New Year Goals for Winning Life in 2020

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  • “How could you not just have more happiness, but how could you double on your happiness? It doesn’t mean you have to hit the goal. It doesn’t mean you have to double your revenue. It means by asking the question, it forces you to realize what is essential and what is non-essential.”
  • If you’re looking to start the new year with more vibrancy, intention and joy, this episode is for you!
  • “I want you to visualize or meditate on each of the major activities of the day and ask, ‘How could I do that with real authenticity and excellence?’”
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  • It’s nearly a new decade! Now is the time to think about finishing this year in a good place and prepping your New Year with your big goals in mind.
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Hey all, it’s Brendon and I’m wishing you, your family, and your loved ones a happy, warm, and wondrous holiday season. I thought I’d share this video with you to talk about: How do you finish the year in a good place? And, how do you begin this new year, 2020—this new decade—in a wonderful place? How do you start the new year in a way that you can WIN?

In this session, you’re actually going to go behind-the-scenes with me a little bit because I’m going to cut you into a Zoom call I did with one of my clients about how I felt their senior leaders could really understand what they want in life and the five things they have to do in 2020 to win the year. It’s a little bit of an unusual format because outside of our fancy YouTube here, I’m going to cut into a Zoom call we did. I felt like the content was so perfect for this time of year. I so desperately want you to raise your ambitions for this next year and to deepen your discipline at the same time. I want you to have that experience that we call the High Performance Experience in life. Whether there’s more vibrancy, more connection, more fulfillment—it takes a different way of thinking. I think this training I did today perfectly encapsulated how I feel that people can have an extraordinary life, so I thought you’d really enjoy this. Please take some notes, post your questions down below, and share this with other people who you know really want to have an awesome 2020. Let’s end this year strong. Please enjoy this session.

I want to share with you five things that you can do to really kick this year into high gear.

Now, if you’ve been with us for a while or you’ve been in my community for a while, or read High Performance Habits, maybe some of this is redundant for you and that’s good. Because I really believe with higher intention and deeper discipline, this year you’re going to do great. Some of the things we’re talking about are just discipline things you know you should do. But listen, common sense is not always common practice and that’s why so many people who could be extraordinary fail to reach their full potential. They’re not even doing the foundational things. You know the foundational things you should be doing in your life. It’s time to do them more. If it’s with that discipline, then suddenly we become extraordinary.

If you struggle with that, go to my YouTube channel and type in discipline and you’ll find a video on that. Matter of fact, watch anything of me on YouTube. There’s hundreds of hours there for you on any topic you could possibly need. How do I deal with stress, how do I have a better relationship, how do I meditate, how do I be more productive? Whatever it is, there’s something for you on my YouTube channel so check it out.

So if this seems redundant in any way, good. We all need a coach to remind us of the fundamentals and that’s what these are. Because I bet you can look at each of these things I’m going to teach you, these last five things and I bet each of them you could say, “Dang Brendon. I wasn’t as disciplined as I could have been or as intentional as I could have been in this last year or this last decade in each of these areas.”

Watch this first one. You all know this one and I bet you weren’t as intentional or disciplined as you could be. Listen to this one, quarterly, weekly and daily goals.

1. Quarterly, Weekly, Daily Goals

Quarterly, weekly, and daily goals. Think about that in 2019. Did you have clear quarterly goals? What about 2018, 2017, 2016? Were you as intentional and disciplined about writing out and setting quarterly, weekly, and daily goals? Did you set the quarterly goal and work it backwards into a monthly goal and work it backwards into it a weekly goal and work it backwards into daily goals? Or did you just wake up each day go, “Guess I’ve got to go to work.” Did you wake up each day and turn to your phone looking for some inspiration? Just scrolling. Did you really live your life in any goal based way in the last decade on a consistent basis? Not that you set a New Year’s resolution hoped to stick to it. No, no, you strategically planned the year. Go out, not just to 2020, go to the very end of 2020, the end of 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024. All the way up to 2030 if you want to.

Just ask, “What are the primary things I would love to achieve, have, feel, experience, be, relate, create? And work it all backwards. If that sounds overwhelming, just say, “What are my 2020 major goals and how do I break that down into quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals?”

You should not ever start a Monday without clarity about what must happen by Friday. You should never start a Monday without clarity about what must happen by Friday. Otherwise you’re going through the motions and you’re losing a lot of time.

I know you know this, but this one is so simple.

When I come into people’s lives as a high performance coach and it’s one of the very first things, if you ever heard me work with all these celebrities and heard them talk about working with me, the funniest things they all say — “Well, yeah. First thing he did, he made me open up my calendar.” I don’t ask them almost anything. First I say, “Let me see your calendar,” and if I look in their calendar and I can’t see that they’ve been architecting something out it, I can’t see they’re working backwards from some primary goal, then it just looks like a bunch of random meetings or it looks like no schedule or block time. I know there’s a lot of opportunity there to help them get back on path.

