The Best Way to Learn Anything


  • “You have to get more clear about your learning goals. What do you want to learn, specifically by when, and what is the thing that you can do, the output or the deliverable,  that shows that you learned it.”
  • Whether taking on a new instrument, craft, hobby, or professional skill, it can be challenging to learn all of the nuances and reach mastery. In this episode, discover the best way to learn anything, so you can quickly and effectively master every aspect of it.
  •  “Advanced learning requires a goal, a deadline, a deliverable.”
  • Are you tired of trying to learn something new, but feel stuck in a loop of not being able to retain the information? Watch this video to create a system for how you learn, so you can advance forward in your growth and education.
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1. Hammer in Structure

Do you want to accelerate learning? Here it is. Goals, deadlines, deliverables. I know that’s so basic. That’s Personal Development 101, just most people have never applied it to learning. If I want to learn and, you know,  some of you know that I’ve done this in so many different areas of my life because you’ve been with me for a long time in my journey. But let’s go back to before most of you knew me in high school. I want to learn French. Okay. You can just go up to French class once a week or three times a week and just consume. But unless it changes when you say my goal is to learn conversational French because I’m going to Paris in, you know, in four months. So in that four months, I want to be able to introduce myself, ask where a restaurant is, and ask where a bathroom is. Get around town and visit these specific places and ask for clarification and ask people if they speak English and ask where I should go. 

Now I’ve got a structure, don’t I? To learn French is the philosophy level. To learn French at this level is a science. This is the science of learning. You have to get more clear about your learning goals. What do you want to learn, specifically by when, and what is the thing that you can do, the output or the deliverable,  that shows that you learned it? Without these three things detailed, you are learning slowly and this is what most people do.

2. Avoid Simply “Browsing”

You know, I like to learn about this thing. They buy five books on Amazon, one of which they read. They spend one random weekend downloading a TED talk or, you know, getting sucked into YouTube, but there was no goal. This is the architecture of learning. Would you write that down? This is the architecture. This is the foundation. Without this, you are just browsing. Let me say that again. Without this, you are browsing. You are not learning. Real learning requires this first and foremost.  Write this down— without goals, deadlines, and deliverables you are browsing. You are not learning. And that’s why most people are struggling. They’re only browsing. They’re only browsing, they’re only reacting. 

They live a life of browsing, reacting, browsing, reacting, browsing, reacting. Without that goal, without that strive, that thing to go for, we’re just going to meander forever. But we can’t advance learning if we’re meandering. Listen, you learn a lot by wandering. I’m a very… I love curiosity. I love walking around. But remember, I promised this was a session about advanced learning. This is not just about general conception and, just like, hoping to be inspired. Advanced learning requires a goal, a deadline, and a deliverable.

3. Practice Regularly (Every Day)

Next up. All right. If you really want to accelerate it, you’ve got to practice every day or at least every week. I always tell people, if you’re trying to learn something, do it every day. When I was trying to learn online marketing, every day I was studying. Of course, every day I was watching a video. I mean, like every day for, I would say, three years. I was taking online marketing courses for three years every day, which every day. In those three years, I went from broke, literally on the verge of bankruptcy to earning at the end of that third year, I’d made over $4 million.  Broke. Never did any online marketing, never set up a web page, never shot a video, never sent an email, and didn’t know how to do any of that. Three years every day studying online marketing. Three years every day. But also, I was part of a community. I hired a mentor. Right? Basically taking their course and signing up for their coaching program. And I just stayed in it. And every day I studied every day. And I think many of you, you could have gotten, you know, similar or better results in a shorter amount of time. It took me three years every day. So I finally was like, I think I really get this. Three years every day before I had that “yeah, I think I really get this. All right.”  I didn’t struggle with the esteem part. I always said I can figure this out, but I know about myself.  It takes me a little longer to learn than the average person, and I don’t get discouraged. I just go, okay, I understand that about myself, but if I want to advance it, you can’t dabble.

4. Immerse Yourself, Don’t Just Dabble

You must immerse yourself. You must get committed. You must invest in yourself. You must dive in and make it part of your life. I did that in every area, from finances to health to relationships to running a business. All of those things I learned. That’s why you all know, every single day I read for at least an hour. I tend to have about two and a half hours of block time a day for learning. And that learning might be a call to ask an interview, somebody that learning might be reading something, that learning might be something. And this is outside my normal job. This is calling, asking, interviewing, researching, reading, just absolutely every day to this day, including Saturdays and Sundays. Learning is a part of my life, and I don’t say that makes me fancy. I just know I need that much. That’s my style. 

Maybe some of you can do it once a week because you’re smart and it’s easier for you to go like, hey, but I, you know, I do. I know people can learn four or five times faster than me, just natively. It’s just the personal individual intelligence they have. They can really absorb their memories better than mine. You know, I’ve had two brain injuries. My memory sucks. So I got to hear it a couple of times for me to really breakthrough. Everyone’s got their different things. So this again is not a braggadocious session. It’s like it took me three years every day. Right? But I stuck with it. I was okay with being uncomfortable. Most importantly, I was real with the fact of this ladder. Okay. I understand what I’m good at. Let me amplify that and then you push me outside. Let me get around more demanding goals, a more demanding community, and an environment. Let me keep believing in myself, knowing that I can do it, cheering myself on, getting around people who are also in positive esteem, and positive vibes to keep me encouraged and let me always stay focused on the goal. Be of impact Brendon and serve others.