How to Choose Real Priorities

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I want you to think about those people who you serve as if you were that bright light in the darkness that they needed just then. When you do that, your priorities shift a little bit more.

How do you choose real priorities (rather than taking on other people’s false emergencies, or projects that don’t really move the needle)? In this training, I share the 7 evaluative questions I use to decide what is (and is not) a real priority (and WHY these questions are essential in uncovering real vs. fake priorities).

These 7 questions are:

1. Is it planned?
2. Do you own this?
3. Do you feel it’s right?
4. Is there a real need now?
5. Is this a passion?
6. Will this help you grow?
7. Will this help you lead?

Watch the full video above to learn the power of some of these distinctions! Then share this video with people you love who need it most!

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