I would love to see your calendar. I would love to know that you have somewhere maybe in your office — you know, a big sheet of paper that has all the months drawn out. You know, twelve boxes on it. Here’s what’s going to happen to each of those months and then you know what’s going to happen in each of your weeks and then you’re going to be back on track again. Everyone knows they should do the goals, and so few people look at their goals. Less than, at least in our research, less than 20% of the North American public looks at their goals every week. They don’t. They just say, “Well, what are my meetings?” or “Where am I traveling to?” But they’re not looking at goals.

That’s why I really believe this bigger and bigger and bigger divide of people is happening is because some people are failing to consider what they really want in life and they’re not working every day towards achieving quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals. So they’re lost in distraction.

Next big idea, which I know you know but this is going to help. Your morning work prep.

2. Morning Work Prep

Your morning work prep. This is really important for this community. Now you know about maybe a morning routine. Right? For me, my morning routine, I get up and for 20 minutes I just move my body. I do mobility, yoga, calisthenics-type work just to open my body. Then for 20 minutes I read something really positive. Then for 20 minutes I plan the day. Now, even though I have my quarterly, monthly, and weekly goals broken out, I still do my morning work prep. What does that mean? It means I sit down. For me personally, I sit down with my High
Performance Planner — it helps me to get my mind set in the right place, helps me look at my day, helps me consider things that are important.

But here’s the most important thing about the morning work prep. Even if your day is already scheduled, what I’d love for you to do in preparing for your work every day is write down: what your goals are this day. I would like you to look at your current schedule and ask a simple question, “How could I fulfill this day with excellence?” How can I fulfill this day with excellence?

What I want you to do, basically, is literally look at the day, know what you want, and then close your eyes and visualize the successful completion of the day. Meaning, I want you to visualize or meditate on each of the major activities of the day and ask, “How could I do that with real authenticity and excellence?”

I’ll give an example. Today, you guys are all watching me right now. Today, before I got here, when I did my morning work prep, I already thought through this entire session before I ever got to this session. In the morning, I saw myself teaching. I thought about my energy. What should my energy look like? What would make me enjoy that process? What would make me be on excellent service today for this community? I challenge myself to see it, think through it, feel it, before I ever got there. I have a meeting in another three hours from now that I already visualized and walked through what I’m going to say, how it’s going to feel, how I’m going to impact this person. This morning I already thought through a meeting happening in three hours from now. That’s part of my morning work prep.

It might take 10-15 minutes just to sit down there, look at each meeting, close my eyes, think about how to do it with excellence. “Oh I see, I’m going to be writing then. Well, let me just think through how do I want that writing experience to feel. What are some key points I might say?” just thinking through the day. Notice I didn’t say, “Start the day answering emails or doing DM’s or voice text or message.” No. No messaging! Mindfulness. Visualization. Thoughtfulness about how you’re going to win the day.

Most people, they just bumble in today. They literally crash land all day long. They’re crash landing into ten o’clock, eleven o’clock, noon, one, two, three, four, five — they’re completely winging it all day and they’re wondering why their life lacks strategic direction and fulfillment. Something to think about.

Next big idea. This is huge. I can’t tell you how important this has become. I know I’ve mentioned this to my community constantly and you guys, it’s just so important. You’ve got to block time for socials.

3. Block Time Socials!

What does that mean?

Block time your socials. Block timing socials means this: you should never just pick up your phone randomly and scroll through Instagram or Tik Tok or Facebook. EVER. You should never just randomly pick up your phone to check email. This is either a weapon of distraction for you or this can be something that keeps you on your A game. But I’m telling you, if you let your phone dictate terms, you lose. So what do I mean by that? Well, did you know the average American does thirty minutes per day on Facebook? Thirty minutes per day on Facebook. Now that’s the average. That’s just Facebook, not all social media. Just looking at Facebook alone, where they pick up Facebook randomly. Now if you do the math on this, and this is why I say you have to block the time, like schedule time, I do social media twice per day. That’s it. I only do social media twice per day. It’s blocked in my schedule — when I’m going to pick up and utilize social media. It’s also scheduled when I’m going to check social media. That’s it. Why do I do that? Because listen to the numbers here.

Did you know thirty minutes a day on Facebook equates to three and a half hours a week. That’s 182 hours per year. And for those of you who have a career, guess what? That means thirty minutes a day equals twenty two work days. That means for basically four full weeks of work per year! You lost a month of work by checking Facebook thirty minutes a day. Now if you’re using Facebook to build your business, that’s a very different thing, but that should be scheduled. You should say, “Oh it’s time to do that activity right now, let me go do the Facebook thing.”

I’m not just picking on Facebook here, I’m picking on all social media.

