Doubt Wins No More Mondays

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  • “The hardest challenge in our entire lives will be recognizing a calling to a higher level of leadership.”
  • If you’ve dealt with doubt and insecurities while chasing a dream, this episode is for YOU! Learn four tips to step out of self-doubt and into your higher calling.
  • “I’ve got to choose my thoughts more carefully now. I’ve got to choose the ones that support me being a leader and making a difference in the world.”
  • If you’re ready to recognize your strength and fully step into it, this episode is a MUST WATCH.
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Hey all, it’s Brendon. And I just got back from this trip where I was in Sundance, Utah and I was with my top 200 clients from all around the world. And we were at what we call one of our High Performance Masterminds. I had the blessing of standing on this epic stage in front of this group where, I mean, it’s an amphitheater that probably holds a thousand people and we only had our 200 people there. But it was amazing because the mountains were behind me and it was just this beautiful setting.

They asked me to come out and talk one morning on the stage about how to deal with the doubts that we all have when we join the new group or start a new effort or chase our dreams. And the clip was so good, I thought I’d play it for you here on our channel. I hope you enjoy.

Doubt should not win anymore Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays anymore. There’s no more part of you that doesn’t say, “You know what? I have all the opportunity in the world.” Turn to the person to your left or right, shake them and say, “All the opportunity in the world!”

“I don’t think I’m ready for this.” If you ever hear that in your brain, stop that. That is fear, that is insecurity, that is doubt, and you are above that.

You are above that, you have passed that, you have gone so far beyond that. And you went beyond that years ago if you recognized your truth and your strength. To be here, you went beyond that years ago but you haven’t stepped fully into it. You passed the doubt a long time ago, but you’re still letting it win some days. You passed the parts of you that say, “Let’s go slow here, let’s be cautious here because you know someone might make fun of me or it might not turn out well.”

1. Commit to Something Big

Listen, you have so much ability to pivot like this, so why not go for big things?

In a modern era, if we can pivot this fast because of technology, tools, teams, outsourcing, Fiverr—I mean because we have all these things—you can pivot literally on the daily. So why not commit to something big? And go for it.

The issue is most people will dabble. They’ll go, “Okay, I’ll go for it for a little bit.” But because they can’t pivot, they pivot too soon without ever having fully committed to something with boldness in their heart. And when I’m in the mountains, I’m like “Whoa!” The fire comes back in. The boldness comes back in.

Delay doesn’t win, action wins. Doubt does not win, fire wins.

Division from other people. I don’t feel divided from—I don’t go, “Oh those people, I can’t be like them.” I go, “You know what? One day I will celebrate among them and then one day I will lead.” Why? Because we’re all called to that.

2. Recognize Your Calling to Higher Leadership

The hardest challenge in our entire lives will be recognizing a calling to a higher level of leadership.

I really believe when Ethan talks about the soulful strategies, so much of that is that sense of us that says, “You know what? I feel something inside that is urging me or begging me to strategically choose something that maybe is beyond my reach right now, but will give me a beyond level of service.”

There’s a leadership level in your hearts here that is easy to forget. There’s a leadership level that’s asking you to not only be among greats, but to also get there, help them, and lead them one day. Now why does that sound so scary for us to say?

Because we go, “Oh, who am I?” I never looked at—well, I always looked up to Dean, Tony, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, and Deepak Chopra. I never thought I couldn’t hang out with them. Maybe it’s because I had the blessings of growing up in Montana in environments like this, where we all hung out and had picnics all the time. The people with big fancy houses went to the same park where I grew up. So we all had one big park. We all went there, the fancy people are there, we’re there—no problem. We all had a cooler of ice, no big deal. Maybe I’ve got that blessing of the mixing and mingling when I was young, but I didn’t think that they were superhuman or super gods or anything else like that.

And some of you, you’re comparing yourselves to each other in here. Yesterday someone told me, “Well you know this person, I don’t know if I’m experienced enough yet for this group.” I’m like, “Experienced? So when would you be experienced to network and mingle with awesome people? When does that day come for you when you finally get to work with the people that you want to? When does that day come that you share the bigger dreams? When does that day come, when you come home and crush it? When does the day finally come?”

3. Today is the Day to Commit to Action

I’m just here to say—we’re in the mountains. I’m talking about Motivation Manifesto, so you might as well make a declaration and make this a day that you say, “I commit to more boldness in my life. I am ready to go. No more doubts, no more delaying, no more, ‘I’m not good enough, or I’m not ready.’ No!” If you joined a group like that, that was a bold and a swift movement to commit to, to honor and to really utilize, take that next step, do that next big thing, whatever that fire that came in that said, “You know what? I’m going to do this.” Even if you’re unsure about being here, do not let your insecurity win here. Don’t let it win here.

If you had a day yesterday and you’re like, “I don’t know if I belong.” Knock that off. You’re not in high school, you’re already here! If you’re still after 25 years old saying, “I don’t know if I belong,” when everybody here passed the same litmus test, when everybody here is willing to help each other, when everybody here has all this support, all this opportunity—please! Shut that voice off! It’s time! It is time.

There is no more, “Am I in the right place? Do I belong?”

Your belonging insecurities must shut off at some point in your life. Throw me in any group of people, any group of people, I’m great! No insecurities in any group of people. And people say, “Well Brendon, that doesn’t make you relatable.” I’m like, “You’re right, but at least it makes me mature.” That’s it.

4. Recognize Humanity in Every Person You Meet

Because listen, you haven’t hit maturity until you can recognize humanity in every person you meet. And once you can recognize humanity in every person you meet, then you’re able to meet every person and go, “I wish nothing but joy, and love, and abundance for you. So what are you up to?” It’s that easy.

There’s no, “Do I fit in?” You’re human with a beating heart who’s scared about things just like anybody else. Who wants to do better for their family just like anybody else. Who wants more abundance and contribution just like anybody else. Who’s driven by the same ten human drives I wrote about in the book, The Charge. We’re all so similar.

So, if someone here has a bigger paycheck, or a bigger team, don’t get threatened by that. If somebody here doesn’t have that, don’t dishonor that because we are all one. And as soon as we get that and we go back to nature and we realize we’re all one, operating as one in some way or another—whether for you that’s cosmos, the universe, God, luck, nature, the evolution of things—we’re all on this journey. So stop feeling separate from all because your separateness is why you’re not succeeding more.

We all think, “Ugh, it’s this productivity hack.” Or, “I don’t have the system.” Or, “I don’t have this tool.” Or, “Brendon, I don’t have the right key hire yet.” That’s not why you’re not achieving more. It’s a separateness.

In Motivation Manifesto I call it division. There’s a division of us and other people, and that division is keeping us from the very things that we so desperately need to advance faster. So you want to advance faster? Engage with people here more. You want to advance faster? When the doubt comes on go, “Hey, that was a good thought when I was in high school, but now I’m somebody who wants to give, contribute, serve, and lead. I’ve got to choose my thoughts more carefully now. I’ve got to choose the ones that support me being a leader and making a difference in the world. I’ve got to talk to people more openly. No more, ‘Is it my time?’ No more, ‘Am I the right person?’ No more, ‘Does this make sense? Do I fit in?’ Now it’s, ‘Great things are ahead. I trust that, I have faith, I’ve got a support community, let’s go, I’m in.’”

Everyone say, “Let’s go!” Turn to the person to the right, shake them and say, “Let’s go!” Doubt wins no more Mondays for us. No more, “Is it the right time and do I fit in?” You’re ready. Everyone raise your right hand and say, “I’m ready!”

– [Audience] “I’m ready!”