How to Fill Your Life With Aliveness


  • “When you feel good physically,  you are way more likely to feel grateful for life. You’re way more likely to sense meaning and flow, and fulfillment of the day. ”
  • Feeling drained and bored with life? In this episode, learn three ways to inject aliveness into your life to experience more joy and adventure along your journey.
  • “A big part of our aliveness comes down to a sense of adventure and exploration. ”
  • There’s one thing we want more of in every area of our lives; aliveness. In this episode, discover how to wake up feeling more alive and full of energy.
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1. Stay Conscious of Your Health

Let’s jump into something I think that people miss a lot here, and that’s aliveness. And notice you got to have aliveness in the things you’re pursuing. You got to have aliveness in the relationships you have. Aliveness into your sense of growth. So again, these things all talk to each other. But I think this is an important one, our sense of aliveness in our being. Often when we think of aliveness, we think of health for one, right? Energy! You want to feel more. Do you want to feel life better? Get your health better. Take care of yourself. You know, do your meditation, your exercise. Get a good diet. Start sleeping better. Start learning to sleep better. Start taking care of yourself better, physically. And I promise mentally and spiritually, you’ll flower. That

when you feel good physically, I’m telling you you’re way more likely, way more likely to feel grateful for life. You’re way more likely to sense meaning and flow, and fulfillment of the day.

So get your energy up, because you know what? When you’re wiped out, it’s really easy to be pulled into discouragement. When you’re wiped out and someone says something negative to you, it’s so easy to believe them because you don’t even have the mental power for critical thinking to talk yourself out of that negative stuff they just threw at you. And you just accept what they say. The emotions hit. You just don’t even have the energy to mentally fight back anymore. You’ve got to take care of your health first and foremost. When I talk about aliveness, it always comes from a place of physical vibrancy and health. You’ve got to take care of yourself.

And that usually is from mental and physical meditation, exercise, a good diet, great sleep. You start with those things. Everything starts to shift. Everything starts to shift. And I say this all the time because if you are fatigued all the time, you will be less likely to feel fulfilled because you’re empty. When you’re physically empty all the time, how are you going to feel fulfilled? Got it? You got to fill your gas tank once in a while. Take a break. Do more resets throughout the day. Breathe again. Do you know you want to feel fulfilled? Sit and breathe and feel grateful for 10 minutes. Simple. You know, we just got to breathe again. All this is our physical part of aliveness. Our physical part of aliveness. 

2. Adventure and Exploration

All right. So what else? Well, I think a big part of this aliveness, pardon me, a big part of our aliveness comes down to back up here.

A big part of our aliveness comes down to a sense of adventure and exploration.

People use different words here, but adventure and exploration. You know a lot of people are doing meaningful pursuits, but there’s never anything new. There’s no novelty. There’s no exploring the bounds of possibility. There’s no learning by pushing beyond comfort zones. And so even though they’re doing something meaningful, they don’t feel it because of the human desire for exploration; learning new things, trying new things, seeing new things. Right? This can be a sense of variety in our lives, adventure in our life. You know, psychologists tend to use the word explore or exploration instead because it’s like, “oh, we’re a curious cat over here.” We’re curious, we love to learn new things, try new things, see new things. This is why mental health just had its worst year and a half in probably 50 years of human recorded psychology studies. Like, it just tanked because people were locked down and when they were locked down, physically, mentally, they tend to follow it. And if you didn’t find some way to engage yourself in a mental way, then you really struggled. It’s so important that we learn that, too.

And also if you’re locked down, guess what? The connection goes away. So aliveness and connection went down for a lot of people. Their sense of growth went down because they didn’t have a social connection to lift them to the next level. We’re going to be dealing with that, and the challenges of that in mental health for decades…decades. And I’m not here to say one, you know, I don’t take a political stance on this. I don’t take a scientific stance on this. I’m here to tell you as a personal development person, I really believe the last two years will have caused so much harm for people that if they don’t take control right now of what they’re saying to themselves about the last two years, then it’s going to be a long next ten years for them mentally. Like, we have to define the meaning.