Guess what? If you spend sixty minutes a day on social media consuming, being distracted by it, guess what? That equates to forty four, eight-hour work days. That is over eight weeks. So now you’ve spent two months of the entire work year just consuming by only doing sixty minutes of social media daily — and that’s what most people are doing when you take in all social media. They’ll consume over sixty minutes of consumption and distraction. They’re not utilizing it to do something, it’s just consumption.

Well guess what? The average American will report that they have ninety minutes of distraction per day outside of social media. Now let’s take that one into account. Ninety minutes of
distraction per day, what is that equal? That equals sixty-six work days per year.

Why do I say that you need to know your “Quarterly, Monthly, and Weekly Goals?” Because if you lose ninety minutes a day to distraction, that’s sixty-six work days, that’s thirteen weeks, that’s three full months of the work year gone.

Let that sink in for second.

This is why I need to teach you that you have to block time for socials. I’m here to tell you distraction and the number one thing ruining people’s lives of achievement right now in the world is social media because they lack clarity and the ability to manage one’s own energy. They don’t know what to do with themselves and they’re bored so they pick their phone up and they let this thing take over their brain and they lose momentum towards what matters.

4. “If I Had to Double…”

I think it’s insanely important that you have the mindset of this question, “If I had to double the thing I’m doing, what would I do?”

I ask myself this question all the time. I think it’s a great question of high performance. Some of you go, “Oh my gosh, that stresses me out!” But you should absolutely be asking this question of, if you had to double what you are currently doing, how would you do it? What would you delegate? What would you stop doing? What would you start doing? Some of you, you’re like, “Oh, I’d like to make more money.” At least ask, “How would I double it?”

Let me give an example. I’m going to go on a date night with Denise, my wife. How can I double the fun we’re about to have? I already know by default what we would do, now I’m asking how would I double it? You’re going to take the kids out to the park, how can you double the amount of fun you’re going to have?

Now I know doubling can be arbitrary because some of you want to 10x your business this year, and that’s great! But that’s the same mentality of asking, how would you dramatically increase this thing? How could you not just have more happiness, but how could you double on your happiness? It doesn’t mean you have to hit the goal. It doesn’t mean you have to double your revenue.

It means by asking the question, it forces you to realize what is essential and what is non-essential. Too many people fail to do that categorization of what is essential and what is non-essential.

Because I am constantly asking, “How can I double it?”, it makes me go, “Oh, these things I’m doing over here, this is stupid. Let me delegate that, let me focus over here.” Next year I said how can I double the number of books I’m going to release. That’s really changed the way I approach my writing and the release schedule. I hope that will inspire you.

5. Talk With Leaders Weekly

The last big idea for 2020 and your success beyond is that you need to talk with leaders every single week. Now I know that’s the benefit that you guys receive being part of this community where you’re with me every week or every month. But listen, you’ve got to call industry leaders and talk with them every single week about your performance.

Every single week you need to talk about three things with leaders: What are your goals? What is your performance towards those goals? How can you help them?

Every single week I’m on a phone call with some leader in my industry explaining what I’m trying to do, how I feel it’s going, and what do they need help with. I ask that every single week. I’m constantly in communication with leaders in my industry by networking with them, going to their seminars, meeting up at conferences, going to the big annual conference. For me, getting around leaders and being in conversation with them constantly inspires me. They give me their new strategies on what’s working for them that I can implement, copy, or follow. It also helps them know what I need so they can give me some advice or some resources or tools or connect me with somebody who knows the answer. It also has me asking them what they need, so that I can be of service to them which increases the likelihood that they’ll help us in return. Right? “Give and you shall receive.”

I need you to amp up the amount of conversation you’re having with leaders. Not your neighbor who doesn’t know anything, but the people who are in your industry already succeeding. Have a conversation with them consistently. Schedule them, be disciplined about that and it will change the direction of your life. I can’t emphasize that enough.

So listen, we all want to be in good energy and proud of who we are. We all want to relate with people so we have deeper connections and real caring in our lives. We all want to create experiences and abundance and contributions in our lives that make life feel meaningful and magical.

So now you know this is what’s up! I hope you enjoyed my 2020 session. I have so much so much joy for you. I have so much appreciation for you. Thank you for having me in your community, and thank you for being apart of my community. Thank you for all of those who send us beautiful things, that follow me on Instagram, who listen to The Brendon Show podcast, buy our books, or whatever you do to support me and my craft. Thank you for that.

I have high ambitions for you in 2020. I want you to raise your ambitions and deepen your discipline in 2020. I want you to have an awesome end of this year and kick off 2020 in a place of real presence, joy, and reverence for life.

Thanks everybody! I hope to chat with you soon online or see you out on the road. Until then, go out every single day and live fully, love openly, and make your difference today!