think that might help is if you spend a little more time on your interests and passions. So often we’re chasing and doing everything to earn the buck or to please others or help others, and we’re not giving any time to what we would sense is the goodness of life, which is, hey, I have some time to do the things I care about, I’m interested in that seems same cool. Right? You want to feel like you’re making a difference or matter. Well, you have to do things that bring meaning in. And often for people, if you can disassociate from just the outcome of meaning, but recognize the process matters, well, process. Focus on things that are interesting and passionate to you. The more time that you give you your interests and your passions, the more you sense, Hey, this life is good. I like to do this. You do a little more, you get a little more skill development, a little more competency or a little more capability, or just more time with something you enjoy. Life starts to have that pop again. And so I know this is so basic. We talk about this one a lot, but when you’re focusing on what matters to you when you’re connecting, connecting to what matters to you through your interests, your passions, your hobbies, the ways that you like to serve or give your skill sets, your talents, your knowledge, your capabilities. Well, we just call it your competencies and passions. When you’re engaged in those things, they matter to you. That translates into a sense of being that you are mattering because you are working on things that matter and feel good.

4. Be Wary Of Social Media Use

I know that’s so basic, but so many people have robbed themselves of hours a day focusing on things they aren’t actually interested in or passionate about because they’re allowing themselves to be enslaved by engineers who make social media. So they’re like, Oh, well, I just lost 3 hours today watching a stupid documentary I didn’t even like or I scrolled through 100 stupid celebrity influencers who I don’t even care about their life, but I sure know what they ate this morning for breakfast. And all of a sudden we’re like, I don’t know why those things don’t matter to you, but you’re addicted to them. And when you’re addicted to things that don’t matter to you over a period of time, again, not engaging the things that matter, not focusing on things that matter, drawing your interest, your passion, your competency, your talent, your giving then you feel less. You’re pouring your attention out to things that don’t matter, and you’re wondering why you don’t have a connection to things that do. Does that make sense?  Watch your behavior on social media, my friends. It’s stealing so many hours of deep passion, deep work, real interest, and contributions.