We have to find positivity. We have to keep going. We have to find our own sense of aliveness and connection, and meaning when the world doesn’t go the way that we want it to.

But think about how important this is? Do you know how many? When we think about connection, do you know how many relationships that are good, good relationships die because no one’s trying to cultivate a sense of aliveness in that relationship? No adventure. No new things. No curiosities. No novelties. No variety. And so a life that is good, two good people coming together, even who do good things in the world, that relationship falls apart because no one’s cultivating aliveness.

3. Shake It Up Occasionally!

A lot of fulfillment can feel quote, unquote boring when you’re doing meaningful things, but it can feel boring if you don’t once in a while have a pop, a celebration, something new. That’s why you got to shift it up, shake it up, change it up once in a while. Otherwise, it gets stale, even good things. And again, I tell you this from a person who spent two decades working with a lot of nonprofit people. So often they’re doing such good work in the world, but if they don’t give themselves a campaign or a fundraiser or a new initiative once in a while, they’ll quit, they’ll leave, they’ll get bored. They won’t make their difference anymore. You personally have to shake things up in your life. You! I always tell people if every new thing coming into your life or every new challenge you’re dealing with is coming from the external, you haven’t yet started your personal growth journey. People on a personal growth journey, know they have to conscientiously shift and shape and learn and build new things, try new things, push beyond comfort zones. Just like keep not, not because they’re on this ever-increasing demand to succeed – no! Because they recognize in the middle of it is growth. They’ve got to put themselves in positions to explore the world, to learn more, to grow. And that exploration and adventure and variety and novelty comes from learning new things, trying new things, doing new things, being with new people. All of that is what’s necessary. All of that is what’s necessary.

You know, I think if you think about aliveness from a perspective of health, you know what I call, you know, taking your meds, meditation, exercise, diet and sleep your meds. Right? Then you think about, okay, aliveness also comes from adventure and exploration and it’s like those two also go together really well, right? Go to a new place, take a new adventure, go to that town, try mountain biking, try swimming, try scuba diving, try going up in a hot air balloon, try running on a new trail, try, ya know, something, try swimming … try something new in new places that physically engage you and also in life becomes a little bit more adventurous. And when it becomes a little more adventurous, we can feel the sense of meaning a little bit more because it shakes us out of the normal stuff and we can look back to and go: Oh, right. Yeah.

4. Step Outside Your Usual Life

You know, the power of exploration has been written for, written about, you know, for over 10,000 years. And, you know, it’s that old story of the person who has to go on a big adventure outside of his or her lands, only to come back and dig in the backyard and find an acre of diamonds. Have you ever heard that? They go seeking wealth all around the world, and it’s not until they come back home that they recognize it from a new viewpoint. Always notice that most people don’t recognize what they have until they’ve left it or it’s been taken away. Then they come back or they want it back and they go, “Oh, my gosh, I love this thing. This thing is so valuable, is so important. This is so meaningful in my life”. And I always tell people, “Don’t be that guy”. Be the person who sees it now. And one of the ways to see it now is to make sure you’re doing new enough things and then practicing self-awareness so that you can have that little compare and contrast and you recognize the value of what you have around you. Most people have so much more to be grateful for than they actually are because they don’t even see it. It’s right in front of them but until they leave that context and they come back, then they go, “Oh right!” You know? It’s kind of like when you were growing up, you thought you’d like, you thought your, your parents, your family, everything was just crazy and not awful. And then you went to another person’s house that was more crazy and awful and you came back home, and you thought: phew, I’m so happy I’m home! Do you know? It happens metaphorically in a lot of parts of our lives, right? You thought your job was terrible and then you took a new job and it was way worse, and you thought: Oh, my God, what have I done? Right? The grass is always greener. But the good news is when we go through that open gate and we walk back and forth because we’re trying new things throughout our lives, we can see that the grass is green over here, too. And over there. And we can start sensing more meaning and fulfillment in every area of our lives. I hope you like that one.