Reinventing Your Life


  • “Reinventing your life sometimes means you’re just going to teach yourself to be happier in the life you already have.”
  • Searching for greater reverence and appreciation in your life? In this episode, learn why being centered and conscious can open up another realm of ambition that allows you to see a future for yourself in which you are serving with excellence, caring for others, and living a deeply meaningful life.
  • “I’m going to honor myself and honor the gifts I’ve been given and honor this breath and use the short time on this planet to enjoy it and to build and enjoy the life that I truly desire.”
  • Have you ever felt stagnant in life? Then this episode is for you! Watch to discover how to reinvent yourself so you can be happier in your career, relationship, surroundings, and internal life.
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Reinventing your life means different things for different people, right? I was talking with my team about reinventing your life — that sometimes it means you’re just going to teach yourself to be happier in the life you already have. And reinvention is that mindset and that experience of happiness and joy in your current life. 

For some people, reinventing your life is a major shift in your career or a major shift in a relationship. Sometimes it means you’re moving to a new town. I mean, sometimes it’s subtle and you’re just going to that next level of appreciation, consciousness, connection, taking deeper meaning and fulfillment. Other times it means — and by the way, that alone can be radical for people, right? A change in happiness can be a radical shift in life. It’s the same thing with reinventing your health, right? Shifting in your health, like developing better wellness practices, can feel like a completely new life. You know, I’ve had members of my team move this year. I’ve had members of my team lose sixty pounds this year. I’ve had people in the GrowthDay community talk about changing, you know, cities, countries, marriages. If you think of all that, what does it mean to you?

1. Allow Ambition Back Into Your Life

Allow ambition back into your life. You know, these last couple of years, a lot of people stopped dreaming because we were just kind of trying to survive. We were trying to deal with and cope with all of the drama and the trauma and the chaos and the uncertainty that came along with a pandemic, with global economic shifts, with lots of political vitriol around the world. We were just watching. It was intense. And so when that intensity hits us, we tend to hunker down. And now many of us work remotely. We don’t see people as often as we used to. And so we’ve constricted our lives in certain ways. And that’s caused us sometimes to be disconnected from a bigger vision for our lives. 

And so I’d love for you to allow ambition in your life and deep appreciation for the moment. Ambition doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate your life now, and ambition doesn’t mean you become a jerk to run over people.

Ambition means you have a great desire for a great future. And that’s OK to have again.

2. Say To Yourself, “I’m Worth It”

There’s a part of reinventing your life that really says, “I’m worth it. I’m worth having a better future.” A part of reinvention that says, “I’m capable. No matter what I’ve been through, I am capable, I am stronger than I think I know I can be an architect in building the future I desire.” And there is a part of reinvention that says it is possible. It’s possible to change, it’s possible to manifest your dreams. It’s possible to improve every area of your life, even just small little tweaks. It’s possible to have what you desire to be who you know you can become to manifest a future where you are happier and healthier and wealthier and in more love with yourself and your life. It is possible. I’m worthy. I’m capable. It’s possible you must begin there if there’s any hope for reinventing or changing our lives, because if you don’t feel worthy, well, that’s on you to change. 

No one’s going to give you a permission card that says, “Finally! Hey, babe, you’re ready. You’re worthy of change now.” No — it is an internal reinvention of your mindset of how you perceive yourself. And that perception of self is what comes down to being.

I’m going to honor myself and honor the gifts I’ve been given and honor this breath and use the short time on this planet to enjoy it and to build and enjoy the life that I truly desire.

I’m worthy of that. No one has to give me a permission card. I have to open up my brain and go, “You know what? Damn, I’m a good person. I went through a lot of changes in my life. I’ve struggled. I have fought. I’m here and I still showed up. Today, I’m worthy.”

3. Remember How Far You’ve Come

Remind yourself of how capable you are and of how far you’ve come. The childhood you came out of. The trauma and difficulties and challenges that have been thrown in your life and you’re still here, still working on yourself.  Let’s go GrowthDay! You’re still striving. Good for you. It’s possible. It’s OK to desire something great in our lives. It’s absolutely OK. So please let that ambition back in as you think about reinvention. You can be centered, you can be happy and you can still be in that place of being centered and happy, building a great future. 

In fact, my argument would be you can’t do it any other way until you actually open up a new realm of appreciation and consciousness right here at this moment in your real daily life. You’re not going to build the greatest future you can have. Instead, you’re going to act out of fear or lack of insecurity, and you’re going to build another future that doesn’t have boundaries, that isn’t healthy, that isn’t something that you want. But when you start from a place of being centered and conscious and happy with what we have feeling blessed, you open up another realm of brainstorming and a higher vibration of ambition that allows you to see a future in which you are serving with excellence, caring for others, living a deeply meaningful life. It all starts with allowing us to say to ourselves, “I’m worthy, I am capable, and it is possible for me.” If you believe that, then I know you can reinvent your life in whatever way is appropriate, meaningful, and exciting for you.